IAIK Ch.37

Ch 37

Kaguya: “I see…”

A few minutes had passed.

At this moment, there were Alexander and the girls sitting on Seiza and Kaguya in front of them in the same way.

Olga and Chloe had their faces uncovered and were drinking tea served by Chaia, as was everyone in the room.

Alicia had explained the whole situation to Kaguya and Kaguya asked questions from time to time.

She didn’t believe Alexander had this power, but when he covered his arm in lightning, surprised, very strongly she had to accept it.

She was also a little surprised about the Dark Elves, but only that, since even against her expectations, her uncanny senses were telling her that these were good women.

And she looked with a little jealousy at Prim, who sat on Alexander’s lap while she was asleep from Alexander’s caresses.

Kaguya: “… To sum up… Alex-sama made Olga-sama and Chloe-sama his Wives when he rescued them from Kuroinu, then as he knew the future of the 7 Fortresses, he decided to embark on a journey to save them and that’s how he rescued the First Fortress from that fate… also… he made Alicia-sama and Prim-chan his Wives, as well as Chaia-sama and they are currently in a Harem…”

Kaguya explained with a bit of jealousy of which she herself was not aware, the general situation, or what mattered most to her about this one….

Alexander nodded at Kaguya’s slightly strange summary, and said to her:

Alexander: “That’s correct… among other things, we are currently here as this city is going to be attacked… it can be now or in 4 days… and according to the previous future, it was going to be a total massacre…”.

Kaguya: “…”

Kaguya was making a complicated expression right now.

Alexander: “That’s why I went ahead to directly explain what was going on to you, since they had us on hold for a while now and saw us as enemies… I’m sorry if I bothered..”

Kaguya: “N-no i-i-it doesn’t matter…”

Kaguya blushed completely as she remembered how they first met.

Olga, Chloe, Chaia and Alicia at this moment, were thinking the same thing….

‘There’s a cat in the bag here.’

The face Kaguya was making was not normal.

And they were sighing because even though they knew from their previous conversations that Kaguya had an extreme fascination with her strange God, Alexander was simply too deadly for the women.

They remembered that when he lowered his mask to drink tea, the more than 10 priestesses at the end of the small room let out blood from their noses, the Elders present blushed, and even Kaguya herself had done so…

Although they were able to adjust a bit to Alexander’s naked face over time… they still would stare from time to time only to turn blushing and whistling nervously when he looked at them.

A rather comical sight.

Kaguya: “… I want… to see this future of mine with my own eyes just like Alice-sama did.”

Now Kaguya had regained her seriousness and said to Alexander in a determined voice.

The latter made a complicated face.

He really didn’t want to use this if it wasn’t necessary.

Alexander looked at Alicia and saw that she nodded at him.


She sighed.

Alexander: “Are you sure about this? … It’s not nice to see…”

Kaguya: “I’m sure, it’s for me and my people.”

Alexander then opened his hand and revealed a small white ball.

“Just put it in front of your head and that’s it.”

Kaguya did as he said without any hesitation.

In fact, aside from Alexander, his Wives, and Kaguya, in the room were 10

Kaguya’s trusted priestesses, and on the side, the Shrine Elders.

They had heard the whole story, plus they knew who Alicia and Prim were, so they trusted everything that had been said so far.

And in fact, they admired someone like Alexander as he looked like a hero of the legends in front of their eyes, handsome like no other, powerful, kindly, and with an aura that stood out from the others, even the Elders thought so.

There were some of them who thought:

‘If only he were 110 years younger…’

Anyway, seeing that Alexander was passing on to his Mistress, in that little marble, the disastrous future that would befall the city if he had not come, they naturally trusted that it was nothing that would do any harm, though it should be painful to see.

Everyone’s attention, except Prim who was drooling on Alexander’s chest, was focused on Kaguya.

She looked at the white orb, and without hesitation placed it on her forehead.

They all watched as the small orb turned into something like smoke, and went straight into Kaguya’s head, who had her eyes closed.

And they waited.

A few seconds had passed and Kaguya now had a very pale and trembling face.

She had seen the betrayal of her only disciple, who had been banished by herself a few months ago, and that it was because of him that Kuroinu had gone into the city.

She saw the massacre taking place in the city….

She saw how almost the entire shrine was destroyed….

She saw few images of two monsters raping her in front of Kuroinu’s whole group….

How her virginity was taken by force…

She saw what was the goal of her disciple… and it made her so disgusted… so disgusted that she wanted to vomit…

He wanted to use her body, the body of a main Miko, so that with the eggs of her insects fertilized in her womb, she would give birth to a monster that would have more strength than the magical beasts, and even God…

A psychopath’s dream….



Kaguya suddenly couldn’t take it anymore and vomited directly from the churning in her stomach she had.

Her priestesses were very concerned and quickly came to her aid.

Alexander then gently laid Prim on Alicia’s thighs and walked over to Kaguya.

The priestesses stepped back a little, and he reached in front of her and touched her forehead.

Kaguya was in a very deplorable state and did not want to be seen or even touched by anyone, after what she saw she felt very dirty, but then….

Rebirth Hands.

She felt a warmth unfold from her forehead, to the rest of her body, this soothed her and made her feel better.

Alexander waited a little while and noticed how her expression returned to normal but still a little scared.

Alexander then saw that after cleaning herself a bit, she looked up at him….

“This? This will pass?”

She asked him with slightly teary eyes.

“As I told Alice myself, I am here, none of this will happen, I will not allow it…”

Alexander wiped away the small tears that had formed in her eyes, and told her very warmly.

Kaguya always thought that her God protected her.

She believed until now very strongly, that no matter what happened, with her God by her side, there would be no problems.

She was a devout believer.

But when she saw that unpleasant future….

She realized that her God….

Didn’t exist… and if he did… then she didn’t care in the least….

She next looked at this human in front of her.

And she had to admit it.

He really was deadly to women.

Too deadly.

Too gentle, too kind, even with such a perfect and dominant appearance….

So much so that it was even possible that she….

It had been a few hours already since that.

Kaguya had apologized to Alexander and the girls that they had to see a part like that, of her.

Then she had warned the whole city, through a total pause, the situation of the attack that was going to take place at any moment from now, so

any moment from now, as well as who the new visitors were and their targets.

Little did it matter to the people that Olga and Chloe were here, as for quite some time, they hadn’t heard much about the Dark Elves or the war, in general.

The citizens were naturally in a panic, knowing that an attack could happen at any moment, but the fact that they had Three Princess Knights, and the new, mysterious, and handsome masked hero in town, calmed them down a bit. It especially helped that 90% of the population was female.

And also naturally, everyone’s curiosity hit the roof.

Everyone wanted to talk to the first visitors in months, and ask them all kinds of questions.

Kaguya spoke and this calmed down quite a bit.

Alexander was sweating a bit at having more than 20 priestesses asking him private things like, if he had a girlfriend, if he was a prince of some nation, why he seemed so close to the 5 girls he came with, and even, and there was even one who asked him if he was interested in posing with another man for some drawings…

Alexander was just sweating over these, and felt chills over the last one, and he thanked Kaguya with his gaze for calming this down.

Kaguya blushed a little and averted her gaze. Though she nodded as well.

It was the afternoon of noon, currently Alexander and his Wives were getting ready to go out through the city, which, though on alert, was still keeping up.

They had already had lunch at the Sanctuary, and while it wasn’t Alexander’s food, or his World’s, it was quite unique in itself so they enjoyed it.

They wore Yukatas of different designs and colors, and Alexander was just thanking the Japanese for being so… so them….

He was especially thankful for the view he had of Chaia’s and Olga’s very voluptuous bodies, which he saw in front of him.

Prim and Chloe looked like sisters as they were both wearing the Yellow colored Yukata with small details here and there, also their large breasts that stood out from almost all the women in the city.

And Alice, she looked like a model from a photo magazine as her thin face, her height and her dignity, stood out in this way.

Alexander was forcing Unique Soul to work on crunch time, as always, to put up with his little brother who in this kind of situation would get in a very bad mood.

Olga watched this and smiled in amusement at Alexander’s situation, also licking her lower lip, much to Alexander’s even greater disgrace.

It took a few minutes for Alexander to calm down, then he smiled at his Wives, and said:

“Come on.”

These smiled very prettily and all taken or very close to Alexander in some way, went out to the door of the Shrine where they saw Kaguya, in her characteristic lewd attire, waiting for them.


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