IAIK Ch.55

Ch 55

At this moment, Alexander was in a dream.

And it was a rare occurrence, as someone of his capabilities, naturally wouldn’t.

Although it was partly suspected that it was because of the same self-sense of Humanity that Alexander had…

Anyway, it was something rare, but not impossible.

“Munyuu munyuu~”

“No, I told you, at that moment Ross and Rachel were taking a breather.”

There was the surreal image, of Alexander talking to a Slime who had the Outfit, or the costume of the Jack Sparrow character… the infamous most lazy and selfish yet funniest pirate of the Caribbean Sea… (TN : Sad Johnny Depp won’t be in those movies anymore.)

While discussing Ross and Rachel’s relationship, from the best comedy Series in the World, Friends.


It was an understatement to say.


Alexander made a sullen face and looked at the Slime.

“Good grief, you can’t be reasoned with!”

The Slime snorted smugly.


“Alright…alright, I give up…sigh.”

Alexander thought this boy had too powerful a lip, and gave up with a sigh.


“Huh? No, not yet. I was thinking more about something else.”

Alexander responded somewhat off guard with the psychoanalytical question Slime asked him.



Alexander was a little startled by how angry the Slime was, but then suddenly the gelatinous companion grew bigger than himself, and directly… shoved Alexander’s head inside him.

Alexander tried to speak but no words would come out, and he could only feel this soft mass surrounding his whole head…

Alexander slowly opened his eyes, as he woke up from his sleep.

‘Oh, that was kind of weird…. hmm?’

He sweat a little at how… unusual his dream had been, but eventually something caught his attention.

Yes, he felt a soft, familiar sensation in his hands, and on his face.

Without opening his eyes, Alexander tried to squeeze her…

*Piko* *Piko* *Piko*

“Hmmm~ Anata~ Ecchi~”

Alexander opened his eyes and saw that he was lying on top of Olga, she looked at him and said:

“Good morning~”

Alexander answered her:

“Good morning Olga, you are the best pillow I ever felt.”

He said to his heart’s content, his favorite place was definitely Olga’s Oppais.

“Ufufufu~ Thank you, Master.”

She blushed a little.

Alexander: “By the way, how did you get here?”

He asked doubtfully as he realized that the boat, was a great distance from the shore.

Olga: “A summoning brought me, and since I didn’t want to disturb you, I just stayed here with you~”

Olga replied with a smile.

Alexander also smiled and brought his face closer to kiss her.

Alexander: “You know what we haven’t done?”

Olga, still somewhat flushed from the earlier kiss, shook her head softly.

Alexander grabbed Olga’s bangs, and pushed them aside to see her fully her face, and those eyes… those that looked at him as if they wanted to melt him from all the warm love they wanted to transmit.

Alexander: “Sex at Sea.”

He said and smiled mischievously.

Olga only blushed a little more, and although she thought they were not in a Sea, but a Lake, she had more desire for something else, than to correct Alexander. She nodded slowly, and Alexander moved closer to her, and then…

Olga was busy for a long time, even going so far as to forget the very reason why she had come here in the first place…

Olga: “Haa~ Haa~”

Olga was breathing a little shakily, in a very sexual way, as she lay next to Alexander, and a little sweat was running down her hot naked body.

Alexander: “… That was amazing, now I’m ready to fight a God.”

Olga saw her man’s smile, and she felt that joy too, but suddenly….

Olga: “Ah!”

Alexander: “Hmm? what’s wrong?”

Olga: “I had come to see you, Anata, because we wanted you to be the judge.”

Alexander: “Judge?”

Alexander and Olga got dressed up, and when Alexander saw Olga getting dressed very slowly…

Unique Soul.

His little brother seemed to want to break the seal that was impeding his advancement, or in this case, the Boxer.

Then, he took Olga as a Princess, and with Manifestation of Mind/Energy, they reached the shore.

Olga smiled a little and didn’t want to get off, and Alexander didn’t want to let go of her soft body either, so in the same position, while Olga had her head pressed tightly against Alexander’s chest, inhaling his very  pleasant scent, they went towards the Mansion.

Alexander entered the Mansion and the first thing he saw in the living room was Prim’s big pout on her chibi face.

He also noticed that all the others were there, and even if they wanted to hide it, somehow or other, they were a bit jealous.

Olga: “Oya~ Looks like I took too much care of our Husband, Hehehe.”

Prim: “Olga-sama, that’s unfair!”

Kaguya: “That’s right, Olga-sama, Alex-sama is mi-…eee, Husband of all.”

Kaguya spoke and as she was getting a little out of her inner desires, she had several verbal tics as she responded nervously.

Alexander: “What can I do to compensate them?”

Alexander saw that all of them but Olga and then they looked at each other, then nodded.


Several minutes later.

Alexander had finished stroking and patting them all on the head, he found his Wives’ reactions very funny, although he was also a little amused by Olga was now pouting like a little girl.

Alexander: “So, what do I have to be the Judge about?”

Prim: “Ah, it’s because we’re going to play tennis, in three teams, and since we all want to win, we thought that the best Judge would be someone who is completely unbiased about it… by the way, Alex-sama… I love you~ Mua~”

Alexander saw that Prim, after talking about fairness, shamelessly confessed her Love to him, as she blew him a flying kiss.

Even for a moment Alexander thought he saw how that kiss flew until it collided with his cheek.


He mentally breathed, but smiled in amusement at how shameless his most troublesome little Wife was, like the protagonists of the Wuxia novels.

Alexander: “All right, count me in.”

Alice: “Thank you, Alex-sama.”

Chloe: “I appreciate it, Danna-sama.”

Chaia: “Hai, Master, me and Kaguya-sama will give it our all, in that game.”

Chaia spoke, and Kaguya nodded, as they both made up one of the three teams.

Olga and Chloe another team, and Alicia and Prim the last one.

Alexander: “Oh, and by the way, this game, does it have any rewards or anything, for the winners?”

All: “…”

Prim: “Fuuu~”

Alexander noticed that suddenly, everyone’s skin turned very red, and even Prim, she became so red that literally, smoke came out of her head.

Alexander: “…What’s the reward?”

Alexander asked and saw that none of them seemed to want to tell him….


He downplayed the shivers he suddenly got, and still continued with the doubt.

All: “…”

They looked like ripe tomatoes right now, even Chaia, and Alicia, who were usually the most composed, were like this.

Olga: “Anata…”

Alexander saw Olga sigh, and moved closer to him. She put her mouth to his ear, and spoke.

… Alexander blushed a little, and some blood came out of his nose.

The day went on, and while everyone was very excited and… hot… the tennis tournament was finally held.

It was a fierce fight, and Alexander was a bit out of focus, but he still continued to judge as normally. Trying to ignore the obvious attempts of Prim, Olga, and very strangely… a blushing Kaguya, to bribe him.


For a long time, after battles… epic moments… sad moments… funny moments… of betrayals… and self-improvement… a winning team was chosen.

Alexander: “The winners are…. Chaia and Kaguya!”

Chaia/Kaguya: “YES! WE WON! YEY~!”

Alexander smiled as he looked at them, they seemed to make a good team, and even talked alike.

He also looked at the others, Olga was in shock, and Chloe was sad, as they had been the ones who fought for Chaia and Kaguya for the first place, he looked further back, and saw Prim, who was sitting on the bench, like a certain meme of the boxer who lost his fight, and Alicia who seemed to want to reach enlightenment, like Prince Siddhartha, or in other words, Buddha.

He smiled, as he thought about also rewarding the others afterwards, for all the effort they put in.

Then, he looked in the direction of Kaguya and Chaia, and realized that they were looking back at him.

*Gulp* x3

The three of them swallowed a little, their body temperatures rising rapidly.

Each with different thoughts in their heads, and what Alexander was thinking, was only the tip of the Iceberg, of what Chaia and Kaguya were thinking.

What was the prize of the tournament?

Let’s say…

First of all, the prize was not being collected at this time, but would be at a later date.

It involved, a solitary island in Asora, as if it were secluded from the rest of the World, Role-play, or sexual game in which one took on the identity of different characters or characters from any given story, dressed in caveman but sexy costumes, and finally, a whole day… 24 hours of non-stop

non-stop sexual movement…

“So, are you ready?”

Alexander asked as he looked at all of them, who were standing next to him, as they looked excited.

They nodded and so did Alexander.

… It had already been a day since the tennis, and right now Alexander was in the garden of the Nothing Mansion. At this moment he was going to try the Gacha, again.

Alexander then made a gesture, and a floating screen came up, where he saw in full view of all, the Multiversal Roulette.

Alexander touched the wheel with his finger, and it spun.

The wheel began to go round and round, for a while, and now it was slowing down.

Prim: (What a thrill, what a thrill!)

Prim was very excited and whispered in the same way.

Finally, the wheel almost ceased its motion, and it fell on a space that was blank, just like the others.

Instantly it took on more and more color, until a square outline was seen, of what appeared to be a…

Alexander: “Card?”

Alexander wondered, but then a sign was seen coming out of the system.

*Ding: Congratulations, you have obtained an object. The item has been added to your inventory.

-Character Summon Card: A Character Summon Card.*

Alexander: “…”

Alexander sweated a little, both because of the object, and the description it had, and the girls just had a question mark popping out of their heads.

Alexander took the card out of his inventory, which was completely white, and just as he was about to analyze it…


It shattered into pieces, like glass, and a magic circle formed on the ground, a few feet away from Alexander.

Then, it shone brightly for a few minutes, and finally, the light faded away… revealing the vague silhouette of a figure…

The girls were very surprised, and so was Alexander.

Alexander: “It can’t be… you are…”

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