IAIK Ch.52

Ch 52

Some time had passed.

Right now Alexander was still running very fast, but very smoothly.

Already the landscape had changed a few times and right now a very narrow road could be seen in the middle of a large meadow that stretched for miles.

Ahead, far in the distance in sight was the next forest.

Alexander, still on the move, looked at the ground in front of him, which was changing very quickly, where it was possible to find a few more human footprints, also some larger and some smaller.


“Speed x100.”

Alexander activated his Ability, and then, his speed grew 90 times more than what he was carrying at the moment.


He smashed the ground hard beneath his feet to accelerate his gait, leaving a crater that stretched like a spider’s web across the place.


He moved forward for a few minutes, a great and unknown amount of distance, he completely passed through the forest, and then, just as in the distance he saw the shades of a large group of individuals, along with a caravan of several vehicles being driven by magical beasts….

He stopped.

Human Area.

Alexander fully extended his ability, and when he focused on the figures that were registered, he could see them as if they were right in front of him.

Mercenaries, Ogres, a few Dark Elves, among others, though mostly the large number of Demons present there, demons of all sizes, shapes and colors.

Alexander then, already with a rather expressionless face, counted how many members of Kuroinu’s army were there.

552 Demons.

28 Dark Elves.

56 Ogres.

76 Orcs.

388 Humans.

‘This is the largest group I’ve encountered so far.’

Alexander thought as he counted 1100 individuals here.

‘Well, it doesn’t really matter if it’s more… they’ll all die anyway.’

Alexander then, with his base speed, which was so great that you couldn’t even detect his silhouette when in motion, disappeared from his position.


Shouted a man, dressed in a garb of one of the nobility, who was seated in the first carriage of the caravan ahead of the large group.

“Yes, sir!

He was answered by a fellow in mercenary’s clothes, who was walking beside the carriage.

“How long until we reach the Fourth Fortress?”

“Sir, since we’ve passed the Border Forest, there shouldn’t be much more to go before we reach the Fourth Fortress.”

“I see… I really preferred to attack the city where the Lady of Shine lives, but that damned Shamuhaza bastard had a deal with Vault-sama!”

The one who seemed to be of nobility said with quite a bit of hatred in his already very unpleasant voice. He really wanted to experience sticking his cock up the famous ass of a Shine Lady, but now he would have to wait a long time to do so.

“By the way, has it still haven’t figured out what those lights in the sky were a while back?”

After a few seconds, he asked his subordinate again.

“… No sir… I just hope it’s nothing m-malignant…”

The latter was trembling, as he was apparently very afraid of whatever it was that could cause such a phenomena. Even other members of the group who were nearby also trembled a little. This was really something that had never happened before.

“Hm, these times have been kind of weird, first it was the big rain that had hit the entire Region further back, and now this…. And have we heard from the First Fortress yet?”

The nobleman seemed somewhat puzzled by the situation, for although he himself had seen some very strange things, mainly at the hands of the Dark Elves and demons, he then asked about the first raiding party that had been sent towards the region of the humans.

In fact, this group had departed at about the same time the attack on the First Fortress had been, therefore they did not even know the state their leader was in at this time.

“We don’t have any news either, Sir, by this time we should have received the message from the Dark Elves over there.”

Spoke the subordinate as he referred to the Dark Elves having a rather strange magic, which allowed them to communicate over great distances. Although there were also some or other mages who could perform such a feat, it was much slower and ineffective than the way of the Dark Elves.

“This whole thing gives me the creeps… anyway, warn the others to pick up the pace a bit-? Hmm?”

The nobleman was telling his subordinate the order to quicken the pace and reach the Fourth Fortress by the dawn of the next day, for right now it was a little after noon, but at that moment…

He saw ahead, in the distance, a figure.

“A human?”

He asked again and some people around him also focused their gaze ahead.

“… I think it’s most likely a traveler, Sir.”

“Hmph, I don’t like travelers at all… hey, go and kill it.”

The nobleman snorted and moved towards a large blue Demon, who was standing on the other side of the carriage.


The demon laughed when he received this order, he began to stride towards the human being who was further ahead.

“Well, as I was saying, let the others know to pick up the pace, got it?”


The nobleman looked towards his subordinate as he did not receive an answer from the latter, but saw him looking straight ahead with terrified eyes.

Then he saw how the subordinate with a very trembling hand, pointed forward.

“Hmm? … But what… ?”

The nobleman hesitantly looked to where his subordinate and other members of the group were looking with the same expression on their faces, only to be shocked beyond belief at what his eyes were witnessing.

Like a hologram, Alexander suddenly appeared up ahead of the marching army.

He then stood still as he watched them silently, and was thinking about the best way to eliminate them.

Honestly, he had too many ways to do it, but still, for a moment….

He thought he could use one of his? secret moves, created by himself.

It was too… eccentric move, for that matter, but Alexander was curious as to how it would now that he had his Energy in a completely different quality.

Alexander made up his mind, and looked up at the large moving group to see with his more than excellent vision, as by the orders of apparently the leader of that caravan, a large blue colored Demon was heading towards himself with a strong thirst for blood.

‘So even without knowing who I am, they chose to kill a person they saw on the road…’

Alexander grimaced in disgust and then his face became even more expressionless.

Manifestation of Mind/Energy.

Slowly, his feet were lifted off the ground, through the skill, and within a few

seconds he was already about 100 feet in the air.

This act seemed to surprise some of the people in the caravan who had previously looked at him with an unclean smile but now they were all staring at him dumbfounded and also, somewhat terrified by what their eyes were seeing. Even the Demon was the same way.

But Alexander played it all down.

Human Area.

He noticed that for two kilometers around, there were almost no signs of life, as the forest was a little further away, since that’s where they were concentrated.

Then Alexander activated his most powerful ability.

Law of ???.

The only ability of his own race, and the one that didn’t need much more.

“Well, here goes…”

Alexander spoke softly and then he took a few breaths, got into the position to strike a blow downward, only with an open palm, then went on to say:

“Execution #64 of the Forbidden Techniques…”

At this moment…

Each and every one of Kuroinu’s group saw it….

They were covered with an enormous Cloak of Darkness, which did not allow them to see the light of the Sun.

They all looked up to the sky, almost as if by their own inertia… and the demons and Dark Elves who had better eyesight, managed to see something there…

Something of outrageous proportions….

“N-no…can it be…”

A Dark Elf fell to his knees on the ground, his eyes showing the true side of despair.

The sight his eyes witnessed was one as unreal as it was ridiculous, but it was there, he himself could see it…

Dark Elf with exactly the same expression on his face, was looking at the small figure of Alexander, with his open palm facing downward, and higher up in the sky….

Another huge palm that seemed to have no limits….

Alexander concentrated, then, spoke in a very powerful voice as he moved his hand….

“The Rage of the Daofather.”

Alexander lowered his hand, and with the same speed, he was lowering the colossal hand that seemed to have no end.






The gigantic Palm collided with the ground, obliterating everything in its path.

In an epic manner and proportions, the ground became unleveled while from the earth itself seemed to rise like waves of the sea that furrowed great distances…

All of this lasted for several long seconds….

Alexander: “…”

Even the caster of the Skill certainly did not expect something like this.

The resulting panorama seemed to be something out of an apocalyptic movie….

Alexander waited patiently for all this bizarre sight to end, and within two minutes, all of the movement, both flashy and minuscule, ceased….

The smoke also gradually dispersed.

It was possible to see for a huge footprint, which stretched and stretched for miles, and was of a human palm strongly rooted to the spot.

Alexander saw this and then changed his position.

He had already done so, and while it was not expected, then neither would it be so with the next technique which complemented the previous one.

This time, he placed his hands on his chest, as if he were holding something very precious and delicate to protect it.

“Execution #65 of the Forbidden Techniques…”

Swiftly, causing very strong winds all over the place, over Alexander and the colossal footprint of Palm below him…

Two translucent hands materialized, also huge, completely covering the area,

just in the same position as Alexander’s hands.

And once everything was very dark, because of the joining of the two hands, even though it was still daylight….

“The Grace of the Daofather.”

Alexander finished saying so that suddenly a white light illuminated the whole place.

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