IAIK Ch.45

Ch 45

(Contains R-18 scenes so skip this if you are under 18.)

Alexander appeared directly in his room at Nothing Mansion in Asora, and with Kaguya very close to him and breathing heavily.

Kaguya was a little dazed by the teleportation, and also by the strange sight of the large, sophisticated room she was in, but it didn’t stop her excitement.

She was so happy right now and so sensual, that all the aura she was releasing made her 10 times more sexual than she already was.

Alexander then slightly separated from Kaguya and started to undress.


Act that in Kaguya’s eyes was developing very slowly.

And she was looking at him wide-eyed, and hungry, also blushing like a ripe tomato.


Kaguya saw Alexander’s huge penis, who was getting up from his nap, and swallowed it again.

Alexander then looked up at Kaguya.

Kaguya looked at Alexander…

This human being with a perfect body, a body more handsome than the gods, a heavenly face, a red hair that stretched down his back, and most of all…

His great sleeping dragon.

… The man who would be her Husband.

The man who would be her Man.

Alexander watched as Kaguya looked at his body very closely, then made a very feverish and dangerous face of love and then, she smiled.

This seemed to wake Kaguya up and she, with bated breaths, spoke:

“Alex-sama … no, Husband~ … Take me and mark me…. Make me completely yours~”

Alexander just smiled at Kaguya and approached her.


He touched her hair.

Kaguya was flushed, very meek, and her body trembled with pleasure at the light touches of skin rubbing between them.

Alexander brought his hand to her face.

He lightly touched her cheeks.

He saw the look Kaguya was giving him and knew she was feeling very aroused right now.

Then, he lightly stuck his thumb into Kaguya’s mouth.

She didn’t know what Alexander was doing, but she was very obedient. She also felt her vagina, the area where the seal was on, start to release her Love juices.


“Hmm… tell me.”

Alexander was holding back a lot at this point because of the erotic voice Kaguya was making, but he pulled his fingers out of her mouth for her to speak after she called out to him.

Kaguya: “… From ago-……. Hmm~ … A long time ago, when I was chosen as the Head Miko-…… Hgnn~ … had to put a Seal on my body to guard my virginity to our God at that time…”

Kaguya spoke, at first she was feeling the remnant pleasure of the whole situation and that her body captured, she even biting her lips and this gave her a very lascivious look, although by the end, her voice acquired a bit of regret as it was possible that she might not be able to give the first time, her precious first time, to the only man she loves in this life.

Her eyes charged with a bit of tears.

Alexander witnessed this and smiled at her, which stunned Kaguya a little.

“Kaguya, you know about my Abilities, don’t you? Something like that Seal, it’s very easy to remove for me.”

Kaguya then smiled very purely, as she replied enthusiastically.

“Hai, Husband~”

She was very happy, since apparently, she could give her all to Alexander.

Kaguya: “A-also…”

Kaguya said very shyly, and Alexander had a sign of doubt coming out of his head.

Kaguya: “…”

Kaguya: “… I also want you to fuck me in the ass!”

She instantly blushed a lot, as here she was declaring one of her sexual fantasies, and even though she knew it wasn’t too much of a problem, she was a little fearful that Alexander would find this distasteful.

Alexander was too surprised to say anything and his face was dumbfounded.

Kaguya saw this and thought the worst for a moment, or at least it was like that, until Alexander looked at her like she was a big bad wolf eyeing his prey.

“Kaguya… are you sure about that?”

Kaguya shuddered completely at the tone in Alexander’s voice, and her vagina began to let her Love juices flow, as she felt a very great pleasure, too great at this moment…

And nothing had even started.

Kaguya: “I’m sure, Husband~”

She replied with high expectations, and was also very happy that Alexander didn’t hate something like that.

Alexander: “Hehehehe.”

Alexander laughed a little to himself, as he remembered how he met this main Miko, at the Shrine.

And indeed, from the Anime he knew many things about Kaguya.

He also knew that she liked anal, but that statement he definitely didn’t expect it.

Especially now that this was his own reality.

Alexander then patted his cheeks lightly.


God Yang Body.

And activated his night abilities in succession. Although he didn’t activate Sexual Impulse connected to the Energy, since by himself he could give a good amount of fighting time in this area, plus it was Kaguya’s first time, it naturally had to be very pleasurable for her.

In fact, Alexander was like that, and he didn’t realize it himself, but most of the time, he had his women so highly, that he always thought of them first for everything, sex was one of them.

Kaguya saw that Alexander smiled a little, and she had doubts, but she behaved like a good wife.

“Then… I’ll start, but first…”

Alexander said and looked at her clothes.

The White and very sexy Yukata she was wearing, that highlighted mainly her breasts, and her curves.

Alexander really wanted to break out of this encumbrance, but he imagined it was a very fine garment, as it it stood out from the others.

He grabbed Kaguya’s clothes by the shoulders, and slowly removed them, while Kaguya bit her lip in pleasure and looked at Alexander’s face so close to her, with the look of a girl in love.

Alexander was sending warm, comforting feelings to Kaguya, so she was experiencing a feeling she had never felt before.

Alexander gradually revealed Kaguya’s large F-cup breasts, and he stood for a while looking at them.

Kaguya saw this and inwardly, she made an expression of victory for if it is in size of breast, though less than Madame Celestine, or Princess Knight Claudia Levantine, she was quite confident.

Although she was guessing this too, as all of Alexander’s women were like this, except Alice.


Alexander looked at those big pink nipples, swallowed a little, and continued where he was.

He untied the ribbon of the Yukata and brought it completely to the floor.

He saw that Kaguya was almost completely naked, only by a very thin loincloth, which covered Kaguya’s crotch area a little.

Alexander said to her:

“Kaguya, lie down here on the bed on your back.”

Kaguya: “Hai, Husband.”

Kaguya replied very obediently and lay down on the big bed in the room.

Kaguya positioned herself in M-position on the corner of the bed with her legs spread wide open, while blushing quite a bit.

Alexander climbed on top of the bed and in front of Kaguya.

He saw this sight in front of him, and automatically activated the Sharingan again.

Kaguya already knew what this was, so she wasn’t even alarmed, and in fact, that Alexander wanted to never forget what he was seeing right now in front of him, only made Kaguya, aside from all the tide of pleasurable feelings she was feeling, also noticed a fluttering in her stomach, even if she didn’t know it, this was known as Love.


“Here I go.”

Alexander swallowed a little and then said to Kaguya, she nodded and he took her legs, and spread them a little apart.

Kaguya started breathing hotly and turned her head to the side while blushing.

Alexander was amazed at this sight, and his already erect penis, grew harder.

The thin little loincloth that Kaguya was wearing, was right in the middle of her vaginal lips, the cheeks stained with her Love juice, dripping little by little lower, with a healthy pink color, made Alexander stand a little dazed watching.


He then grabbed the thin piece of cloth by Kaguya’s waist, to start taking it off.

Kaguya felt Alexander remove the last garment that was blocking her way to her private place, and with the friction of it, she moaned a little, though she bit her lips at the end to hold it in.

Alexander then saw how from above Kaguya’s vaginal area, a Seal was forming, similar to the ones he adapted to see in the Anime.


He snorted and little to himself, as much for how silly this was, than how weak.

He put his right hand above the Seal.

Manifestation of Mind/Energy.

He used his Energy and completely deactivated the small Magic system in this area, as far as he could see,  it was something that didn’t need a medium for its realization, and this made it a little weaker than it would be otherwise.


Glass shattering seemed to be heard, and the Seal illusion vanished completely.

Kaguya felt absolutely nothing, but she was very happy at this moment as she could at last become a real wife, to the man she loves.

Alexander then brought his face close to Kaguya’s vagina, and began to work.




And the latter began to make very erotic sounds.

Even after a while, Kaguya came while biting her lower lip.

“Kaguya, we’re in my World, no one will hear you here, you can let go, now… turn around.”


Kaguya heard what Alexander said, she pulled herself together a bit and hummed back at him. And when Alexander ordered her with his voice to turn around, she only began to feel more and more pleasure.

Alexander saw Kaguya lay down on her stomach, and stuck her butt out towards him.

And he had to say, so far the biggest ass he’d seen was Chaia’s, but Kaguya

definitely had a little more volume from that one.

He really couldn’t resist this.

No more words were needed, and Alexander placed his rock-hard penis at the entrance of Kaguya’s vagina, which was not visible in this seemingly bottomless valley.

She moaned a little as she felt the curious visitor at the entrance to her cave and then said:

“Please… Husband…make me yours~”

Alexander nodded, grabbed his new Wife’s big buttocks, spread them a little apart, and still with the head of his penis touching Kaguya’s vaginal lips, he stood still for a moment to admire this scenery.

If he didn’t spread her buttocks apart he would not be able to see the head of his penis, he really loved buttocks like this, and he knew that he would not be able to control himself completely.

After a few seconds, he began to slowly push his penis into her vagina.


Kaguya moaned from the pleasure the rubbing was giving her, which was even more than when he used some dildo in her ass.

And she felt her Husband’s penis reach her Hymen.

Alexander then, seeing that Kaguya was now ready, put the penis in a little faster and kept going until he felt it faintly touch the entrance of her uterus.

A little blood trickled down Kaguya’s thighs, and just like it happened every time Alexander took someone’s virginity, God Yang Body began to work hard to make the experience painless for Kaguya.

Which was accomplished rather quickly, as she closed her eyes and began to feel an electrifying pleasure run through her womb to her head.

“You can start moving~ Husband~”

Apparently, having a large portion of Alexander’s penis inside her vagina, produced her voice already quite sexual from the whole situation so far, become even more deadly.

Here, Alexander began to pull his penis in and out of Love’s cave of juices, first very gently and after several times, faster.




Kaguya couldn’t formulate words for what she was feeling right now, and just closed her eyes as she lifted her ass more so Alexander could shove his penis into her better.

She also started moaning randomly and haphazardly as she wasn’t even aware of what she was saying, and since Alexander had told her to loosen up, well, she was trying to do it.

A few minutes had passed and Kaguya was experiencing a pleasure that she would later refer to as ‘Ninth Heaven’, in Asora it was possible to hear the erotic moans coming from Alexander’s room.

Kaguya felt she was very close to having the strongest and most pleasurably explosive orgasm she would ever feel.

“Hyanhgnnn-….. Hmngggf~?!”

She started moaning, getting ready to come like she never had before, but at that moment.

Alexander grabbed Kaguya’s face and turned her a little for himself, then kissing her on her mouth while still thrusting his penis into her vagina, which seemed to get wavier with every thrust, at the same time as her uterus become less shy and interacted more with her big visitor.

Kaguya was very dazed as she had Alexander’s tongue wreaking havoc in her mouth, and his Penis wreaking havoc in her uterus, but this only made her much more aroused and accelerated her come.

‘He’s fucking me so hard… as he’s kissing me… he’s kissing my lips and the entrance to my uterus… I’m cominggggg~!’

Kaguya suddenly shuddered as she felt Alexander thrust his penis into her womb until she had no more, while his tongue played in her mouth, and right there she came while exclaiming inwardly, and making muffled moans through her mouth.

Alexander felt Kaguya’s vagina contract and knew she came.

He stopped kissing her and stopped the motion as he held his sword as far as it would go into Kaguya’s sheath, which was a very large portion of it, and let her cum while he stood there.

After 10 seconds, Kaguya lost a bit of strength and let herself fall back on the bed, Alexander’s penis came out of her vagina and she moaned a little as she felt this.

Currently… she didn’t know anything anymore.

Her mind didn’t give her much more, she was still sane, but right now she couldn’t speak and she could only breathe hotly as she clung to the bed sheet with her toes wriggling from the immeasurable she felt at this moment.

Alexander said nothing and waited for her as she lay on her side.

Several minutes passed and Kaguya moved a little to get on all fours again, as she felt that Alexander’s penis was very hard as she used his thighs as a pillow.

“Husband…I want another round~”

And she said to Alexander in a somewhat tired, but clearly very sexual voice.

Alexander was a little surprised at Kaguya, as usually when he had sex with

someone for the first time, they would pass out, even Prim, who had a great sexual drive, but not Kaguya.

He thought this was partly due to the kind of physique Kaguya had, he could feel that she was blended with the Magic of the world in a very special way, and this caused the Magic, or a small portion of it, that was stored in Kaguya, was automatically used in the recovery of stamina.

Alexander had seen the entire move she had made and was already behind Kaguya.

“Here I come… Kaguya.”

And he put his penis between his new Wife’s buttocks, as it lost itself there and reached her entrance.

And just as he was about to start thrusting it in….


He felt a tender little hand grab what it could of the girth of his big penis.

“This time… I want it in my ass…”

And she put the tip of his head in the second crotch hole of her own.

“Are you sure, Kaguya?”

Alexander asked her.

“Hai… it was always my wish to do this with the person I would ever love, so I am soooo glad I can do it with you, Alex-sama~”

Alexander then grinned like a big bad wolf.

“Well… here I go.”


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