C.C. Ch.30

First time having sex with Lulu♡

“An♡ Aha♡ Oh♡ Ngu…♡ I’m having sex with Yuri♡”

“Does it feel good to have sex for the first time?”

“Yes♡… feels really good♡”

Late at night, before the village festival the next day, I was having sex with Lulu. She was lying on her back on the bed in the empty house where I was staying, in the missionary position, with her legs open as if she really wanted to, accepting my cock inside her.

Here’s the story so far. It’s the day before the village festival and I tell Lulu that I’m going to give her one last massage. And that I have a better massage in mind.

Then she chooses to stay at my place of stay to receive my massage until midnight to make the last spurt. I brought her a sleepover set and started to make her body more excited in the morning with a massage that was more moist than usual. I don’t forget to use sweet words to get Lulu’s heart pumping as well.

After spending a lot of time melting her heart, she was still lying on the bed on her back with her legs open and her face looking very happy. I straddled Lulu’s body and placed my penis on her pussy in the missionary position.

“It’s… no good…”

Lulu weakly utters a few words of resistance towards me, but she does not make any physical resistance. She’s stuck with her legs wide open in temptation, maintaining a position that makes it easy for her pussy to accept my penis.

Instead, her body wanted to have sex. Her body wanted to be fucked, and Lulu was desperately trying to resist with her mind.

“But it feels so good, doesn’t it?”


Lulu’s feelings flow in the wrong direction at my mind-blowing words, and she gasps in anticipation. Come on, one more push.

“When you get tied up with Pokko, you can pretend it’s your first time.”

“What? Pretend it’s my first time?”

At my unexpected suggestion, she replies with a puzzled look on her face.

“Yes. Besides, it’s definitely better to practice sex like this from now on. It’s not unusual for the first time to go wrong and end up in an awkward situation. If it’s Pokko and LuLu, LuLu will have to lead Pokko, right? Is Lulu okay with her first sex being a disaster?”

“…I don’t like that.”

“That’s right. Besides, you know. It’s really fun to do it like this.”

Nupo♡ Nupo♡

When I told her that, I moved my penis slightly back and forth against Lulu’s vaginal hole, sliding it in and out about an inch from the entrance to her pussy. Her already throbbing vaginal hole sucked on my glans with a wistful twitch, and her vaginal canal began to spill out the love juices that had built up inside.

Nupo♡ Nupo♡

“Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Yuri♡ Oh, my god♡”

Lulu gasps sadly, and the pseudo-sex with me undeniably increases her mind’s anticipation for the real act. Her brain remembers how good it feels to have a man’s penis in her pussy. Then Lulu will want this again. Just one more breath.

“Hey Lulu. Let’s have a little sex, shall we?”

I quickly stopped the pistoning motion that I was making in small increments, tempting Lulu even more by making her impatient. Little by little, her rational mind collapsed. Lulu’s eyes were moist as she sat on the bed with her legs open, looking up at me.

“I’m going to make you feel so good, Lulu.”

The moment she heard my words, her eyes became dim and cloudy with anticipation of more pleasure.


As a final touch, I gave my cock a push against her vaginal hole. Lulu’s pussy tightens up as she wants my cock to enter her quickly. Her love juices dripped onto the bed sheets. Lulu’s cunt was already at the end of its patience.

Lulu shyly held her mouth with her right hand, struggling to hide her heated breathing from me. She was breathing hard, and her eyes became even darker and murkier as the act of having a penis attached to her pussy wore on.

When the time was right, I forced Lulu to make a final choice. This is where I will corrupt her.

“Can’t I be the first?”

A moment of silence passed in the darkened room. Only her ragged breathing, troubled, echoed in the room at night.

Furu♡ Furu♡

Her moist eyes shake her head from side to side in affirmation. Finally, Lulu has fallen.

“I’m going to put it in, okay?”


Lulu shook her head vertically at my words. Her mind changed from a pure warrior to a female. I’m sorry, Pokko. I was the one who got her virginity.



I didn’t hesitate to push my cock into Lulu’s wet pussy. Her vagina was hot, and her squishy vaginal walls became throbbing and entwined with my cock as it burrowed inside her. The sensation of penetration was the best I’ve ever felt. And as I slowly buried myself inside Lulu, the tip of my cock hit her hymen.

“Look, can you feel my cock against Lulu’s hymen?”


“Now Lulu is a grown woman. You’re going to be more beautiful from now on, Lulu.”


“You’re about to have sex with me for the first time. What do you want to say to Pokko?”

“Don’t say…♡”

“No. Tell me properly.”

“…Pokko. I’m sorry…♡ I’m having sex with Yuri from now on♡”

Lulu, whose mind had been trained by me, spoke lewdly as if it were a matter of course. Hearing her words, I cast a contraceptive spell on Lulu’s body.

“I can use the magic of contraception. This way, Lulu can have sex with peace of mind.”


Lulu’s face changed from that of a young girl anxious to have sex for the first time to that of a female drowning in lust the moment she realized that she didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant. It was a wonderful change.

“So, let’s have sex now. I want you to feel so good.”

“Ufufu♡… Make me feel good♡”

Chupu♡ Chupu♡

Forgetting about Pokko, I kissed Lulu, who had become a woman on the bed. Now that our relationship has changed from just massaging each other’s bodies, she accepts my kisses as a matter of course and latches onto my tongue with her whole mouth as if she’s devouring it. Now I’ve got Lulu’s first kiss too.


And in no time at all, Lulu’s hymen is broken by my cock. She was in pain at first, but when I used my potion creation skills to ooze a potion from my penis into her vagina, the wound healed and she was ready to accept the extraction.

Nupo♡ Nupo♡

“Does it feel good to have sex for the first time?”

“Yeah♡… It feels so good♡”

And so our first time having sex began.

That day, Lulu and I continued to have sex until morning, and after a short nap, we were awakened by the noise of a festival in the distance.

“No! I have to hurry!”

Hearing this, Lulu hurriedly began to prepare to leave. She was going to see Pokko. She hurriedly changed out of the clothes she had worn while having sex with me and into the fancy clothes she had brought to take Pokko out on a date. With my semen still in her pussy.

“Hey Lulu. Can you give me oral?”

I lie down on the bed on my back and ask her for a favor.

“What? By mouth, you mean you do that too?”

The naive Lulu was taken aback, not knowing that there was such an act between a man and a woman. I went on to explain more to her.

“Yes. Just like Lulu used her pussy to make me cum yesterday, now she’s going to use her mouth to lick and suck my dick and stimulate it. Please, Lulu.”

“Oh, my God! I’m in a hurry! I can’t help it…”

Lulu is obedient and licks my cock. Since yesterday, having a physical relationship with me has become a normal thing in her mind. That’s a good sign.

I used my potion creation skills to make Lulu’s nose and mouth suck in a lot of the estrus that was released as steam from my cock. Lulu, who had gone into heat while licking my cock, made a heart mark in her eyes and started sucking on my cock like crazy!

…Ham♡… Rero♡… Ham♡… Kupu♡

“Lulu. It feels so good.”

“Really?… Ham♡… Amu♡… Rero♡”

I’m going to pour my first load of semen into Lulu’s mouth as she sucks my cock with a delicious snort.

Topu♡ Topu♡

“Lulu. Take it all in your mouth.”


Lulu looked surprised to see the warm semen suddenly shoot into her mouth from the tip of the penis she had been licking and sucking, but when I said the words, she looked curious and started to taste the first oral ejaculation a man had ever done to her!


“Yuri♡… is full of cum♡”

“Lulu. Drink it.”

“Ah, mumu… Kokuri♡”

The first time Lulu had semen poured into her mouth, she got teary-eyed and pulled her mouth away from my penis, but she was healthy enough to accept my request. Now that Lulu is in heat and has licked and sucked the semen, her body must be tingling. Now, let’s go corrupt her.

“Yu, Yuri♡”

Lulu’s eyes are filled with a heart mark as she stares at me with a sad look in her eyes. I ignored her and quickly put my penis away and called out to her to take me outside.

“Thank you, Lulu. Go ahead and do it!”

“That’s right…”

Lulu’s wolf ears, which had been expecting me to do something for her, nodded sadly with a shrug. Well, one more breath.

I wallop Lulu, blowing on her startled, taut wolf ears as I deliver the final blow.

“What’s wrong, Lulu? Is there something you want me to do?”

Lulu was cornered against the wall, cowering weakly like a little girl, her face turned away from me and her eyes squeezed shut.

“Do you want me to touch you here, by any chance?”

I pulled up her skirt, which she had dressed up for the meeting with Pokko, and reached into the underwear Lulu had chosen. Lulu’s pussy was hot and flushed, and already wet with love juice.

“Oh, my God…♡”

Lulu mumbles helplessly as my fingers play with her crack, but it’s easy to tell that these are empty words and that she really wants me to touch her pussy more. Checkmate already.

“If not, we’re done.”

When I do something nasty to corrupt Lulu, she casts her eyes down like a child who has been left to her own devices. Lulu’s wolf ears closed again with a shrug.

“I’m sorry I was mean to you.”

I hug Lulu’s body and decide to corrupt her heart.

“Lulu. Will you be my woman?”


She’s hesitating. Almost there.

“When you’re my woman, Lulu, you’ll always feel as good as you did yesterday.”


Lulu’s heart shook as her rutting body reminded her of yesterday’s sex, and she swallowed her saliva.

“Here, touch me.”

I took Lulu’s trembling right hand and guided it to my fig. The moment her hand touches my crotch, Lulu starts to fondle my cock, as if she’s loving what she’s always wanted. Her nostrils are raspy with anticipation and excitement.

“So, do you want to think about it while we fuck? It’s not too late for you to have sex with me and then head to Pokko’s.”


Chupa♡ Chupa♡

I kiss Lulu, and she kisses me back hungrily. Lulu’s body is in heat, and she’s more aggressive than yesterday, wanting my cock in her tingling pussy as soon as possible.

This is how Lulu is going to drown in sex with me.

Nupo♡ Nupo♡

“I’m sorry Pokko♡ Yuri’s cock, it feels so good♡… Ah♡ I’ll go soon after the sex with Yuri♡… Wait for me Pokko♡… Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ I’m cumming♡”

Lulu, who was in the missionary position on the bed with her legs spread open and engrossed in sex with me, was looking up at the ceiling with her eyes clouded with pleasure and mumbling something to herself the whole time.

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