IAIK Ch.38

Ch 38

Prim: “Is Kaguya-sama giving us a Tour of the city herself?”

Kaguya: “Hai, Prim-chan you can just call me Kaguya, the others too.”

Alexander: “Well then I’ll call you that Kaguya, we’re under her care.”

Kaguya: “Ah… Yes, Alex-sama.”

Right now, Alexander and his Wives were walking through the streets of the city while Kaguya led them ahead.

She was going to take them through the part of the food stalls that were already completely ready, to which, at her request, the workers attended to give these unique guests a warm welcome, as always, the fact that Alexander was wearing a mask and a gray Yukata, where part of his powerful and perfect body could be seen, with his crimson hair wrapped in a ponytail behind him, lovingly created by Chaia, and all this in the midst of more than 400 women… helped a bit with their acceptance.

Although his Wives also received quite a lot of male attention, since although they were few in number, they could easily have realized that, if Alexander was a masculine God, his Wives were feminine Goddesses… what they did not know, was that this was so, or would be so… literally.

Although at the end of the dialogue Kaguya turned all red when Alexander called her directly by her name.

Olga, Chloe, Alicia and Chaia, with masterful timing pouted slightly with a chibi face.

Prim was arm hugging Kaguya and when she saw this she just tilted her head very prettily, a question mark hovered over her.

In fact, Kaguya was always a bit cold, or at least her exterior was, and the one Princess Knight she had a very good relationship with, was Prim.

The latter’s clueless and cute nature, and that she looked like an Imouto to anyone who saw her, helped this a lot.

And Prim well…

She got along well with everyone…

Alexander was quite interested in the journey through this city that looked like a replica of Ancient Japan, as he was always an Otaku at heart.

He may have become incredibly Cheatado and he may have managed to open a Harem, he may have even have had in 3 weeks, more sex than anyone could have ever had…

… But the point is that he is still an Otaku.

The trip continued and Alexander took more pictures with the smartphone than he had ever taken before.

He was as excited as a little boy.

Prim was excited like a little girl.

Olga was excited like a little Dark Elf….

Even Alice…

All of this spilled over to Kaguya herself, even to the people in the surrounding area, and unconsciously an atmosphere of overflowing happiness was created in those small streets.

The event was still 3 days away and the city was already taking on a very festive atmosphere.

Kaguya at first was a bit stoic since, however it was said, the situation had been a bit weird, previously, but at this moment….

Since her moments of happiness were very, very few….

She could safely say that she had never been as happy as she was now…

Knowing that even though the city was in danger, someone as powerful as Alexander was here to defend it, both her and the city, in addition to the attributes of this Hero, made her feel warm at heart.

Then, for the first time since she was born, she laughed very loudly and happily at the sight of Alexander and Prim’s antics.

She also laughed at Olga’s.

She took several pictures with the group, even though she herself didn’t know that little device, when it was her turn to stand next to Alexander she just activated her natural ability of a woman in love, [Tomato Mode].

She also blushed even more when she saw Olga’s and Alice’s cheeky smiling faces.

Alexander tried all kinds of sweets and knick-knacks at the food stalls.

He finally tried the much talked about ‘Yakisoba’ that was in the Anime, and could only say that it was extremely delicious.

He fiddled with Prim at various competitive stalls.

“Give it up, Prim-san, you’ll never beat me!”

Alexander exclaimed with a very serious face and was trying to discourage Prim.

“Never Alex-san! I’ll be the first one to hit the bunny!”

Prim was answering vehemently and flames were coming out of her eyes.

Alexander saw this and:

“Hmph, then don’t come crying because you lost, Prim-san.”

And after the target shooting competition, it was possible to see Alexander crouched down in a corner as he drew on the ground with his finger, and a sad aura gathered about him.

And for even more amusement of the girls who were taking pictures of all this adorable side of their Husband, there were some boys and girls cheering Alexander on.

“Handsome Onii-chan, don’t be sad, I’ll pat you on the head.”

“Onii-chan, hang in there, at least on the last shot you were able to hit the wall!”

“Nice Onii-chan, take it easy, Mokoto-chan is 3 years old and can’t see very well, but she beat you. just by luck, it was just luck.”

“Nee nee, do you want popsicles?”

The children seemed to be cheering with all they could for Alexander.

And he regained a bit of his pride at seeing this.

Then he began patting each of them on the head, and then he lingered for a while as new ones were coming in all the time, and those who were patted did not want to leave.

A small queue formed and grew larger and larger.

Alexander’s Wives, Kaguya, the workers, and the others present did not know whether to laugh or cry at this. at this.

Even almost all of the women wanted to go there and be part of the queue, but they were too embarrassed.

Something that didn’t happen to one person…..

“Yosh yosh! It’s my turn Alex-sama! I want my pats!”

Prim was very excited and clamored for her pats when it was her turn.

In fact, not many people saw it, but this fellow criminal here, bribed Mokoto-chan who was in a place very close to the line with cotton candy to get her spot….

When Alice saw this she just sighed with amusement at how cheeky her Imouto was, and she had to admit that she had never felt as pleased as she did now.

Practically… all the others in the Harem…. felt the same way.

Though of course, her happiest moment was when their fates were joined with Alexander’s, that was the paramount.

The whole city was as if it was suddenly at the festival, the other stalls that were not even finished, started to function as they could.

Some posters were put up and lights and so on were hung all over town.

In fact, the antics of the new visiting group had not only cheered up not just a few people, but all the nearly 1,000 citizens there.

Alexander had just recently finished stroking more than 43 girls and 13 boys on the head, 10 times each…

And Prim also 10 times…

By God, he didn’t know what face to make when some women also got in the queue, of these there were some who had a very Milf body, and when they bent down in front of him to be caressed by him, Alexander could see everything because here almost all of them were in Yukatas, and this dress is not worn with underwear….

Unique Soul.

Alexander, like every cheeky and fat boss, although in this case he was not, had the ability to make his subordinates work at any time, and Unique Soul, was the new little worker who was abused by him…

If he didn’t have this ability, he has to admit that right now he would have a very large tent on the bottom of his Yukata.

Also, Olga got into all this, and played with Alexander as he fondled her.

Chloe blushing also received his caresses, Chaia very happily accepted the caresses as she glued her body to Alexander’s.

Alicia tried to look serious while she was in the children’s queue, but when it was her turn she put on an expression that was not suitable for minors.

And Kaguya she…

With the [Tomato Mode] skill activated to 100%, she also queued up.

By the time Alexander petted her….

She just thought:

‘This is the best.’

And her face was turning Ahegao.

Well, once the section on petting and patting the shameless child and adult population on the head was over, now a bit calmer, Alexander and his Wives, with Kaguya, were walking to the large area where there was a grassy clearing, to wait for the night to come.

When suddenly…

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