IAIK Ch.41

Ch 41


Chloe opened her eyes slowly as she woke up.

She felt warm pleasure coursing through every part of her body and let out a slight warm moan.

She herself was not aware but…

At this moment…

She was making a very dangerous face…

Mixing purity and sexuality at its finest in a way that, if Alexander, who

sleeping to her left, were to see her…

Several things would definitely happen that should be censored…

Chloe then opened her eyes fully and looked around.

She was hugging Alexander’s arm and noticed that there was a bit of drool there, she blushed a lot when she saw this.

Also, Olga, as usual, was on top of Alexander as they were connected



Prim had a very perverted smile on her face and her mouth was drooling, staining the arm of Alexander.

Chloe saw this and giggled a little, though she also felt helpless, as this little Imouto, new to her, was very very perverted.

Alicia was sleeping with her back to Prim as she blushed a little, apparently the Coconut did not fall far from the Palm.

And Chaia had a motherly giggle on her face as she lightly touched her stomach.

Chloe imagined what she was thinking and was only happy that even though her Family was not that big, it was very warm, and when images came to her of Alexander carrying her baby in his arms and looking at her with a smile so pure that it looked like sunshine, Chloe would turn completely red and squirm at how good she felt spiritually, materially and mentally.

Chloe then realized that she couldn’t move her legs, but her body was so relaxed and pleasurable that she could easily sleep on.

She knew it was because of last night.

It had definitely been the longest, wildest, most wonderful one yet.

She and the others attacked Alexander with such vehemence that he responded in kind.


Chloe was very sorry as she remembered all those amazing things that had happened yesterday night with her Husband, and smoke seemed to come out of her head.

Some time later, she understood that Alexander, as usual, must have spent his hands covered in the power of his ability, on their bodies, with a somewhat complicated face.

Chloe was amused to imagine it.

Then, she looked up to realize that they weren’t in their normal room, they were a room that seemed to be straight out of some of the Anime she’d seen.

As she remembered, it was a natural from Japan and the space was divided into Tatamis.

She hadn’t even noticed this since she had entered here…

Very lewd acts were performed….

Chloe thought she woke up first as unlike the others, she had a very powerful body, more so than even Alicia.

And out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of one of Alexander’s Boxers not far away.

She then with a chibi face, looked vigilantly in all directions, and at Alexander’s face, to see that he was sleeping very peacefully and his expression was soft, she wanted to keep looking at his face for at least 4 more hours, but right now she had a more important mission.

She stretched out her hands a little and took the Boxer.

She brought it close to his face…

*Sniffffff* *Sniffffff* *Sniffff*

And she sniffed it hard as she breathed in deeply before rubbing it over her very red cheeks….

Then, she kept it in her Storage Ring.

She saw Alexander’s skin twitch a little, but she played it down, and continued to look at her Husband as she had a desire to lick him, like her Queen did when her Husband slept.

Which, although she was very, very sorry, she did…

Alexander woke up and the first thing he noticed was his penis in Olga’s womb, as usual.

“Good morning, Husband~”

He also saw that Chloe was looking at him as she smiled at him and said good morning with a very beautiful smile.

Alexander saw this being in front of him and his Sharingan activated automatically.

Chloe smiled a little, but was interrupted because her lips had been taken by Alexander.

She then responded with the same force as he did and their tongues had a great battle.

“Good morning, Wife.”

“Hehehehehe-…. hmmgf~”


Right now Alexander was in the area behind the shrine.

He was only in training pants and his face uncovered.

There was no one around, he even gave some bread to the fish in the pond there.

Then he started training with flowing Tai Chi movements, like the MC of Ancient Strengthening Technique, and he had to admit that Qing Shui knew what he was doing.

Although in Alexander’s case, his Body and Mind were very special because of the abilities that he has, doing this always gave him a peace and an understanding of the body that he had never felt before.

Not even when he trained in his previous World did he feel this way.

And as his Body moved, his Mind remembered what happened yesterday.

He had pulled out the Susanoo too, along with his first skill, to create a special arrow, which had a huge load of concentrated fireworks, and release all this above the clouds, the place with low oxygen and most appropriate place to do so.

He hadn’t thought much about it, but people’s reactions told him he was wrong, and oh my God, he was wrong.

He apparently forgot that this is a World where even though Magic exists, it is strangely practiced, it’s something you don’t see every day.

Even magical objects and magical beasts were more common than Magic itself.

So, for people from such a World….

And especially, for people from a town that is the replica of an Ancient Japan….

To see the giant Susanoo dressed in an armor that resembled those worn by the legendary and ancient Warriors of their ancestors…

It had been a surprise…

Divine… to say the least.

And this is subtracting from the fact that it even flew in the air in the eyes of these people, or that it dyed the sky of colors and sparkles that counted almost as a natural phenomenon…

I mean, yes, people had never seen anything like that and naturally took it as their god.

Even Kaguya, at that moment, was looking at him with a different face, her face of adoration, although she looked very pretty to Alexander, was dangerous.

Alexander had a hard time but finally he was able to make Kaguya understand that these were his powers, and that he was a human.

The latter seemed very surprised and accepted everything with too much suspicious ease.

So much so that Alexander was sweating a little.

And then he explained to the people, with Kaguya’s help, that he was a human being, just like them, even if it was partially a lie.

The last thing Alexander wanted was to be worshipped as a god.

While his race ??? gave him something to talk about, he wanted to keep something like that discreet.

And as luck would have it, and with a helpless Alexander, the whole thing ended with the city residents calling him God of the Night.

It was a haughty nickname, but it was better than being a humanized God in the eyes of the people.

In fact, everyone did not imagine how accurate this nickname would turn out to be….

But not because of the power displayed, no.

But because of what would be heard in the city throughout the night, later on…

He still saw that the Priestesses were glaring at him as if he were prey, but this didn’t bother him much.

Even the odd Elderess would look at him and blush like a little girl, Alexander just sweated and tried to ignore it.

And so, Kaguya offered him a room at the back of the shrine, near her own.

Alexander then went ahead to prepare everything, as his Wife and housewife skills could rival that of a veteran servant, while creating a large bed exactly like the one in Asora, to be placed on the futons present there.

“Ah, they arrived, I have already pre-…”

Alexander had a broom in his hand and his sleeves rolled up, and he noticed that the door opened shortly after he had finished cleaning up completely. He saw that it was the girls, and without noticing their eyes, he greeted them with a smile only to be stopped with a hot kiss by Olga.

After that…

A very wild exchange of Energy occurred and the room had a slight pink light, so much so…

That the weak wooden walls of the not so big room…

Were not enough to hold all the sound…

Especially… when on the other side of the wall, there was the main room of the Sanctuary…

Alexander then finished the series of Tai Chi exercises, and created himself a towel to wipe it over his face.

‘Am I forgetting something?’

Alexander suddenly realized he had overlooked something, but didn’t know what it was about, and he was sweating a little at the realization that he had forgotten something, again, while he had an ability of Photographic Memory.

He finished drying off and then turned to go back to the Sanctuary, and cook breakfast for his Women.


And he saw Kaguya who was standing there, looking at him with red cheeks as she bit her lower lip, though when he turned around, it seemed to wake her up from her trance.


Alexander watched as Kaguya watched him and her skin went red from her feet to her head, then he thought he saw air coming out of her head, and then she fainted.

Alexander swiftly covered the distance between them and held Kaguya by her soft waist before she fell to the ground, as something clicked in his mind.

‘I didn’t put up a barrier… did I?’

Alexander then sweatdropped as he realized this.

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