IAIK Ch.50

Ch 50

Since it was announced at the shrine that the attack on the city by Kuroinu’s army had failed, Alexander told his wives that there was probably already another division of mercenaries on their way to the next Fortress of the Seven Shields Alliance, where the Princess Knight, Maia, is located.

Kaguya, too, was determined to travel by her Husband’s side wherever he went, though not only she was surprised at the ease with which she was dismissed by the Shrine Elders.

For while she was very much needed in that position, it was not that it was a definite thing. The Elders agreed to it and at least for a while, they would be the ones to govern the small city, so that later on, they could elect the next

later on, to choose the next Chief Priestess.

Although indeed…


… All the women in the town looked like abandoned puppies the moment they heard of the impending departure of their Hero and God of the Night…

And from that moment on, Alexander was saying goodbye to practically everyone in the Third Fortress.

He went with his Wives from the Sanctuary, to the gates of the city, and everyone looked at him with regret…

For it was his farewell.

After a very long and slow walk, at last they came out on the other side of the gates of the Fortress, and Alexander then agreed with his Wives that he would be in charge of mobilizing, and they would only have to go to Asora. As is usually done.

Alexander: “So, which direction?”

Already the others had gone to Asora, and right now Alexander was alone with Kaguya 300 meters outside the city.

Kaguya: “Hai, it’s behind that mountain, in the northwest of this direction.”

Kaguya pointed to a place in the distance, and Alexander nodded, then said: “Come here.”

Kaguya turned a little red at that tone Alexander had used, and like a good Wife, she approached him.

Alexander took Kaguya and squeezed her tightly close to him, as he grabbed her by her big buttocks, it was simply a thing he couldn’t stop doing, he loved this big ass too much….


And he kissed her.

Kaguya also responded avidly as she put her hands on Alexander’s chest.

When they parted, Kaguya was an erotic mess, although she looked more attractive, in Alexander’s opinion. Then he gave her a kiss on the forehead, and then patted her on the head, and with a very satisfied, pure and dangerous smile, as she touched her lips, she vanished. Alexander teleported her back to Nothing Manor.


Unique Soul.

Alexander sighed because his women were really very…. beautiful… so much so that at the moment he just wanted to go there, take them all and….

… Because of these dangerous thoughts, Alexander activated the #1 skill of the year, to calm his sleeping Dragon, and also to calm down a bit himself, and since the poor ability had no choice but to work overtime….

Alexander, as always, lightly patted his cheeks, and looked ahead.

He was currently located outside of the city, and could still see in the distance, on the ramparts, the entire the little group of Kunoichis, with sad and tearful expressions, while they were dressed very lasciviously…


Alexander laughed a little, and thought that he should definitely visit this city again, more later on.


“Speed x10.”

Alexander turned forward, and then after feeling the physical surge of power

coursing through his body, he began walking, then jogging, and finally running faster and faster.


The ground warped as Alexander accelerated much faster.

He knew he had to hurry, to try to get quickly alongside Kuroinu’s army, which was marching in the direction of the Fourth Fortress.

Although he did not have many worries, in fact, in a normal wagon trip, to go from the Third to the Fourth Fortress, it took about 15 days.

It was quite a bit farther than the Second Fortress.

And he thought that at the speed he was going, it would not take him long to catch up with the Kuroinu group.

As the scenery passed by rather quickly, Alexander had almost an Automatic Mode on, for his mind was elsewhere.

Different thoughts abounded there.

He knew that he had two weeks left until the next Multiversal Lottery, and to be honest, he was a little anxious to try it out, like a little kid.

Just thinking about the possibilities they occupied there, Alexander was getting very excited, and although he had liked the Ramen dish that had pleased him enough to become a fan, he really hoped that this time, it would be something more… exciting.


Unbeknownst to him, as he thought like this….

A strange feeling came over him, it was something very strange, almost like a little…. “pleasantly troubling”, but as always, Alexander downplayed it.

He then started to check his Inventory, as this was a good way to kill time, while spreading his Human Area Skill, everywhere he went, just because he had nothing better to do.

Some time had passed, and Alexander suddenly detected a rather strange vital signature, in his ability.

He stopped for a moment and slowly approached the place.

And just when he was about 10 meters away…

*Poing* *Poing* *Poing*

He heard a rather strange sound…

According to what he had registered, it was an animal, or a magical beast, which apart from having a small body, without any limbs, was “walking” normally…


Alexander didn’t really know what it would be, and little by little he got closer and closer…


He grabbed the leaf that prevented him from looking straight ahead….

And with a quick movement, he pushed it away….

*Poing* *Poing*

Alexander sweated a little.

‘A Slime? … The kind that come out in Anime and RPG games?’


At this point, Alexander was looking at a rather surreal sight.

In front of him was a large lump of …. Strawberry? apparently, which was lying on the green grass as it moved around quite comically.

Yep, he was watching…

“The legendary, Slime.”

That wherever there’s an Isekai, there must be a Slime there, even if it was in a Hentai….



Alexander chuckled a little to himself, remembering a good Anime he had seen in his past life.

He then, with amusement, and also doubt, crouched down near the strangest living being in the Isekai stories, and touched it with his finger.


‘Oh, it’s very soft, like breasts…’

Alexander was also surprised by the softness and the cute sound this adorable thing was making when he touched it.

Alexander even smiled a little as he imagined that by some strange plot, he could take this Slime under his command and empowering it until it turned into a girl and….

He shook his head a little, for this he did not think so likely… though he did imagine the appearance of the Slime girl from the Anime, Monster Musume, and he smiled to himself, as he would definitely go to that Anime, perhaps moving into the MC’s house there, before the series started? He didn’t know, but he would go there, and he would definitely take care of those girls with much love.

And with his great power, he also believed it was possible to turn those girls into normal humans, or with special attributes, or even to give them special attributes, also even that he could give them a technique that would allow them to change their shape, whenever they want.

For he knew that although they were proud of their races, their half-animal bodies made it difficult for them to have a normal life in Japan. Even if they had been prepared for this…

Alexander kept thinking different things while touching the Slime and playing with it.

*Piun* *Piun* *Piun*

And it just squirmed while it also seemed to be playing with Alexander’s fingers.

Alexander then stopped touching it, and stood up, he looked at the Slime and wasn’t quite sure whether to take it with him.


At that moment…

Just for a moment…

Alexander imagined this Slime attacking its Wives and making a rather cliché view of Anime…

And then, Alexander shook his head.

‘Sorry buddy, but I don’t know if you’re male or female, so I can’t take you with me.’

Alexander was holding his ground, and although it might seem a bit strange to some… how jealous he was.

Alexander… He definitely wouldn’t allow a magical monster, or any monster, or any living being in general… to touch his women’s private parts.

That’s a right only he has.

Then Alexander pulled away a bit, but just as he was about to leave.


He looked at the Slime and thought he had a notion, that the Slime was sad.

‘… Ok.’

Alexander then waved his hand, and a small, blue ball, made its way towards the Slime and into it.


He thought he had imagined that the Slime had second thoughts about this, for a second….

‘Well, if fate… if we meet again, then that’s where I’ll take you with me. Goodbye, you adorable little piece of jelly and creator of the best cliché scenes in Anime…’


Alexander bowed a little to say goodbye, and after strangely imagining that the Slime was taking his leave as an Anime Shonen Protagonist as he was about to begin the training…

… He continued on his way.

But as usual, Alexander had missed a small detail…

A tiny detail that later…

Would surprise him…

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