IAIK Interlude 6

Interlude 6… Kakegurui Fanfic…

It was a normal day at Asora.

Everything was fine and all was right.

You couldn’t see it because of how huge it was, and even as it was slowly growing, but Asora was definitely surrounded by the familiar white Dimensional space in all directions.

It was like an Island-World dwelling in nothingness, and in fact, it was quite strange, since neither in the 12 Planes-….


Well, in Asora itself it was quite quiet.

There were no animals or insects of any kind, it was just nature at its peak of health.

The large, green trees that were bursting with vitality had their leaves shining and swaying slightly in the wind in the place.

It was daytime and it even felt warm without the sun.

There was Nothing Mansion there as it was next to a Dojo and other smaller buildings.

Currently, Alexander was in the pool, or out of it as he lay in a full body chair.

He was alone as he had gotten up early and happened to do this.

In fact, right now he was only wearing Boxers created by him this morning.

Every day he had to make them since he assumed that Chloe took them, and he thought…. what for? It was a safe passage to…


But hey, right now he was just lazily lying here from the quiet.

But that wasn’t the situation elsewhere.

Dining room. At the head table.

The atmosphere was tense.

Olga was taking longer than usual to shuffle the cards and this put pressure on the opponents.

Prim had an angelic look on her face as she held 2 cards.

Alicia had a slightly stressed and desperate look on her face but was trying to look calm.

Olga: “Here goes, place your bets…”

Olga mentioned and finished shuffling, then pulled 3 cards from the deck and revealed them.

Alicia saw the cards, and noticing that she had a three of a kind, she made a victory pose inside.

She looked at her opponent’s face.

Prim looked rather sad to see the cards on the table, but still made a somewhat strong bet.

Alicia: “Hmm, I bet 10 Tickets.”

Alicia mentioned to raise the bet very greatly, while inwardly she was pleased with herself and apologized to Imouto in her mind.


Alicia: “W-what?”

Alicia saw that Olga looked at her as if disappointed, and Prim looked at her the same.

Prim: “Haaaa Onee-sama, it’s okay…. I’ll bet the last of Pepp-chan…”

She said sadly and pulled a little pink piggy out of storage in her Ring.

She opened the zipper and took 10 tickets from there.

The little pig seemed to have suddenly become much skinnier, as if it had gone 1 year without food.

And she put it back into storage.

Alicia watched this with pity, but she couldn’t be fooled by her little Imouto, the latter was too much of a cheat in everything. Besides, there was too much at stake.


Olga watched all this, and laughed with her characteristic naughty cat smile as she watched.

Currently they were all in pajamas, while the dining room table was being used for this poker game. There were even a few boxes of juice boxes on the side and other knick-knacks.

They were playing a secluded and small version of Texas Hold’em right now.

Olga then, seeing that they already bet, drew another card and revealed it.

Alicia began to dance in her mind, as she now had a full Poker in her hand, that is to say, a quartet, while her face remained the same, and she bet again with 3 more tickets.

Prim looked sadder, but still determined, and matched Alice’s bet.

‘I’m sorry, Prim. But I must win right now, Olga already stole too much from me…’

Alicia apologized to Prim in her mind, while feeling a little sorry for her poor Imouto.


Olga seemed to really enjoy the faces and reactions her sisters from the

Harem, and giggled to herself.

She drew the last card, relieved her, and then waited to see the outcome.

Alicia saw that she was all in, with Poker, and she raised the bet with the last of her remaining money, with 2 more tickets.

Prim saw this and then, she made a complicated face, then resigned, and then sighed as she called the bet again.

“Sorry Prim-chan, but I won.”

Alice spoke with unprecedented satisfaction in her voice and revealed her hand.

Prim saw this and said:

“Haaaa Alicia Onee-sama, indeed, I’m sorry…”

Prim sighed and said to Alicia as she revealed her cards herself.

Alicia saw that she had a Straight Flush, and she was surprised.

“But… I win! Hahahahahaha!”

Prim said and started jumping all over the place as she smiled happily and slightly teased Alicia with various gestures.

Olga just knew it would end up like this, and she laughed a little too.

Alicia: “Prim… Damn you! Didn’t you tell me Hakuna Matata before! Come here!”

Prim: “Hahahahahahaha, Hakuna Matata is for kids, you have to catch me, onee-sama~ But I’m taking my tickets, hahahaha.”

Prim replied to Alicia as she shamelessly teased her, then quickly took her

Tickets and disappeared from the place leaving behind a small dust cloud.

Alicia just kept yelling at her and ran after the naughty little Imouto she had.

Olga just drank the soda while having a great time.

“All of you, breakfast is ready…. But what happened here… Olga-sama?”

Chaia appeared in her costume while holding a ladle in her hand and warning the others, though she saw the ooze in the room and asked as behind her came a faint Hanya from a Japanese Tengu, and at that moment, Olga felt the true terror….

Time had passed and presently Alexander was in the same place as before, but now there was a small and pink difference, yes, he had Prim, who was wearing a white Bikini which highlighted her breasts, clinging and lying on him like a cat, while humming, apparently very happy.

He didn’t know what was going on or why she was so happy, but he played it down and kept stroking her head.


She was just turning into a clump in his hands.

“Grrr, Prim… cheater! That’s unfair!”

Alice was saying as she resigned herself and looked away, towards the pool, but she couldn’t interfere, since Prim had used 2 of the [One Hour Alone with Alexander] tickets…

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