IAIK Ch.51

Ch 51

It was a magnificent day in the afternoon.

The trees were swaying slightly in the wind, the clouds were passing gently leaving the place in a silence worthy of Mother Nature.

The narrow and rustic path could be seen on the sides of the forest.

Various magical beasts were going about their normal activities, but mostly consisted of copulation in order to keep their species safe…

The scene could not have been more normal, or more peaceful.

Or at least…


Until now…


A figure rushed past at such a high speed, that contrary to not making ripples in the quiet space, the repercussion of its speed brought with it strong winds that stirred up the entire place.

*Ribip!* *Ribip!* *Ribip!


The trees almost wallowed under the strong winds, their leaves were blown in all directions, all the animals and magical beasts there stopped suppressing their Primordial instinct and each one saved themselves and their loved ones as best they could. Even a couple of frogs of exotic colors due to the Magic, were victims of the strong wind currents and the female Frog almost flew away but her male frog held her off with the last of his strength, the female frog smiled a little at the sight of something like that, and slowly let go, the male was desperate and in the end after calling her several times, he cried out disconsolately the name of his female, who was released in this tragedy…

The culprit of such a thing had been none other than Alexander.

And indeed, if he had controlled his speed and movements as he usually does, then naturally his body would become one with the speed and nature around him to such a degree, that he could pass through the same place again and it wouldn’t even be noticed.

At this moment, Alexander was thinking a few things.

He was thinking about the Slime he had seen earlier, he had analyzed it and only very simple things came out of it, like its race and such, but unfortunately it didn’t say its gender.

Alexander was thinking that with the power he gave that Slime, it was only a matter of time before it would evolve repeatedly until one day it would become something like a half-human.

Alexander had a sort of taste for magical beasts, of all kinds and from all histories, as the impression he had been left with by the Chinese novel, Long Live Summons, was simply too great.

And he, someday in his…. endless future, he would go to that novel.

He was also thinking about the situation with this group apart from Kuroinu, who was walking to the Fourth Fortress.

‘Hmm, since they take about 10-17 days to get there from the Third Fortress, I would imagine that the main group, or the part that was being led by the insect guy… they got separated long before they were near Kaguya’s home, that is, at this point they must have been traveling for a few days… well, it may also be something more, but at this speed I’m going I know it won’t take that long to find them…’

Alexander was thinking while his body kept running, somewhat rustic movements, but very fast.

And he was also thinking about Kaguya’s disciple, at the shrine, and he really seemed to be so lazy to remember his name, that his brain had discarded almost all his information since Alexander had sent him to a special place.

Right now that guy should have his body in a coma, while his mind was experiencing the greatest horrors that could happen to someone….

At the same time, his Mind was concentrating on the Fourth Fortress, or mostly, on the Princess. Knight Maia. And he mentally sighed as although her story seemed somewhat complicated, she, like the other Princess Knights who had been chosen by Celestine Lucullus, the leader of the Seven Shields Alliance, was a good person, that is, a good woman, in Alexander’s own words.

Even, in the Hentai it could be seen that Maia had had some “feelings” for the scum of Volt, in the past, when he had saved her, Alexander certainly had his well-founded doubts about this.

Also, it was striking that just like the others, her fate had been very tragic, and Alexander was definitely going to change that.

He had seen Hentai in his past life, so he knew all too well what would happen if he had never made it here.

And he, though he didn’t have a hero complex, would save as many people as he could save himself.

Alexander, as he thought about this, chuckled a little at the thought that his resolution was a little bit similar to that of a certain orange-haired Shinigami Substitute, the protagonist of one of the best Shonen Anime, and one that Alexander would certainly visit. The mere thought of Rangiku Matsumoto, among others, one of the Waifus of that Anime, and a total Milf, made Alexander very eager to meet her. Of course, he was also going to travel to that world because of the strange powers there, scenery and all, yeah. Matsumoto’s big breasts, Milf Yoruichi’s slightly cheeky side, Nell’s Kawai as a child, and her sexuality in her adult stage, definitely didn’t have much to do with it, no.

‘Haaa, it’s no use thinking about this kind of random stuff right now, it’s better if I just concentrate on the road.’

Alexander shook his head a little, and concentrated on what he was doing.

Though the moment he realized what a mess he had made on his way, he sighed again, regulated the speed of his gait, and made his movements more refined so that they would not cause almost none of the destruction as before.

And while he could increase his speed innumerable times, he also had different ways of advancing, he had chosen to run, since this sensation he liked very much, at the same time that was completely sufficient.

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