IAIK Ch.40

Ch 40

Currently, Alexander and his girls were lying close together on the grass of an open field, while more than 800 people from the city were doing the same.

He had helped the cheeky old man to make the last weapon of the day today, so the old man, after respectfully greeting Kaguya, left for home, very excited with the newly forged Sword in his hands…

Olga and the girls had disappeared for a moment, and returned as each and every one of them smiled very purely.

Alexander and Kaguya only watched this with curiosity, and Alexander felt the chills to which he had been adapted to for a while now, though he downplayed them.

The crowd now looked a little differently at Alexander, and even the priestesses looked at him as a prey.

The atmosphere had changed very greatly, as opposed to some time ago.

And naturally they headed for the western part of the city.

And right now, all the families were sitting on the grass as they talked and laughed with their acquaintances.

Alexander was a little tight at this point, as he had a smooth, heavenly body on either side of him, and naturally, he was thinking about the bible as he furiously activated Unique Soul to mitigate the excitement he was feeling right now.


Alexander suddenly had an idea.

He looked around to see almost the entire population of the city, gathered here.

Then he smiled a little and stood up.

The girls were hesitant, but still, they were pouting slightly, Prim especially.

Alexander just smiled very brightly and stroked Prim’s head a little.


And she became a chibi putty in his hands.

Then, he walked a bit and positioned himself ahead of the others on the spot.

He instantly caught everyone’s attention, as he stood out a lot by being the only one standing among people, and he was being watched from all sides.

Human Area.

Alexander used his ability to give continuity to his voice from a distance.

And he spoke.

“People, as you all know, at this moment I’m here to stop the Attack of the Kuroinu’s Army attack on this city… from today until 4 days from now, it is possible that they will attack at any time, but there is a big possibility that if not today, it will be in exactly 4 days, maybe even more, so… I, Alicia Arcturus, my Wife, Prim Fiorire, also my Wife, and your Princess.

Knight Kaguya, we will be on watch until the moment the attack on the city occurs, so… stay calm and rest, we will watch over you…”

The people listened to the Hero of the First Fortress speak, and his soft and powerful voice reached each and every one of them…

The people naturally became encouraged that a person like Alexander, with all of his attributes, was here to help them through this difficult time, they were also grateful to see two of the Princess Knights of the Nation, here to support…

*Clap* … *ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap-…* *Whistling* …

And then applause broke out, some even whistled.

Alexander’s wives smiled and even Kaguya, who was surprised that Alexander could get this kind of attention from her people, which is characterized by being hostile to foreigners, was smiling beautifully.

She was very happy right now.

She was laughing even more at the sight of Prim.

“I’m a Wife~!!! I’m a Wife~!”

Prim was very happy and blushing since Alexander had mentioned her, and she was jumping up and down very prettily as she exclaimed that she… was a Wife.


Alexander smiled a little at the sight of Prim.

And then, he kept talking.

“So… to express the gratitude I feel to you, that you organized a wonderful festival for us, even though it wasn’t the day yet… I’ll give you something… I’ll give you… a bright sky…”

Alexander spoke and then smiled.

The people listening, and Kaguya, minus his Wives, who already knew what he was referring to, had signs of doubt in their eyes.


They watched as Alexander closed his eyes.

In fact, Alexander was in a slightly higher place than the rest, so he was

completely visible to everyone. The sky was very dark since it was nighttime, although the Moon illuminated the area quite a bit.

Sasuke Uchiha’s Sharingan.

And he opened them, only to show the Sharingan in its Eternal stage, in all its splendor.

When he saw the surprised expression on each of the people gathered here, minus his Wives… he spoke.


A blue aura began to grow behind Alexander’s back, forming a giant gray human exoskeleton behind him…

Yes, he had mastered the ability to the point that it was not necessary to be inside the Susanoo for it to manifest. Even, to Alexander’s own doubts, it took on a powerful gray color…

Manifestation of Mind/Energy.

Alexander then rose into the air, and behind him, the Susanoo formed more and more until it became like a gray skeleton, it was dressed in Blood Red Armor of what appeared to be, the costume of a Samurai. This huge being then stood firmly in place.

Alexander rose 20 meters off the ground, through the chest of the colossal Susanoo, and a Bow appeared in his right hand, a very simple bow, without too many touches.


At the same time…

A huge Bow also appeared on the Susanoo’s hand, it was decorated with Chinese Dragons that looked very real, and the whole weapon was flashing with a red energy that matched his armor.

People saw all this, although at first they were very nervous and even scared,

Alexander had the ability Connection working with the Human Area, to send feelings of security to all of them.

And naturally, any fear or uncertainty that existed was swept away while only stupefaction… remained.

“This is my gift to you…”

Then, Alexander raised his Bow, in the direction of the sky, and at the same time so did the Susanoo behind him.

He stretched the string very gently and with a movement that could only be called noble.

The Susanoo did so also.

So that then, on the two bows, the large and the small, there appeared a brief outline of a Gray arrow…

He kept stretching the Bow, so did the Susanoo, and by the time it gave no more, and was pointing at about 90 degrees…

The arrow materialized completely, it was a gray arrow, with Indigo blue details that reminded people and spectators of the Hero’s eyes.


Alexander released the arrow and at the same time, the giant Susanoo did too…

Alexander’s arrow didn’t shoot out as it disappeared, but the Susanoo’s arrow, the Susanoo’s huge arrow, drew a beautiful line that quickly crossed the sky…

Then the arrow plunged into the clouds and in a few seconds….


There was a dull thud until suddenly… as if it had become daylight…

The sky began to light up with colors and figures and sparkles everywhere….

These were spreading more and more and painted the whole sky…


The children’s mouths were open in amazement at the sight of these figures and colors, and so were the adults, even some old ladies who specialized in the art of cloud reading, were amazed to the max.

And in fact, here Alexander hadn’t noticed….

But he had exaggerated a bit…

That was simply too striking…

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