IAIK Ch.54

Ch 54

Right now.

Again I was in front of the large lake located not far from the Mansion.


And it had been two weeks since I had arrived at the Fourth Fortress, after destroying Kuroinu’s army on the way. And already at this point, it didn’t really mean much to me, I mean, it’s more like I thought I was just eliminating an evil that needed to be eliminated. That easy. Like some kind of Insecticide or something. Without any kind of guilt.

Like the others, it didn’t take long for Kaguya to find her place here in Asora.

Though mainly, this was due to the good relationship they had with each other. And well, with me.

I have to admit that it was a really nice thing to watch her reactions while she was reading different Mangas, or watched Animes, even most of the times when she did this, my hand would get out of control and end up caressing her or patting her head, and since she seemed to really like it, I just kept on doing it.


I also realized that Kaguya, despite being a very formal person, was also someone who was very Hikikomori. I mean, she really liked to be inside the place that she herself considered her home, as she did in Asora. Although it was like that, since the World was practically hers, being my Wife.

Her Status, when I first analyzed her, was this.

[*Name: Kaguya.

Race: Human.

Job: Princess Knight, Priestess.

Vitality: 52.

Strength: 3.

Magic: 8.]

Just like the others in the first time, she really had the status of almost a normal human, the only special thing there, the Magic that apparently she had awakened.

And well, because she herself trained the spells and sealing of the people of her village or perhaps because of the strange physique that she and all the other Princess Knights possessed, it is that her Magic had turned out to be greater than Prim, the first time I checked her Status.

Of course, I also granted her the Magic Training Techniques, and the different abilities that the rest of my Wives had, although since she didn’t ask me for them herself, I haven’t given her any special skills so far, and during this course, to say that she changed… is to say little.

For she herself experienced the effects of Goddess Body Yin, her body became more perfect, and naturally… more voluminous.

Her big F-cup breasts became a big G, but her butt….

Ok, I’m honest, I know I have a huge obsession with big butts, and well, with bulky girls in general… but… but it’s just….

That ass…

Anyway, to the great doubt of mine, somehow, Kaguya’s small body was able to have an attack power so great that it even… rivaled that of Chaia’s, and after Kaguya lost her initial shyness… I must say that the sight of the two of them, stark naked on the bed, in the doggy position… was such that my nose felt like a broken fountain at that moment…


And actually, these days I’ve noticed one thing… The chills I feel every now and then, I kind of feel them more often, a little bit unusual, but well, this was something normal, besides that there are few things in this World… or in any World… that could harm me, so, with this attitude, I always play it down.


A mentality that if not the epitome of idiocy, is the epicenter of brilliance.

I was also a little worried about Prim, this little Wife of mine was becoming more spoiled by the minute, although, much to my amusement, even at times, she knew how to mix her maturity with her spoiled side, that is, an odd union indeed, but an interesting one.

And although her kinky side was only increasing, this was a fact that definitely didn’t bother me at all, as I always kept up with her, and oh my god, she could be really very enthusiastic, that little body was full of energy, and well… also of “me” Energy…


It was also a lot of fun to watch Prim train, especially when she tried to imitate different characters from the Anime, like, the Avatar, or she would blatantly use some of those plagiarized attacks.

And even me and the other girls, the observers, were having fun.

By this day, Prim’s Status, which had changed the most, went like this.

[*Name: Prim Fiorire.

Race: Human.

Job: Knight Princess, Mage Apprentice.

Vitality: 58.

Strength: 8.

Magic: 142.

*List of Skills:

-Magic Training Technique (92% of Mastery).

-Goddess Yin Body (EX).

-Cleanse (EX).

-Protection (EX).

-Elemental Magic (54% of Mastery)].

And one of the main things about her, was that she had gotten the job, or the title of Apprentice Mage, and while this wasn’t the direct title, it was close enough, it was also the reason why her Magic greatly increased by about 80 points.

The Magical Training Technique I gave her had a 50% increase, and she was close to mastering it, at that time I believed she would get the job of Mage.

And although slower, she also advanced a lot with Elemental Magic, about 42 points.

Her Vitality naturally increased about 6 Stats points, and her Strength only increased by 1.

She was on her way to being a great Mage, and she even promised herself to surpass Olga sometime, and Olga she… childishly challenged her.

Alicia lately has been much calmer, or more relaxed, one might say, since we all noticed that somehow she began to enjoy “everything” a little more. She was no longer as self-conscious as she was before.

She never skipped training, but in her free time she would do different things that were looser or softer.

Although I must also say that her sexuality and her feminine spirit were definitely having an explosive increase these days. And this meant that when we were alone there was a much more…Husband and Wife atmosphere….

And just like Prim, her status increased, but it remained without much difference.

Chaia just continued as usual, as the Maid of the Mansion.

Although apparently, some Animes over there, taught her somewhat… naughty things, which she always experimented on me.

And her body and M mind, were also learning new things.

A very interesting fact, is that I didn’t even know myself that I had a sadistic side inside of me,

I mean, at least to my way of seeing things, I was always very gentle, but when I was with Chaia, this dominant side that I had deep inside me, came out and showed all its splendor, and well, the only and main reason why I didn’t avoid it, was because Chaia herself accepted it, and what a way…

I had only recently discovered this, even though I had been like that before, I always thought I was just adopting a role.

I always thought I was just adopting a role, but I realized… it was reality… it was real that I had a Maid, a Milf with an explosive, masochistic body, who liked to take care of me in every possible way… being extremely similar to one of the most beloved characters in the Anime…

And naturally I couldn’t be happier myself.

It even reminded me, at times, of one of the best Hentais I had ever seen in my past life, of course… just because of the story…

It was called Victorian Maid Maria no Houshi… and I realized that even without having seen it…. Chaia was making movements very similar to Maria-san…

No kidding.

I don’t know if Chaia saw that Hentai or what, but she was attending to both me and my little brother in that same way, it was heavenly to fall asleep with her sucking my penis, and wake up in the same way….

I was so satisfied in a way I didn’t think was possible, and apparently seeing me like that was great for Chaia as well. Not only that, but even her main Ability, Maid Slave, was leveled up in this way.

And just because of the fact that she trained little, her Status hadn’t changed much either.

Haaa, I may sound a bit vainglorious, but I really like this. My life.

One thing that changed a bit, is Olga’s attitude.

I mean, she was becoming more Milf than she already was. I didn’t know what the change was about, or the reason, it was just happening.

Me, I didn’t think that something like that was possible, as she was already quite Milf, before, but now….

Now every time I looked at her for too long we just ended up in the bedroom….

She was becoming a bit irresistible to me….

It was a slightly abrupt change.

And although I’m not sure, I think this was due to her becoming much more accepting of herself.

She always had this complex that she was a person who had lived too long, and that she’d become too old, but… as she made this strange but very welcome change that happened to her, all of this only seemed to increase her pheromones even more than they already were.

I myself attributed it to her Race, as Elves truly were quite eccentric, beautiful and unique. Although it could also be because I had been talking to her a lot lately, mostly about things that weren’t relevant, but were nice to talk about. I would tell her stories, and she would do the same to me.

I don’t know to what extent the love I feel for these women will ever stop, but as long as they are happy, I will be happy.

I was becoming more of a Wife-con than I already was.

Even this kind of thing made me think a lot about different issues regarding… parenting.

And it’s something I couldn’t help it, because her mature woman charm made me think about it, again and again, as I was even afraid to ask her if this was something she wanted, when most likely yes…

Chloe didn’t experience many changes either, only that she started to train more together with Alicia, and do other things together.

And in fact, even though it was something more planned by myself than anything else, once I found myself watching TV together with them, each one on my side…

I put on the episode of the Anime KissxSis, an extremely ecchi Anime, where the MC performs a rather perverted game with his two game with his two sisters, which consists of passing a tapioca, or a seed, from mouth to mouth between them, with the MC right between them.

It goes without saying, but Chloe watching that, looked like a ripe tomato, and Alicia looked like a regular tomato, how red they were, a fact that amused me.

And when I solicited the idea, although very shy, they both accepted….

Which naturally ended up in a kind of situation….

And when Chaia came and saw the mess made in the living room, just before she could say anything, I kissed her and also lured her into our Love section…


A perfect evening. In my words.

And here I decided to do this kind of thing, or Anime ecchi scenes, more often.

It was amazing how much kinky potential this had….

The Japanese were really scary people…

Many other things also happened, in these wonderful days, but mainly they seemed like Honeymoon days, by God, every moment I spent with my Wives was like that.

It was kind of weird, since for example, Alicia was always a person to be doing something, like working in management or even training, but she definitely liked it these days.

It was the same with Olga, with Chloe, with all the others, really every moment we shared together could be worthy of being called “And they lived happily ever after”.

But this much I knew.

This was far from being the end.


Events like, different adventures with Prim, shows I was giving with my skills, Chaia’s discovery of the Anime’s Maid, whole hours watching different Series, Movies, and so on, Kaguya’s discovery of the history of Japan, celebrating Banana Smoothie days, spending time in the pool, holding small and childish contests, recreating the Yu-gi-oh dueling discs with my Skill, using artifacts created in the same way by my Skill, from Virtual Reality, testing different theories of the stories…

All these were just some of the things we did between all of us these days.

I stretched a bit, and then sat down on the ground.

I looked at the big Lake in front of me, and sat in a Zen, or meditation, position, with my legs crossed and my arms in another specific position.

Then, I closed my eyes.

Quickly a whole impressive range of colors surrounded my extrasensory sight.

Unlike the vision I encountered in the Hentai Kuroinu World, here the colors were very fine and oozed elegance.

Almost like a 4K view of the auroras that roamed the place.

And of course, all this was my Energy, dispersed.

I spent a few minutes in that position, and then woke up slightly as I thought about different things.

Although I was a lover of the Bow, and had even tried the Training method of MC of Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu, Makoto Fukasumi, which consisted of the extreme concentration of one’s consciousness on the arrow and the target he was aiming to hit, to the point that missing was not an option… unfortunately, this had not worked for me.

That is to say, in this State the MC would completely pour his Mana into the arrow, and when he released it, and it hit the target, during all this journey, there were a series of events in which even the MC’s life was put at risk, but what this provoked was the duplication of his Mana when he came out of this extreme cycle of training, and well, it was really difficult for me to put myself in such a risk, or even to be in a life or death situation.

Although I certainly couldn’t talk, as did my same crazy experiments… almost killed me more than once, only each one was completely worth it…

I adjusted my position on the grass a bit, to make it more pleasant.

I was also thinking a lot about the Gacha….

The window of the Lottery Wheel, in my State, stated very clearly that there was only one day left, to remove the countdown, and where I could use it again, and in a way, I was very excited about it.

I swore to myself that whatever would come out, it would be good.

My Otaku soul was dancing at this point, as the Multiversal Gacha was always one of the desires I wanted the most, even when I was just a normal human.

And indeed, I also thought about the days that had passed, and how soon Kuroinu would strike again.

I don’t know when it would be, but judging by the fact that none of my alarms had not been activated, or by the long distance that existed between each Stronghold, I knew it wouldn’t be anytime soon.

Only that I would be visiting the Fourth Fortress tomorrow or the day after anyway.

And a little earlier, I would be activating the Gacha, something even my Wives, wanted to see.

A little time passed, and then I got up to shake out my clothes a bit.

I really like to be with my wives a lot, but this kind of alone time is very nice too.


‘… Oh wow, this is the fourth time today.”

I said that to myself as I walked towards the shores of the lake. I quickly didn’t follow through though.

I looked at the small boat in front of me, on the land, and climbed into it.


After a few small movements, and with Telekinesis, I gently propelled it further out into the lake, and I lay back down inside it.

This is something I became very fond of, as well as Golf, and it was only because of a memory I had from a great novel, Desolate Era.

The MC, Ji Ning, used to do the same thing at different times in the novel, to clear his mind, or even have breakthroughs in Cultivation, and indeed, I admit that it is a very satisfying thing to do, although unfortunately I haven’t seen any signs of a breakthrough…

The gentle rocking of the boat, the occasional sound of the water, the sky directly in front of you, and mainly the very comfortable silence that felt so comfortable… were truly wonderful.

I relaxed quite a bit, and closed my eyes, to gradually drift off to sleep.

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