IAIK Ch.43

Ch 43

*Boing* *Boing* *Boing*

At this moment, Alice was dressed in a beautiful pink Yukata, and was walking with the others in the narrow streets of the Third Fortress.


Currently, it was about 2:00 PM and everything was ready and decorated with many details. The Festival was starting.

Many people were here, making the place very crowded.

*Boing* *Boing* *Boing*.

The boys and girls were laughing, some of them had their faces full of candy and other things, but they downplayed them.

In general, the place had a very harmonious atmosphere.


Except for Alicia’s face.

She was very angry and was pouting chibi.


It was due to the huge round things around her….


“Chomp~ Chomp~”

Olga was standing with her arms crossed with her on one side as she laughed and Prim, who was eating some hot fries, the same way on the other.


Alicia let out a sigh of resignation, and looked down at her not-so-small, E-cup chest with pity as she said to herself.

‘Hang in there, I know they’ll grow!’

Alexander was watching all this and was currently chuckling at how Cute he thought his serious Wife at the moment.

Although, no one could see his smile, as he was in his Kakashi-sensei Mode.

“Moou Alex-sama~ Yesterday was really rough, my hips still hurt~”

Chaia said in a Milf voice that appeared a bit reproachful, when in reality she just wanted to see Alexander shy.

In fact, had this been a Japanese Light Novel, or a Manga, or an Anime, he would be 100% sure that what Chaia said, misinterpreted some sort of situation where it turned out in a a similar way.

But well, it wasn’t…

Chaia was actually feeling her hips a little uncomfortable from how hard Alexander gave his during the whole night…

Even though it was only a mosquito bite level discomfort, with her body stronger than ever, she only found pleasure in seeing Alexander acting shy.

Especially when at night he was so different…

Alexander turned all red with all the stares he was getting from all sides.

Even though it was mostly the mature women, they let out lights from their eyes as they looked at their new proclaimed God as if he was their prey.

And proclaimed God inwardly sighed.

Kaguya was silent and an aura of determination could be felt coming from her.

Chloe was sighing for the 5th time already, due to her Queen teasing Alicia.

And so, Alexander together with his Wives, visited the food stalls and the game stalls.

Alexander lost again, he didn’t even hit the wall this time and again went to a corner to draw something on the floor.

Prim acted like a mother around him as she patted him on the head and even offered him some of her fried food.

Alexander then regained his excitement, and continued to try out different games in the booths that looked like something out of an Anime, and of course…

He kept losing until the last one….

To the visual enjoyment of every one of the women around him, who were fascinated to see this adorable side of their God of the Night.

Everything continued in a very festive way, very joyful, and the whole city was like this.

All kinds of other businesses were closed for the day, and everyone took it as a vacation.

So the entire population of the small town, which was very close-knit from the beginning, looked like one big family partying.

In fact, Alexander didn’t realize it, but a small statue made by someone anonymous, of him was placed in one of the passages of the town and the people, especially the few men there, prayed to the new God of the Night for good quality weather at night.

Even offerings were left.

And the Nobleman who had a small Harem in the city, left a rather generous amount as an offering, for if he continued at this rate, the guy thought he would die of malnutrition.

The fireworks were over in the city, and in a very satisfied mood, all the people returned to their respective homes.

Alexander was now standing behind the shrine as he leaned against a tree, without his mask on his face.

Kaguya had called him here a while ago, and he had been waiting for quite a while now.

The girls were in the room as they prepared for sleep.

Alexander looked at the surrounding space and had to admit that the view was really top notch, especially because of the fireflies dimly illuminating the place, which together with the nature present, gave a mystical and indescribable effect.

He would never have been able to see anything like this in his previous world.

And Alexander then, on his own initiative, sat down under the tree, and with his legs crossed.

He began to meditate according to the Technique of the Cultivation of Nothingness which he had invented, and instantly became aware of several things.

As always, the dark vision he saw with his eyes closed, was slowly changed by that of a very colorful medium, different auras and energies intertwining in an artistic way.

Only, unlike the normal view he got when he meditated in Asora, in this place it was different.

The green color of Nature itself, predominated in his extrasensory vision, he could even see the shades of Magic in this world, it was one that to himself seemed quite polluted, compared to Asora’s, and well, to his own.

He could also reach out to feel, or see, the connection that existed in this world to a main figure, where most of the Magic was directed towards.

Alexander supposed this should be something like a God or a Goddess, and since he was in an Isekai, especially one as unique as this one, he believed it quite possible.

He knew that it was impossible for such a weak being to even sense it or detect it in any way, so he just continued to watch this unique vision he had at this moment without care, as slowly his consciousness was going further and further into the Cultivation Technique until…


The soft and… nervous voice of Kaguya, brought him out of his Trance.

“Excuse me, Kaguya for staying… meditating…”

Alexander apologized to Kaguya and when he opened his eyes, he slightly lost the words in his head as he was in a daze right now.

Kaguya stood in front of him as she blushed, she didn’t have any of her ornaments on, nor her lewd main Miko dress, she was right now dressed in a Yukata of white color and black details, which matched her beautiful hair down at the moment.

The Yukata seemed somewhat tight, and even a bit more daring than a normal one, as her breasts, which were being flattened slightly, were still quite large and wide, especially in the butt area where she had curves that were the bane of men.

Alexander drew a little blood from his nose and activated the Sharingan again.


He could only think that this woman in front of him was too beautiful. The way he saw her, it wasn’t in 2D like the Animes did, or in 3D even, it was in a very special graphic where all the details of the view were completely highlighted, mixing the best of the Anime and the real vision that Alexander observed in his previous World.

He really loved this kind of Reality.

And he could only say that to Kaguya, deep inside himself.


Well, not that deep…

Kaguya: “Alex-sama… Were you meditating? Forgive me if I disturbed you.”

After a few minutes of slightly awkward silence, Kaguya spoke to Alexander while apologizing.

Alexander: “No, it’s all right, I just… I got the urge to do it while observing this place.”

Alexander stood up and shook off his clothes a bit, then replied to Kaguya while looking around.

Kaguya: “That’s right, this is the most beautiful view in the city.”

Kaguya said with a very kind expression on her face.

Alexander: “…”

Alexander: “… Though not more beautiful than you…”

He looked at Kaguya’s face and was speechless for a few seconds, and then replied with what he sincerely thought to himself.

Kaguya: “!!”

Kaguya was surprised and then activated Tomato Mode.

She knew that anyone could tell her the same thing that she would feel absolutely nothing, but when it was Alexander…

Her chest was starting to make very strange sounds….


And a warm, wonderful feeling was invading his body.

Kaguya since morning, was determined to confess to Alexander.

She thought well about everything she would do and even decided to try on the dress with the noblest etiquette that was in her closet.

She was very nervous inside, but she knew that Alexander would only be in town for a short time.

And she was also very jealous of his women, even though she got along well with all of them.

She wanted to be in his Harem.

It didn’t matter if she was 1, or 2, or 3.

She just wanted to be able to say that she was also his Wife.

And naturally she was aware that Olga, who was the main Wife, or so she saw her, was not against her idea, and that she gave indications that this did not bother her.

Kaguya then spent the whole day like this.

Getting nervous at times and finding determination.

Until she finished everything and called Alexander to her favorite place in the city.

Alexander: “… So, what did you call me here for?”


Kaguya bit her lower lip slightly, made up her mind, and walked towards Alexander.

Alexander: “?”

Alexander had a confused face and was about to ask Kaguya if she was okay, when she…

Kissed him.

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