IAIK Ch.58

Ch 58


At this moment Alexander was waiting for Maia, the Knight Princess of the Fourth Fortress, in the small stone room inside the walls, where he and his Wives were.


Although Alexander could not help but mentally sigh, as at this moment, he looked like an exotic animal in a Zoo, the spectators being about 10 very scantily clad ladies, who were apparently the guards here.

Prim: “Hehehehe~”

Alice: *shudder* *shudder*

Kaguya: “Hehehehe.”

Their Wives were also obviously very amused by all of this, as Prim was smiling strangely, Alice was trying not to laugh, only she was shaking a lot holding in her laughter, and Kaguya laughed as she pulled her Kimono sleeve over her lips.


Alexander saw this and sighed again.

“… So, he is Husband of the three of you, Kaguya-sama?”

Asked a guard who seemed to be the one in charge in this small division, with curiosity written all over her face. Since it was very hard, believing everything they had told her, and the other guards, a few moments ago.

Kaguya: “Yes!”

She replied happily with a smile, as she flashed the ring on her ring finger.

Prim: “Me too, me too!”

Prim jumped a little as she puffed out her chest more and proudly showed off her ring.

Alice wanted to do it too, but she was still a little embarrassed, and although she had changed quite a bit lately, there was still a long way from being able to be as open as Prim.

The guards were even more surprised, that there was someone who could conquer Three of the Princess Knights of Eos, and this only made the admiration they felt for this man, still unknown to them, grew.

Although afterwards, the guard and Kaguya, or rather all those who saw the energy with which Prim responded, could not prevent a smile from settling on their faces.

Prim certainly had this charm about her, where she practically seemed like the cute Imouto of everyone.

Yes, even sometimes Alexander would call Prim in his mind [The Absolute Tensional Reliever]… since if someone wanted there to be a good atmosphere somewhere, all it took was a Prim there.

Alexander: “So… what do you guys mostly do in your job?”

Alexander asked hesitantly, as he really had no idea what these guards mostly were doing here, I mean, clearly they were the City’s gatekeepers, but since this was an Isekai, it differed greatly from the original or normal job Alexander knew.

Guard 1: “Uhmm, eeh, we’re- we’re just in charge of the City Gate, our job is not very important-…”

The one who seemed to be the highest-ranking, and the one who was talking to Kaguya earlier, responded upon seeing how Alexander was looking at her, though she blushed heavily and fumbled with the words from the warm feeling that ran through her chest as she talked to this man, but when she had finally calmed down somewhat at last, Alexander interrupted her.

“I don’t think it’s something unimportant, you are the ones looking out for the citizens, aren’t you? There’s no way that’s an unimportant job, you protect your city for the peace of mind of the people who live there, I think that’s something quite admirable.”

Alexander spoke with a smile, which while it could not be seen because of his mask, it was possible to tell by realising by noticing the contours of his face.





Kaguya, Alicia and Prim, watched as the 10 girls there, fell silent when they heard Alexander, and they started to blush. Especially the leader, she was slowly turning red from head to toe, and then, with a somewhat cute sound… smoke was released from above her, like a locomotive, or a pressure wave…

Kaguya/Alicia/Prim: “…”

Alexander: “…”

Alexander watched as the guard, or Ana, apparently, fainted and was held up by the others, then he looked helplessly at his wives… and they looked back at him with poker faces.

Some time passed, and Anne, after she got up, saw Alexander’s worried face looking at her, and… she fainted again…

All the others were speechless, but fortunately, Ana woke up quickly again, and this time she only blushed a lot.

Although no one could blame her, since she had reacted in a way that was only slightly more exaggerated than the other guards.

Their heavy jobs in the military, their military personalities and their own self-loathing, for being women who had not tasted love for the first time in their lives, kept at bay any kind of approach from the opposite sex toward them.

But here he was, a man as perfect as they had ever seen, speaking words as kind and warm as if forcibly taking an eraser to erase the contempt they felt for themselves because of his very masculine work, which, for the most part, he succeeded in doing.

Especially as no one, not even men or women, could say the same thing, and that it had never been done before.

Something like that, it was very rare to say the least, even, they themselves apart from the small number of human men in Eos who could be their husbands, there was also the other limiting factor of their work… well and mostly because of this, was that the idol of each and every working woman in any branch of the Militia, Claudia Levantine, the strongest warrior of Humanity, was so especially adored, as she was married. Of course, this was only aside from her great fighting power and her gentle and kind character outside of fighting.

‘Is this love?’

Anne wondered, all flushed as she touched his chest.

‘It feels… warm…’

And to her unfamiliarity, the other 9 guards, inexperienced in such matters, were doing the same.

Anyway, after a few minutes, when the initial shyness was overcome, everyone, from Alexander and his Wives, to the guards, began to talk about different things.

Although, whether it was because of how little these women had developed in Maia’s army, or that training from time to time instead of wars one after another, or simply because they were women and women are very mysterious beings… because of all this, it was only mainly the guards asking questions to Prim, Kaguya and Alicia, and by the time they got the answers, they would go “~Kya” all over the place while squirming a little bit, hands on their cheeks, and watched Alexander near them, yet somehow… the nightly movements of Alexander and his women, were both the thing the guards were most present thing that Kaguya, Alicia and Prim had to talk about… leaving even a somewhat blushing Alexander to the side, for no matter how low they spoke, he could not help but

listening to them. And well, since they were still women, therefore they had this talkative spirit between each other, where they told each other many amazing things… in various magnitudes…

“Kaguya-sama and, and, and, and is it that amazing!!!~~Kyaa~!”

“Prim-sama! Is that true!”

“So Alex-sama… So big…! ~Fiuuu~”

“Ana-san, Ana-san! Ana-san is fainting again, she couldn’t even listen to what happened when Alice-sama and Prim-sama assaulted Alexander-sama! ~Uwaa~!”

Perfectly, there was still that social distinction between the guards and the Princess Knights, but all this was torn down by the latter as they also started talking about all sorts of things… and the reactions of the listeners… were really quite varied.

Alexander was even thinking deeply, how pure these guards were, when the World in which they lived was practically straight out of a Hentai, and although he already knew it, this made him quite happy, as it showed that the fact that the Hentai itself had an extremely perverted and dark plot… it was only for Kuroinu’s part, otherwise, though very strangely enough, it was still a normal World.

Alexander mostly just stood still there, and was watched from time to time by the blushing guards, who would turn their heads quickly, and along with this, hearing the ruckus that broke out in no time at all in the very enthusiastic conversation… made him sweat a little secretly.

Though he laughed when he saw Prim, and Prim’s nose seemed to grow pointing skyward when she talked about him with confidence….

After a few more minutes…

Alexander was thinking about Aki Nijou, the unexpected delightful surprise he had received today, but suddenly, he sensed something with his extranormal senses.

He walked a little toward the passage door to the city of the stone room, and focused his eyes on the approaching figures, also realising that one of the guards who was waiting there had begun to speak to a very beautiful, red-haired woman, whom he supposed to be Maia, since the difference from the 2D, to the reality he saw, was not completely the same, which resulted in sometimes resulted in him not being able to tell people apart, but in his opinion, here Maia looked even more beautiful.

But out of curiosity he looked behind her, and he saw Eleonora, another person who said Milf all over everywhere, and she looked very charming and seductive to the eye, along with her “mother” charm, even without

being one, though of course, he didn’t know it… which made her practically almost glow in Alexander’s eyes.

In fact, even this woman Alexander was seeing, like Chaia, bore some resemblance to an Anime character, although Alexander could not realise it at the time mainly because of the difference between reality and 2D Anime.


He laid his eyes on that which unleashed a dark feeling.

The fat and very cliché nobleman, where you could tell from 1000 kilometres away, how disgusting and corrupt he was, but something clicked in Alexander’s mind, as he looked at it.

‘Ah… I see.’

Alexander remembered of the slave traders, hidden in the First Fortress, whom he had killed after torturing them.

‘It seems that this was the group hiding in this Fortress… there’s still a bit more analysis to do, but I doubt I’ll find anyone besides them.’

From the memories he saw, he found this nobleman, Balier Nod, in many memories, along with two more working here in the Fourth Fortress. Being evils of the same ilk as those guys, therefore…

Alexander, with his normally swift speed, disappeared from where he was.


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