IAIK Interlude 5

Interlude 5 Another Anecdote for Ka Kah.

(Wolf Ka bah dur-POV)

It had been a few days since then….

I still remember that it was the most disconcerting and terrifying thing I had ever seen in my life.

The being that could have done that must have been simply too horrible.


The herd started calling him…

The Disturbing Mover…

Yes, this was going to be another one of our pack’s great legends.

Other than that, everything went on as normal.


The Ripper Goat gave me a scary scar on my face….

Although my Wolfie thought it looked great.

This made me get my pride back a little.

Now without a big threat over us, we regained normalcy in the area.

Me and my brave Wolves continued to hunt more and more prey for the pack, and by day we just slept.

Although my She-wolf would look at me very kindly when I fell asleep in the living room with my belly up… very kindly…

The little Ka Kah seemed to have forgotten the forbidden words I had mentioned, for my She-Wolf took him into the cave for a few minutes, and when he came out he had forgotten them…

I have doubts as to how she did it, but being a good Wolf I keep quiet.

Also, we still had the occasional hiccup but we were fine.

On Saturdays, my Wolves and I still attended the Club we made.

There we talked about…


The wonders of our Wolves….

Or so they thought….

Then, tomorrow I would go out just to look for prey in another terrain.

I would always do it to enlarge the area where I had stepped, and our power would grow.

I drank a lot of water from the spring, for along the way I had to mark territory a few times.

“Pap tak car~”

My Wolfie said to me in a childish voice as he looked at me as if I was his idol.

He was the most beautiful little thing in the world.

And my She-wolf had too disinterested a look on his face….

She also looked rushed and annoyed….

Ohhh, she was still a little angry.

Well, nothing a good night won’t fix.

And then… I left.

I ran and ran quite a bit and was well past the area that the herd was familiar with.

From here, I acted very cautiously.

For one does not know what one might find.

A distant friend once told me that his uncle, Ku Elldoroh, had encountered a Goblin that had red eyes of such strong anger that they looked like lights from how intense they looked.

The thing was muttering (Humans… humans… humans… kill…), I still remember that everyone listening to the story in the Club, had their chicken coats on.

Me too, although I pretended I didn’t feel anything because I’m the Alpha.

In fact, my dad once taught me.

“Ka Bah, an Alpha always has to look powerful, even when he’s taking a shit, or when his She-wolf sees him sniffing other She-Wolves… get it?”

I couldn’t quite understand it there, but I did now, and I admired Father for smelling other She-Wolves…

If I did…


Cold sweat was running down my back just imagining it.

So no matter what happened, I had to look like an Alpha, that’s why even when I heard that story, even though my heart wanted to pound out of my chest, my face looked cold.

And there, the sound that the Alphas had as a special Ability began to sound.

*Dum* *Dum* *Dum* *Dum* *Dum*

The pack knew that this, was the sound of [The Bravery of an Alpha]….

Whenever the situation of something was too scary, the sound resembling someone banging on a Drum, would come from the Alpha.

The Wolves thought this was to give them Bravery and Courage in that situation…

But I knew that that was just me being scared shitless…

The other Alphas should have been the same…

I moved forward and forward while marking the territory already for a few times.

And when I was about to do it again, the moment I lifted my paw and turned around….


I saw a huge being, a giant snake that was there so quietly and unnoticed that it seemed to be part of nature.

It slightly stuck out its vipid tongue as it stared at me from ten feet away.


I froze completely and my heart wanted to tear the fur to get out of my chest…

I think I peed a little…

I was so terrified I thought I was going to pass out…


And when the big snake swiftly swooped down with its mouth open to devour me…..


A familiar metal rod pierced from top to bottom, through the snake’s mouth.


And it wedged itself very tightly into the ground….

Now only the bloody corpse of the great serpent remained there, and it was in the same position as before…

“Spooky Spooky Spooky Spooky Spo…”

I quickly ran away, in tears and snot, as far away from that place as I could.

Not only did I see this big, scary Snake today, but I also ran into the Mover again.



I just wanted to cry at how unlucky I was to encounter this kind of beings and right now I just wanted to be in the cave.

‘The outside is Terrifying.’


In fact, by the time Ka Bah Dur arrived at his cave, the story he told was that he defeated the Disturbing Mover and mortally wounded him, though he fled in the end.

Also that he encountered a giant snake and frightened it so much that it simply crawled away in terror at the sight of him.

Little Ka Kah had stars in his eyes and the She-wolf, though a bit suspicious, still smiled at him.


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