IAIK Ch.48

Ch 48

Since they were warned that Kuroinu’s army was marching toward the fortress, the fortress went into a state of alert.

As this was something that was known to happen, the inhabitants were fully prepared for something like this.

Everyone was already in their homes, though in fact, still somewhat cautious, they were fundamentally relaxed.

Why was this?

The reason, it was simply because of the presence of an overly powerful Hero in the city, too, and not least, the support of two of the Princess Knights, apart from their mistress Kaguya, and likewise, The Queen of the Dark Elves along with her Commander.

Certainly not even the most intelligent ones doubted that at this moment, the city was very well guarded, and to eliminate this type of formation, a huge army was necessary.

The mere fact that their new God of the Night could manifest the figure of a Giant God Avatar, or the Susanoo, as it began to be called among the villagers after having heard Alexander mention it, and even making attacks with it as if it were absolutely nothing important, was the main fact of the safety and confidence of the townspeople.

Now they only complied with the pre-established protocol, with a lot of order and tranquility, it almost did not seem like a city that would later be under siege.

As they knew they had at least 2 more hours before the Mercenary group would reach the city walls, they had a good time to plan what was going to be done, or what role each one was going to play.

Alexander knew from the Anime, that in this invasion, the disciple that Kaguya had had some time ago, the one called “Shamuhaza”, had a major role here.

For even though Alexander only watched the Kuroinu Anime, and read the Manga, he more or less understood that while attacking the city from the outside, Shamuhaza, knowing the Fortress from head to toe, as well as the Shrine, led an infiltrated group that was the main cause of the lost

of combat.

Although well, relatively to Alexander, Shamuhaza didn’t give a damn in pillamas, and 300 Shamuhazas did not care for 2 cucumbers in pillamas, since he will still die, and not in a pretty way… (TL: I still didn’t understand this line so if someone finds any mistakes be sure to tell me.)

Still, he pulled Kaguya aside to ask her about this.

Mainly, he wanted Kaguya herself to talk this over with him, so that she wouldn’t be burdened with this kind of thing. And Kaguya herself, being as perceptive as she was, noticed this, which gave her a very pleasant tickle in the Kokoro, because of her husband’s sweetness.

And in the end Alexander was overly concerned, as Kaguya, who seemed like a completely new person since they came from Asora, besides she knew what would happen since Alexander had shown her future, responded to him with complete calmness and sincerity, her pulse steady and her overflowing love for Alexander always present in her tone of speech.

Alexander really was very happy that Kaguya was like this, as she completely deserved it.

As explained by Kaguya, Shamuhaza, or the disciple Mitsubi, which was his real name, had been exiled five years ago by herself.

He was not even a personal apprentice of hers, although in a formal way, he was just someone who was good at insect spells, he had the ability to influence a very small amount of magic on insects, through special means, or incantations directly, it responded only to Sanctuary while just by being someone with the ability to perform incantations, he was among the very few who could do so.

Though it was still nothing special and blah blah blah blah and so on….

Alexander really didn’t care much about any of this, but since Kaguya was so obedient, with her now Husband, she was trying to meet his expectations to the fullest, just like an ideal Japanese Wife.

And in fact, Alexander himself was not aware of it, but he had a little problem….

When it came to Men, not even the race ???, or the second skill of Photographic Memory, were not able to store the data well in his mind, it was as if he had an ability 100 times more powerful, which dictated that the importance Alexander had for other men, except for his friends or people who surprised him in some way, was 0000.34%.

That is, less than nothing.

And even more so, when it came to a villain like this one, although the only thing he remembered him for, was for what was going on in the original, thinking about the way he would kill him.

Anyway, Alexander was convinced that the most likely thing to happen was this, and as he was certain that his Wives were strong enough, Alexander decided to leave them guarding the Sanctuary, as well as the back part of the city, and the subway tunnels, and others, which were the only places through which they could infiltrate the Fortress.

But not without first, putting a protection on themselves that would be able to resist the radioactive explosion of 4 Uranium class atomic bombs, at point blank range, as if it were a light wind…

He still wanted to put in more, but remembered that this World was one of a very weak strength level, so, still wanting to provide more than 10 more barriers, he left…

And currently…

He was standing in front of the main gate of the Fortress.


He was alone there, accompanied by a small group assigned by Kaguya to clean up the mess left there.

There were 7 Priestesses that carried different types of weapons and well, some tools that would be used for the cleanup…

And 7 Kunoichis from the small squadron that was in the city, used especially for stealth missions.

There were also some draftsmen and historians at the top of the walls, observing the scene that would happen later, to capture it and manifest it in their works.

“Everything is ready, Alex-sama.”

Said one of the Kunoichis, as she spoke with much respect. For he was the Husband of her Mistress.

Alexander looked towards the one who spoke, and sighed at the sight of her very erotic combat attire, and the latter, as she being watched with some scrutiny by one whom he considered as high as a God to within of herself, and the perfect masturbation material…. she blushed quite a bit.

“… Okay, then stand back a bit and leave this to me.”

“Hai! Alex-sama!”

She replied in a trained militant voice, and retreated while glancing back from time to time.

Alexander watched as she reported this to the others, and they all moved inside the doors, and stood looking over them.


Unique Soul.

Alexander sighed and activated the most reliable ability in the Multiverse, to keep his not-so-little brother asleep, as he wanted to wake up.

He really… he really wanted to grab the neck of the dirty Japanese guy who created Hentai and start slapping him really hard….

Since the clothes that existed here were simply too lewd.


More than 30 minutes passed, and when everything was very quiet, Alexander was rather bored and had a somewhat tense atmosphere from the observers….

*Step* *Step* Step* Step*

Noises of footsteps began to be heard from far in the distance.

And since it was a ground plane, it was possible to see a large group coming in this direction.

They kept approaching and it was possible to see their members.

Mostly humans and monsters, while there were even a small number of Dark Elves, as well as a large number of small demons. The Ogres and Orcs were the ones that stood out most conspicuous by their large size.

But they all had one thing in common.

And that was the disgusting smile on their faces, perhaps imagining the future that would be granted to them if it were not for a very small detail…

Even the demons were trying to make smiles, when they only looked hideous and abominable.


Once they were 150 meters or so from the gates, they stopped when the voice of the man wearing classic Mercenary garb, and who was in front of them, exclaimed.

The observers on the ramparts had great confidence in their Hero, so did the Kunoichis and the priestesses, but still, against an army that seemed to number over 800, especially against one that commanded as much malice as this one, they were very worried.

Everyone in the Enemy group stopped and just calmly waited for their spare leader to speak.

“KUROINU! Now let’s take the Third Fortress of The Seven Shields Alliance… and we will rape all those women in there!”


*whistling* *whistling*




“I’ll fuck the Shine Lady in the ass! Let’s see if God saves her Hahahahahahahahahhahhah.”

He who seemed to be the leader of the squadron spoke with much joy in his voice, while facing the subordinates, and they responded to him with enthusiasm.

As if they had already won this fight.

“Now just remember, don’t kill the women who can serve as sex slaves and the children, the others… Don’t leave them alive, so we will rejoin the group that set out on the march to the Cuar-….!”


The guy was giving the orders to the other members while he was already imagining himself giving it from behind to a Religious Maiden of the Famous Shrine of the God of Brightness, when he had heard rumors that they had very well trained buttocks, but at that moment he felt something strange on his neck after hearing acutting sound, and he could not continue speaking.


A thud sounded, and the leader’s head, still wearing a doubtful expression, gradually went and fell to the ground, separating completely from his body as it also fell and the blood began to flow.


Behind the guy, stood Alexander as he swung the single Katana in his hands, and splashed the blood it was stained with, on the ground.

“… Damn you, you killed Lord Kuromi! Die you bastard! Ahhhhhh!”

One of the Humans there, while everyone else was still somewhat stupefied,

seemed to awaken due to the bond he apparently had with the one called Kuromi, and in a fit of hatred and rage, he lunged at Alexander with his Sword.



Alexander disappeared from where he was as he reappeared from his side in the blink of an eye, and hit him in the stomach hard, so that behind the guy’s back, compressed air came out in high pressures.


The guy spat blood in large quantities and his body fell limp on the ground.



Alexander spoke in his soft, but very powerful voice, as he slowly walked in the direction of the group, with the tip of his Katana lightly grazing the ground in his walk.

“Who’s next?”

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