IAIK Ch.56

Ch 56

Prim: “So… Shall we visit Maia-sama?”

Alexander: “Well, that’s the idea.”

Alice: “Although personally, I’m interested in learning more about our unwitting guest.”

Kaguya: *Ahem* “I think the same as Alicia-sama.”

Alexander was walking the not-so-short stretch, which existed to reach the Fourth Fortress, along with Alicia, Prim and Kaguya.

He decided it would be best, since they were the Princess Knights of the previous Fortresses.

And so it would be much smoother, their arrival in the city.

They were talking a bit, while they were all quite attached to Alexander, dressed in normal clothes, not like the ones they were wearing, and he himself was in his Kakashi-sensei Mode.

And Alice along with Kaguya, unlike Prim, were more interested in finding out about their new visitor in Asora, than having a casual chat.

Alexander was also still a bit stunned with what had happened a few hours ago.

The moment he received a Character Summoning Card from Gacha, he knew that it was about the transportation of someone from the greater Multiverse, to here.

It could literally be anyone.

Anyone, out of millions of stories, and billions of characters.

Whatever was considered a character, could come out of here.

But he never imagined…

He definitely never did…

That she would be one of the Waifus he himself had come to love the most, in his Otaku heart.

He knew perfectly well, everything he remembered looking for from Aki Nijou.

When he held her in his hands, he felt like he was a Fanboy touching a Star. And well, in a sense he was. Only a Star with a very soft and nice skin, in this case.

He had watched the Maken-Ki Anime, more than 10 times, and also, it definitely hadn’t been the poor plot or the story writing of that World, that appealed to him.

Being a somewhat old Anime, and completely dedicated to Fanservice, its story was somewhat… immature, to say the least, but entertaining.

And the only thing, why Alexander didn’t forget that Anime, was because of its Waifus.

Mainly the great ability, chestiness, and character development of the characters of the Academy, and the World in general.

And Alexander’s favorite Milf, Aki Nijou.

Well, anyway, Alexander was trying to figure out what would happen next, now that Aki Nijou had been invoked by his Gacha from his system.

For example, he could teach both the Anime, and the Manga, to his Wives, and to Aki Nijou herself, since they had seen how he recognized her. There was also the route of not saying too much, but Alexander knew that he could not lie, unconsciously, to his dark Elf Wives, but he wanted to be honest both with them, and with Aki Nijou.

The former, because he loved them and because they knew nothing about Maken-Ki, and the latter, because the Multiversal gacha had decided to give him the opportunity to be with one of his most beloved Waifus, and that in the future, more than right now, he would love her. And this if he didn’t already do it… Love was something very rare… something that manifested itself in ways so diverse and so special, that it had no comparison.

While he could always visit that Anime, to seek her out, and conquer her, it would take a while, as he had other plans, before that.

Also, he knew that from the moment the Multiversal transfer occurred, automatically the Universe of Maken-Ki, was in a “Pause”, being exactly as it sounded. This is how the Gacha worked.

So he would have to go there.

Thinking up to this point, he also remembered the other Waifus of that Anime, and mostly, the second person he most wanted to meet, Minori Rokujou, the Headmistress of the Academy, and another Milf, quite energetic, of whom he was a Fan.

Anyway, right now Aki Nijou was passed out in one of the rooms of Nothing Mansion, being attended to by Chaia.

Whether it was from the extremely pure air that was in Asora, the magnitude of the Energy that abounded in the atmosphere of it, the

the atmosphere there, the transference from one completely different Plane to another, or a somewhat weak body, Aki Nijou had fainted, but she wasn’t in any great danger, not at all, she was just unconscious, and would be that way for a few days. Time that Alexander could have

shortened in any number of ways, but didn’t do so only because he wasn’t entirely sure about whether that would be the best thing to do at this point.

Prim: “Alex-sama?”

Prim called out to him when she saw that he was quiet for a moment.

Alexander: “Sorry, I was organizing my thoughts.”

Alice: “So…”

Alice tried to continue the conversation, while Kaguya and Prim were also very attentive, since that girl who had just appeared, was extremely beautiful and more gifted than any of them, even more than Chaia. Though however, their minds were too liberal, they already

had a plan “here” and “there” for this new… sister? sister?

Alexander: “Yes, it’s exactly as the system said, Aki Nijou is a character I met in a story.”

Alice: “Hmm, I see, that’s just how little Shouko would be, then.”

Alexander nodded, seeing how Alicia still had Nishimiya Shouko, very present just like him.

Kaguya: “No matter how many times you hear it… the power to travel to every single story that you know, it’s definitely a wonderful thing…”

Alexander: “Well, your man is that amazing.”

Alexander spoke confidently.

Kaguya: “Hehehe~ Yeah, my man is only the most amazing of them all.”

Kaguya smiled a little.

The group of four continued on their way, as slowly the small group atmosphere became relatively pink, and one could vaguely make out the outlines of little hearts that surrounded the group.

After some time, they finally arrived at the Fortress Walls, or more specifically, at the gate located in the middle of them.

It was something of an anomaly, but the great gate was completely deserted, being guarded only by a female knight, at least on the outside of the gate.


This female guard shouted as she held the hilt of her sword stowed in the scabbard.

The guard quickly saw them stop, and then looked at them analyzing them.

“… Alicia-sama?! … Prim-sama?! … Kaguya-sama?!”

The shock, or the several shocks her face was showing at this moment, were completely correct.

The sight of Three Princess Knights, along with a mysterious, elegantly masked man, visiting the gates of a City, was definitely something you don’t see every day.


Maia, the Fourth Princess Knight, right now was doing something a bit….


Leaning on her desk, with her face completely glued to various papers there, as she letting her saliva run all over the place….

Yes, she was asleep.

Even so, it was still possible to make out her short, slightly red hair, fainter than scarlet, and with a small pinkish hue, tousled all over the place.

Her large E-cup breasts, too, were pressed against the table.

Her skin was white, snow white, and overall…

Like the other Princess Knights, she was very beautiful.

But, also unlike the others, Maia was the only Princess Knight, who had been elected yet … without being of noble birth.

A war orphan, one might say. She was always practically alone, leading a very difficult life… until the moment she learned to survive.

At an early age she joined the mercenary armies, standing out, after a while, by her great combat skills.

Although the first time she was in a war field, especially against magical beasts, she performed poorly, nearly losing her life several times. Her fellow mercenaries helped her, she had the luck of fate with her, or weird things happened. Anyway, she survived.

After that, she followed it up with a strong winning streak that proved how special Maia was, quickly getting her out of the mercenary ranks. And of course, just like the others, Maia was elected Princess Knight of Eos, based mainly on her great combat ability.

Being bested by only three people, three of her now, companions.

But… she had something very unique…


She was simply an air head that would get smoke from just looking at the papers on her desk.


Eleonora, the second in command of the Fourth Fortress, a very mature and Milf-charming woman who wearing slightly different armor, though just as revealing as the others, entered through the door as she called out to her leader quickly and somewhat exaltedly.


She saw that her superior was sleeping, and a small vein showed on her forehead.

She picked up a piece of paper, no one knows where she got it from, wrapped it into a roll, and….


“Uh, uh uhh, huh?”

Maia lifted her head instantly as her eyes widened slightly and she didn’t quite manage to formulate the words.

Eleonora hid the paper as if it was nothing, and then put on the same exalted expression she brought, to say:

“Maia-sama, you have to see this!”

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