IAIK Ch.42

Ch 42

Some time passed and Alexander realized that almost the entire city had listened to his quality time with his wives.

And he also knew that Kaguya received everything point blank.

He was very saddened and this increased every time he passed by an Elder and she exclaimed.

“Being young is good Hehehehe.”

He wanted the earth to swallow him up but he still had a pretty thick face.

Kaguya stammered when talking to him, as she was awake all night, as she used to do…

Alexander remembered how he met Kaguya and realized that most likely last night, she was doing the same thing.

Olga, apart from being a little embarrassed with the situation, like the others, was laughing like a cat when she saw Alexander blushing.

Kaguya: “A-Alex-sama… so, this is your face…”

Alexander: “Yes… it is for this reason that I wear a mask…”

Olga: “Ufufufu, Kaguya-san seems to be seeing her God of Shine-sama as she looks at Anata, Ufufufu.”

Kaguya: “Olga-sama…”

Alexander was in the shrine hall like at the beginning when he came to this city.

The girls were here as well and each had unique reactions, though they were all a bit blushing… except Prim, she was eating cotton candy very happily and with her cheeks full.

Alexander wanted to tug on this glutton’s cheeks but the situation wouldn’t allow it.

He stood seiza facing Kaguya.

The latter seemed amazed to see his face, though she stuttered a little at first when she spoke.

He just responded helplessly.

And Olga was amused at how Kaguya was looking at him, and the latter just blushed to the top of her head when something like that was pointed out to her.

Alexander: “So, on a separate topic, you’ll be strengthening the guard on the walls today, right?”

Kaguya: “… Hai, since I heard… about the attack, I’ve already warned my closest priestesses about this, right now, the city is in a state of alert.”

Kaguya said, though she made a somewhat complicated face as she recalled the visions Alexander had taught her of the future.

Alexander nodded and said:

“I will be on alert with my ability as well, in case of something unforeseen, although the most likely scenario is that the attack will take place 3 days, and by the way, by when will the festival be held?”

Kaguya: “It is scheduled to be held in two days. But now with this…”

Alexander shook his head.

Alexander: “The best thing is this plan, I currently have a strong hunch that the attack will be carried out in 3 days or more, plus with my skills, it will be easy to sense them shortly before they reach the city.”

Kaguya: “If Alex-sama says so, then that’s what we’ll do.”

Kaguya nodded and replied to Alexander.

Alexander: “…”

Kaguya: “…”


“Yum~ Chomp~?”

Kaguya and Alexander were silent and didn’t know what to talk about, Alicia and Chaia were looking at Prim helplessly, she was eating and a question mark came out of her head, noticing the sudden silence.

Chloe was just with her normal face, and Olga was making her “Plans” face at the moment.

An awkward silence spread around the room.

Alexander: “And-and so can you help with anything…? ?”

Kaguya: “A-ah yes, yes we currently need a hand with a few things… that’s why this year. I’ve been overworking for so many hours…”

Alexander: “I see, well tell me, what do I have to do?”

The time had passed quickly, as if it were the slight moment when the cheeky air lifted the skirts of girls.

Today was the day the Third Fortress Festival was being held.

So far Alexander had kept helping with things for this day.

The entire city that saw him had different reactions, as their proclaimed God of the Night, was really the God of the Night, but not because of something like the Force, or some other attribute, but because of the moans that were heard a few days ago.

For the women, at the sight of Alexander a great majority blushed, and another great majority smiled at him naughtily.

Even the women of adult age, the ones with Milfs’ bodies who had never been married, were trying to capture this man with their charms.

Alexander seemed to be immovable with all this, but since he was a Milf Seeker to infinity, inside he put up with it quite a bit, even sometimes when the women went a little too far, “accidentally” touching him, in all sorts of places, he would just whip Unique Soul into a frenzy to make him work at full throttle.

In the case of the Men, these few felt complicated, as their very manhood received a great shock at the sight of Alexander, but thanks to those moans that were felt that night, the women of these men seemed revitalized and determined to do their best, making the few men in town very happy.

There was even a nobleman in town, who also had a small Harem of 3 Wives, this guy seemed to lose weight dangerously these days, but that smile of accomplishment no one would take off his face.

Alexander often helped the cheeky Elder with the blacksmithing for different tools or artifacts, and the latter, in spite of his age and cement face, would ask Alexander to let him be his apprentice.

Alexander refused since he would soon be leaving the city.

And then the old man would just take the opportunity to ask Alexander more questions than a Parrot, Alexander sweated a little when this guy asked him in a low voice what he had used to last all night.

And he was also quite amused, as this old man treated him differently from all the others.

Although he also, almost always…

“Hmph, that stupid Old Man is monopolizing Alexander-sama again.”

“Yeah, I want to be with Alex-sama too, I want him to give me some special lessons~”

“Hey pig! Watch your mouth and call our God by his full name, bitch.”


“Haaa, I already want to play with pretty Onii-chan again, he always gives me some very delicious popsicles afterwards.” *Sorb*

“Mokoto-chan, you’re drooling, it’s not good.”

Outside the shop, whenever Alexander was there, there was a small crowd waiting impatiently for him to finish in there so that he could spend time with them afterwards.

Especially horny, single women and girls and boys.

Always, Alexander would go out and hand out lollipops, which he would pull out of the bottom of his sleeves, to the surprise of the children and even the adults, although the latter would flock to him like bees to honey.

The girls were also helping out here.

Alicia began to process the city data with Kaguya, who thanked her tearfully for helping her with the paperwork, the fierce enemy of every ruler.

Prim was also there and served as an assistant, as she did with Alicia long ago.

And well, every now and then, and as women at last, gossipy conversations would break out about Alexander, always ending with Alicia and Prim excited, and Kaguya very red and remembering everything, to be used later in the evening…

Although she herself was a bit disappointed to learn about Alexander, he began to put up sound barriers in the room, to avoid hearing what was going on in there.

Olga and Chloe also helped from time to time with the construction of food stalls and other physical work.

Chloe with her superhuman strength, and Olga with her elementals, which surprised everyone there, as they had never been so close to dark Elves.

At the same time they were accepted for being the good women they were.

They were also often peppered with questions about Alexander, mainly from mature women or adolescent women in the prime of their lives.

Chaia was helping out at the shrine, cooking for everyone when needed, and when not, with Kaguya, Alicia and Prim.

Kaguya had also asked her about the Necklace, and when Chaia answered, Kaguya was only very red and looked like a tomato, though with a slight pout on her face.

It was a busy few days, and Alexander certainly did a lot of things.

Most of the time it was helping with details for the festival.

Teaching what the fireworks were to Kaguya and the other priestesses. Which, they were already thinking about how to use them for this and the next festivals from now on.

Talking to Kaguya several times a day.

Going out in the city and getting along with people.

Updating the system.

Fulfilling the odd requests from the priestesses, of course, the more affordable ones.

Making stories of his former World to children, giving them popsicles and candy.

Attending the Sewing Club, which was only composed of women, and lately seemed to have succeeded in gaining more than 150 members.

Although more than sewing, the main thing that was done there, was to talk mainly about what he likes, what he looks for in a woman, and so…

Bathing in Hot Springs baths that looked like something out of an Anime, which became an Eroge as the girls got in and a very blushing Kaguya at that moment.


He did a lot of things.

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