IAIK Ch.44

Ch 44




The lascivious and lustful noise of a kiss was heard in the back of the Sanctuary of the Third Fortress.

Kaguya kissed Alexander, and although Alexander was very surprised, his body moved naturally and held Kaguya by the waist as he responded with intensity.

At first Kaguya was a bit inexperienced as she had never kissed anyone, but under Alexander’s guidance and tongue, she quickly adapted.

Kaguya felt the air in her lungs running out very fast, and she parted her lips from Alexander’s to take a breath.

Alexander looked at Kaguya’s face and saw that the latter, still connected to him by a faint bridge of saliva, had an overly sexual and feverish face at the moment.

He looked at that face and with his hands, he held her cheeks.

And smiled at her.

Kaguya seemed to wake up from her trance and stopped looking at Alexander, lowering her head quickly.

As Alexander had previously hugged her tightly against him, they were currently so close together that they seemed as one.

Alexander knew that Kaguya wanted to talk to him about something, and he waited as he continued to hug her soft body around his waist.

Kaguya had her forehead on Alexander’s chest, and was trying to calm herself.

Her heart was racing at the moment.

A few minutes passed.

The scene looked like something out of a painting.

The faint lights of fireflies illuminating different kinds of magical and exotic plants.

Two people embracing so intimately that they seemed to be one.

The faint scenery of the forest behind and the moon shining over the area with a beautiful light.

Kaguya, now calmer now, but still with her head down said:

“Alex-sama… I love you too much… You know?”

Alexander only tightened his grip in response.

“I love you too much, in these 3 days… I have been happier than ever, with you and with the other girls…you have caught my heart too tight…I want to be together with you too…”

Kaguya was sobbing a little at this point, as she had never been so selfish in her life.

She was always very cold and silent, in the eyes of others, but she was always very fragile too.

She was holding her clothes very tightly to Alexander’s chest, and was sobbing as she could not imagine what would become of her if Alexander refused.

Alexander felt her trembling slightly and brought his mouth close to Kaguya’s ear.

And whispered:

(You are very beautiful and pretty Kaguya… also serious and cute, since I saw you, I knew it right away…you are a great woman… a good woman, and you also made me fall in love with you).

He felt how Kaguya was calming down and her body seemed to drop for a little bit.

She was very happy at this moment.

So much so, that she had no words to express what was going on in her heart.

“So, will you accept me… as your woman?”

She raised her head and looked at Alexander with a face that couldn’t hide the emotion she felt.

Alexander: “Of course.”


Alexander watched as Kaguya in front of him, a full Yamato Nadeshiko, behaved and laughed with such a pure smile that she looked like a child.

Then, he kissed her again.

After a few minutes of kissing and cuddling in the same position, Kaguya suddenly said to. Alexander:

“Alex-sama, I want you to take everything from me tonight.”

Alexander was surprised to hear this, but then he put a smile on his face which Kaguya shivers of pleasure, she just felt herself coming a little.

“Are you absolutely sure, Kaguya?”

Kaguya: “Y-without a doubt, Husband~”

Kaguya replied to Alexander while stuttering a little, and that the look that Alexander was giving her was making her body very hot, even, without realizing it she started to call Alexander as her own Husband.

Alexander then smiled and said:

“Wait here for a moment, I’ll be right back.”

Kaguya was a little stunned, but she still nodded very obediently.

Alexander smiled and separated from Kaguya, then….


He disappeared as he accelerated at a very high speed in the direction of his room.

Less than a second passed, and he arrived in front of the door to his room at the shrine.

He ran the sliding door to the side and entered the room.

He immediately saw almost all the girls sleeping, except Olga, who was sitting reading a Manga that he didn’t get a good look at as Olga quickly hid it, he could only read something like ‘Ai Nikki’ or something like that. But he played it down.

Olga: “A-ah, welcome Anata~”

Olga greeted Alexander a little nervously and a little surprised, and he just smiled at her.

Then he looked at her and said:

“Olga, Kaguya… confessed to me a few moments ago… and I answered… honestly.”

Olga put on a dumbfounded expression upon hearing this, but not because of what Alexander was thinking, but Because it had taken Kaguya too long to do so.


She laughed and Alexander was confused.

“I was wondering when she would do it, Kagu-chan is very pitiful and even though we all already knew what she felt, she still wouldn’t confess to you, ufufufu~”

Alexander also smiled and said:

“Yes, she is.”

Olga: “So, will they have a love section? As much as I’m attracted to the idea of joining you guys, it’s Kagu-chan’s first time, it might as well be her alone.”

Alexander was a bit surprised at the intimacy the girls shared, since Kaguya told them about something like that to Olga and the others, also about Olga’s sharpness, and said to Olga:

“I will be in Asora with Kaguya, until tomorrow.”

Olga: “Hai, Anata~”

Olga replied in her flirtatious and Milf voice as usual, and Alexander smiled at her.

Then Alexander approached Olga, who was sitting on the bed, and kissed her.

The kiss lasted several seconds.

“I don’t know what kind of luck is mine to have a woman like you, Olga Discordia, for a Wife. I think I exhausted the luck of this life.”

Olga: “No Anata, you’re wrong, the one who is lucky is me, to have you, Alexander Smith, as my Husband~”

Olga replied as she gave him a smile that carried a lot of emotions, and Alexander really wanted to take her right now and visit her womb again, but now he had Kaguya waiting.

“Goodnight, have a good rest Olga.”

Olga: “Yes, good night to you too, Master~”

She replied.

Alexander then kissed her forehead one last time, and walked out the door of the room.

Olga stared at the door, and her cheeks were turning very red as she imagined everything that would happen with Kagu-chan tonight.

She brought her right hand to her already soaked vagina, and her left hand to her massive breasts, as she imagined the situation that would occur at Asora later on.

Kaguya was waiting expectantly on the spot, and she blushed every now and then when she imagined what would happen later on.


She watched as Alexander suddenly appeared just as quickly as he left.

Then he walked towards her.

He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to him.

Kaguya blushed, but she really liked it when Alexander was this dominant, with her.

Alexander said to her:

“Now I will take you to my World, Kaguya, there… I will take everything from you…”

Kaguya turned redder than she already was and started breathing hot air. She wasn’t even surprised that Alexander mentioned Asora to her, since she knew it because Olga and Prim had told her, at that moment she didn’t believe it, but after seeing the Susanoo, she only thought that for a person like Alexander, that was normal.

“H-hai, Husband, make me yours~”

Kaguya said in an overly sexual tone.

Alexander then excitedly intertwined his fingers with Kaguya’s, and they disappeared from where they were.

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