IAIK Ch.39

Ch 39

*Clank* *Clank* *Clank*

Alexander looked to the side and saw a house where blacksmith work was being done.

*Clank* *Clank*

The sound of hammer clashing against metal could be heard, as a sword was apparently being made.

Alexander then stopped walking.

His Wives and Kaguya curiously stopped as well, and looked to where he was walking.

Question marks hovered over the heads of all but two of them.

‘Alex-sama won’t think…’

Chloe thought and blushed very heavily at the end.

Olga just put on a blushing expression, which was a bit rare to see on her, and pulled out the her Smartphone as she pulled out another one as well, and turned on the camera.

The other girls were in doubt but suddenly, they felt like a very strong aura next to them.

This one was coming from Alexander…

Alexander became serious and said to the old man hammering:

“Oji-san, do you need help over there?”

The old man hammering heard his forging spirit being challenged and straightened up.


The old man felt a small ache in his spine….

Or at least he told himself that way to give himself courage…

And he looked towards where the voice came from.

He immediately saw his Lady Kaguya together with other ladies who were simply too beautiful… and was about to speak to her, when he saw that Alexander was looking at him with a bit of mockery…

His Blacksmith spirit went into an uproar at the sight of this.

And he put the hammer on his shoulder as he said:

“Oohhh, boy, what are you doing here, where’s your mommy, I wouldn’t advise you to come near because you might get get dirty…”

As he put a gentle expression on his face, though the sarcasm in his tone, Vivian could smell it in the First Fortress from how intense it was.

“… Hehehe, give me a try, Oji-san?”

Alexander smiled competitively and asked the Old Man.

“If you think you’re man enough… well go ahead… take it.”


The Old Man threw the hammer on the ground, and the chunk of metal made a slight clang as it landed on the ground.


The old man felt his spine was asking for more justice in his non-working hours, but he was still making a smug face.

Alexander then smiled as he saw the hammer on the ground.

And his aura lit up….

The other girls had watched the exchange, and didn’t understand anything.

They also saw that Olga, who was very blushing, already almost had a photo studio set up in the place of so many teams, and their doubts only grew.

“Olga-sama… I want… I want 10 prints…”

Olga nodded to Chloe who looked like a human-sized Mexican chili.

There were a few people in the area, it was pretty crowded since they wanted to follow the man who would later become their Hero, on his tour.

There were many children, and many adults.


More than 150 women were around.

Alexander then without turning his head said:

“Wait for me here, I have to show this Oji-san, what a real blacksmith is.”

Alexander said as he shook his crimson red hair and started to walk towards the premises simply built where you could see all the inside.

Then he took off the top of the Yukata he was wearing, and let it hang from his waist down.

He was left with his bare torso, though still wearing the mask….


He thought he heard a gulp, but downplayed it.

Then he tied his waistband tightly, and then stood in front of the hammer.

He saw that Oji-san was looking at him a little surprised, but when he saw that Alexander was looking at him he put on a mocking expression.

Alexander then looked at the hammer in front of him and smiled.

In fact, Alexander was a very big fan of Everyone Else is a Returned, a very big fan…

In addition to the fact that he spent 10 years completely alone, with a creative ability and a photographic memory ability…

He was an Otaku…

So naturally…

In those 10 years…

A lot of things happened…

And in fact, one of them, was that he learned to Forge…


Alexander picked up the heavy hammer in front of him as if it were just any stick, to the old man’s surprise, and then went into the house.

The old man was making the last batch of weapons for the day, and Alexander noticed that he was tired, which was why he wanted to help him in the first place, besides that he found it interesting to forge a weapon

with unusual designs.

*Clank* *Clank* *Clank* *Clank* *Clank* *Clank*

Time passed and Alexander was very focused on what he was doing, actually he was sweating a little bit from the heat of the embers of the furnace, even with his Physique, and with his right hand he was hammering and with his left he was grabbing some tool or other.

Sounds of banging on metal could be heard, and even, although Alexander did not realize it, it was possible to hear the click of cameras…

The old man looked at Alexander in surprise, as he could see that Alexander was a great master of the blacksmithing, a technique so fine and smooth that not even he himself, who was one of the few blacksmiths still living in the city, and an old man at that, could understand many of the things that this supposed “Hero” was doing.

A crowd had formed in the streets and almost everyone….

Were women…

These were blushing very heavily, 90% had blood dripping out of their noses and looked at what was happening in front of their eyes with a look of sharp concentration, this was going to be a surprise tool that would help them later…

The boys looked with stars in their eyes at Alexander.

The girls were also blushing, which made for a very comical sight.

The men were feeling very bad at this point and were trying to keep their wives from looking in that direction.

And the girls, they…

Prim had asked Olga for a state of the art camera out of the 5 she had taken out and started to filming from different scenes and angles, while laughing like a perverted old man….

Alicia didn’t know what to do and still looked a little dazed, but she was still looking straight ahead with bloodshot eyes….

Chaia was too horny at this moment and was blushing as she looked at Alexander’s domineering appearance, her spirit and body M, were in an uproar at this moment, blood was coming out of her nose and she was lightly touching her breasts.

Chloe she was completely flushed, and was on the verge of fainting, even after all the things she had done with Alexander, his appearance, concentrated and serious as he worked, was simply too deadly for her… And well, for the others too…. Although she herself was later going to ask her Queen for 20 copies.

Kaguya was red-skinned and wide-eyed looking at Alexander.

‘He’s like… A god…’

She said to herself, as she looked at Alexander’s godlike physique from which she couldn’t tear her gaze away, although she was surprised that the same one who a few minutes ago was fooling around with Prim, had this serious appearance… She had even discarded almost everything she thought of her God of Shine, and right now she only felt like she was being released from something she had been bound to in the past…

She felt sweet that Alexander was here right now to save her, but seeing Alexander’s body, and the light sweat running down him, she bit her lower lip and looked up at the being who was putting her through all this, with very feverish eyes…


She at some point set up a whole team of different cameras, and she had several of them filming while she herself was taking pictures with her Smartphone, although she was very blushing and happy, because these sides of Alexander you don’t see very often, and the last time she saw that….

She couldn’t file it away…

She had strongly regretted this and that’s why, right now she was so well prepared.

She bit her lips and knew, as she was, and the other girls were, tonight was going to be a little crazy…

*Clank* *Shhhhsssssss*

Alexander: “And that’s it…. how about Oji-san, how did it turn out?”

Alexander asked the old man after giving the last blow to the weapon in fabrication, and having dipped it in water.

The old man stepped forward and still very surprised, grabbed the sword created by Alexander.

His Blacksmith spirit surrendered at the sight of a masterpiece of this level.

“Can you please… sell this divine weapon to me? … I will pay you with whatever you want.”

Alexander saw that the brazen old man had adopted an expression of adoration when he looked at him, and even wanted to buy the sword made from his materials …

“No, this is from you, I just came to help around here.”

The old man was surprised at this master’s humility in front of him, and then he smiled like the cheeky old man that he was.

“Well, if Mr. Hero says so, then I’ll take it, thank you very much, a work of this standard is what was waiting for the shelf in my house, I was thinking of making it myself but… none of the ones I’ve done compares to this one… so thank you.”

At first the old man was shameless, but then he was sincere.

Alexander smiled and then realized that he had undressed his top without realizing it, like when he went to sleep…

This ability was too powerful…

Sometimes he looked without pants and he didn’t know how he took them off….


Then he got dressed and when he heard a strange sound he turned his head, in fact, he had heard a lot of silence around him in the last few minutes…

And he was surprised to see the reactions of the people….

He especially blushed when he saw his wives because he knew, that if they looked at him like that….

He was going to be raped again….

Although well, he liked this quite a bit….


The more than 200 women now, seeing their Hero with a body of a male God blushing so tenderly, couldn’t take it anymore and at the same time jumped backwards while letting blood out of their noses…


Alexander saw this and only sighed, though he also wondered where Olga had gotten so much equipment from her World….

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