IAIK Ch.47

Ch 47

In the same place where they had gone to Asora.

Alexander and Kaguya appeared in a flash.

“Hmm? … Kaguya-sama! Alex-sama!”

A priestess who was present there recognized them, and called out to them, causing the other people present behind the shrine, noticing this.

Kaguya then attended to all the priestesses who were there while Alexander was only on her side.

A somewhat gossipy priestess saw the closeness of the God of the Night and his mistress, she asked where they were and why they were so close to each other.

And Kaguya, blushing and happy, like the exact newlywed she was, explained the juiciest details she could to her subordinates.

And in fact, Kaguya right now simply wanted to start running around the Village, and shouting that she was a Wife, but she wouldn’t as it would make Alexander uncomfortable.

The priestesses who were listening were, and even the other people there, more than 50 women, listened to their Mistress and were simply too dumbfounded.

Some even sighed, as they wanted, by means of chloroform, to faint their Hero, perfect man in the eyes of all, and lead him into an extended night of passion.

If Alexander at this moment knew what these priestesses, very ‘Pure’ women, were thinking, he would definitely sweat quite a bit.

But yes, there were even some Elderesses present, and they too were in agreement with this Heaven forsaken couple, which seemed like a very right thing for them to do.

Although Kaguya had been reserved for the God of Shine, the Elders knew very well, that it was quite possible that he was not even completely real.

Also and more importantly, there was the fact that Alexander, was a Being no less than a God in the hearts of the people of the Third Fortress, for the powers that he had, being witnessed by all, was simply impossible for any other Human in this World.

By God, the Elders even thought that the reincarnated Goddess, Lady Celestine, would not be able to show such a great miracle as the one she saw with her own eyes on the day when Alexander, as a thank you, dyed the Sky of Colors for them. She even taught them the method to continue to do so.

Which, by the way, was one of the details about which the Elders would negotiate with other cities in the future, as it was one of the cities in the future, as it was simply too flashy.

They supported this new relationship, with all their Being, although envy was not least.

They even thought that if Alexander asked Kaguya, the Elders themselves would wrap her up, dedicate a card and send it to him.

Something that if Kaguya knew, she would be crying comically for how easily she was discarded.

All the commotion died down a bit, and the news had spread like wildfire everywhere, but Alexander and Kaguya were unaware of it, as they were just now walking towards the Sanctuary’s main hall.

Where all the other Alexander’s Wives were.

When the door opened, the first thing Alexander noticed was the big chibi pout Prim was wearing on her face.

He laughed about it.

He also noticed Olga who was teasing Alicia, while Chloe sighed, Chaia

was standing with the everlasting smile on her face, and Alicia, she? She was comically crying about something.

“… Hello?”

“…Alex-sama! Huaaaaaaa!”

Alicia rammed Alexander quickly as she took refuge in his chest.

She was crying and Alexander started petting her and patting her head.

“Yosh Yosh.”

Alicia inwardly put on a victory pose, and her face began to turn Ahegao.

Olga was giggling, and also welcomed Alexander as did the others, minus

Prim, she still had a pout on her face.

“Hello… Prim.”


Alexander tried to talk to Prim, but this little angry one, she let out a cute sound and turned her head the other way, still pouting.


Alexander sighed tiredly, then said:

“Okay, please forgive me, Prim-san, as an apology, I will make my special milk pudding in the night.”

Alexander apologized to Prim, and even offered to cook a recipe he had invented in his past life.

Here, Olga was surprised, Chaia too, Chloe and Alicia were the same way, for they could swear that of all that had gone into their mouths, the most delicious thing they had tasted was Alexander’s special pudding, it was even more delicious than his own semen… in their opinion.

Every time they tasted that pudding, they had an orgasm simply because of the heavenly taste of that food. And almost every time, after that, they would sexually assault Alexander, whose victim was more than pleased to be raped by his Wives.


Prim trembled a little, removed the pout but still had her head on its side, looking angry, and very slowly opened one of her eyes a little and asked:

“… Will you cook it with a naked apron and put a Nyan~ Nyan~ Pink Love~ spell on the pudding…?”

Alexander: “…”

Alexander sweated a little, and blushed, but since he didn’t really like to have his Energetic Wife mad at him….

“… Haaa, alright, I’ll do it.” (TL: He can fuck them… just remember that…)

He gave a resigned sigh and exclaimed.

“Yatta~! Hehehehe~!”

Prim jumped for joy on the spot, and then ran over to Alexander to hug him in a blob-shaped pink, since Alicia a while ago had let go of him. As Alexander smiled at the state of mood she acquired and patted her.


Olga started to laugh at seeing this show, and the others the same. But she also started to think about what cameras she would use to record that, she lately wanted to record everything she could of Alexander, this was her new hobby, and although right now she had about 21 TeraBytes of information and videos in her possession, she thought it was too little.

So did the few Elders present, and the other priestesses. Although they also wanted to see how Alexander did the Nyan~ Nyan~ Pink Love~ spell with a naked apron…

Imagining this, some of them were completely drooling and the others were blushing greatly.

Kaguya just wondered what this Milk Pudding thing was all about.

Some time passed, and Kaguya and Alexander explained their relationship to everyone in the room.

Olga and the other girls took Kaguya and went somewhere, for a few minutes.

Leaving Alexander alone among more than 30 other women and some Elders, who looked at him like a lion looks at its prey.

Alexander was sweating from this, and he was feeling some rather strange chills, it’s as if a new kind of shiver joined the others, but as usual, this didn’t bother him much.

When they arrived again, the girls saw Alexander surrounded by priestesses who were sitting very close to him as they asked questions, and Alexander was a bit nervous as he felt that he was being touched in many places, and someone even had the nerve to touch his butt.

He really looked like a baby deer surrounded by hungry animals…

The girls had no words for what they saw, but after a few seconds, they all took their places again.

They kept talking, but, at this moment….


They all looked at the door, and saw that a guard dressed as a Kunoichi, looking very revealing, entered as she shouted.

“An army is approaching from the south! Their flag is that of the Kuroinu Mercenary group!”

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