IAIK Ch.53

Ch 53


Alexander shook his hands to clean himself, nodded to himself, and then turned backwards to start walking.

Behind him…

As if the mass destruction that had occurred a little earlier had been something fake or surreal, lay a very pleasant place.

The grass and the few trees here and there, the flowers on the ground and the clouds passing by softly, while in the distance was the forest.

Yes, just as if absolutely nothing had happened here.

Alexander walked, and internalized to himself what had happened.

In the end, he thought he went a bit overboard with the method by which he completely eliminated that division of Kuroinu, but that was only because for a moment he could feel that it would be very cool to be able to let out

one of his secret moves…

Especially now that his Energy was more powerful.

And while, all of those moves weren’t so… so… over the top, at least most of them… each one had a large part of Alexander’s Otaku Heart mixed in with it.

For example, this move, “The Rage of the Daofather”, was one of the several Forbidden Techniques Alexander had created, and naturally, “The Grace of the Daofather”, was the counterpart, in order to, in a more… civilized way, be able to fix all the mess that the first would leave behind.

Alexander recalled how he came up with the idea of such a dominant technique….

And although it took certain aspects of different characters or techniques from many series, such as, for example, Netero from the Hunter x Hunter Anime, or even Park Mujin, from the manga The God of Highschool, certainly and mainly, it was based on an action performed by one of Wang Ling’s enemies, which is the MC of the great novel, Xian Ni, or Renegade Immortal.

Alexander had a memory that he completely remembered all the details of everything, in addition to that even of earlier in his past life, when he was reading this novel, he was very impressed by this action of Patriarch All Seer, or All Seer, who literally destroyed an entire World, just by the materialization of his own hand, with his power.

Alexander recreated this technique, only in a much smaller proportion. Smaller than the one he had launched a few minutes ago.

And as the few times he used it in Asora, he almost destroyed the entire place, small with little more than 200 meters, because he also created another technique that practically and cleanly, fixed the disaster. Even this served for different things, not only to clean up the mess left by the previous Technique….


Alexander sighed a little, patted his cheeks, and continued on his way.

He re-activated the same speed he was initially carrying, and in approximately 10 minutes, 43 seconds, after running an unknown number of kilometers….

He finally caught sight of the walls of the Fourth Fortress.

He realized at once that they were somewhat different from the others he had visited, as they were not as high or as sophisticated, but were exactly as one would expect to see from a Fortress in medieval times.

Clean up.

Human Area.

Alexander stopped, used his Instant Bathing Sub-skill, and then already feeling better, then deployed an intangible and invisible barrier that surrounded the entire Fortress of only about 4 kilometers in diameter.

The Barrier was exactly the same as the one Alexander had left in the other cities, a barrier of many things, and specifically, of alertness.

Then, as usual…

He disappeared.

“… this way, the lesson is over.”

Olga touched her glasses she was wearing a little, and spoke with a smile.

Prim: “Ohhh~ That’s amazing Olga-Oneesama!”

Chaia: “I certainly never thought that the rice cooker could be so complicated, I usually don’t get the chance to cook much, since Master always does it, but it is very good to know for the future.”

Alicia: “That’s true.”

Alicia, like Chloe, also nodded at Chaia’s words, and Prim was only prettily


Olga: “Well, this is one of the basic things that is necessary to know about living in a modern society, or in Anata’s World, especially because we are his Wives~ And I had to repeat the class, since Kagu-chan is new to this place, so what did you think, Kagu-chan~?”

Kaguya: “… I don’t have words… I had already been told something about this, but still, so many choices when cooking rice, so many ways… it’s… amazing.”

She was completely amazed, even, she was already like this for a long time, since she came to Asora. So many new things, like the bath she had previously had with her Husband, and now the class Olga-sama was giving her, amazed her beyond what she ever thought.

Olga: “Hehe~ Let you read the Mangas, I already want to see your face, ufufufu~”

Kaguya: “Mangas?”

Kaguya had a question mark on her head.

Olga: “Well, we’ll do that another time, now let’s go take a bath~”

Olga said as she thought about how it must be a short time before her Master would be back, or at least, this was the amount of time it more or less took for him to arrive.

Prim: “Yey~”

She made a little jump, while all the others looked at her with amusement, and in the case of Alicia, also a little helplessly.

Kaguya: “Hai!”

Kaguya was also very excited, because she really liked the bath here, since her Husband himself had taught her all those amazing things there.

Olga: “Ara ara~”

After a while of bathing between the girls, with very dangerous ecchis scenes there, so that if Alexander were present, they would turn into hentai scenes, they were all in the main room of Nothing Mansion, on the second floor of the middle building.

Dressed in white robes that left much to be desired, as they each relaxed in their own sitting or reclining on different seats.

From time to time they made occasional small talk, but in general everything was shrouded in a comfortable silence.

Or at least, it was until….


They all heard a very cute, if somewhat odd sound, they looked in that direction to see that it was it was Prim, or more specifically, her hair.

Prim: “Hmm?”

Just like the others, Prim looked up and saw her hair, pointing toward the door energetically.

A few seconds passed, and when Prim realized what was going on, she jumped up and stood up very excitedly in one swift movement.

Prim: “Alex-sama is here!”

The girls were surprised by Prim’s strange method of detection, as not even Olga or Chloe, who were Dark Elves with very keen senses, couldn’t detect anything, although quickly each of them smiled.

“I-…. hmm?”

Alexander walked through the door, and just as he was about to greet them all, a very familiar pink blob, bumped against his chest.

“Hello, Prim.”

Alexander spoke to this very cute being that was all over himself at the moment, as he began to stroke her head.

Prim: “Welcome, Alex-sama~!”

“””Welcome, Husband/Anata/Danna-sama~”””

The girls all smiled at him at the same time.

Alexander: “…”

He saw how each of them were dressed, and was speechless as his Sharingan activated completely naturally.

And then…

For several hours…

In the vicinity of the Nothing Mansion in Asora, it was possible to hear some very… lewd sounds, that even if the Moon herself were witnessing them, she too would be embarrassed.

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