IAIK Ch.59

Ch 59

Maia: “So, you’re a hero, Alex-sama?”

Maia asked in surprise, sitting at her desk, inside her office, inside the Castle at the centre of the City. With Eleonora equally as surprised as Maia, and standing behind her.

Prim nodded her head loudly and comically.

Alexander: “…”

He sweatdropped a little at the sight of Prim, and said:

“I wouldn’t say a hero… simply that I have the power to stop an evil… and I do, just that.”

Kaguya: “Fufufufu.”

Alice: “Alex-sama trying to deny that like that… hehehe.”

Alexander looked helplessly at Kaguya and Alicia, who were also convinced of this.

Eleonora: “Umm, Alex-sama…. may I ask you a question?”

Eleonora asked, and when Alexander focused on her, she blushed a little.

Alexander: “Go ahead.”

Eleonora nodded, became serious and said:

“From what we know so far, you have been travelling through every Stronghold, of the Alliance of the Seven Shields, saving them from every attack that had been carried out by Kuroinu’s group, even even when you have already destroyed the army that was marching towards this city, you have also made… each one of the Princess Knights of the previous Fortresses your… Wives… and that you possess a power beyond what any of us can imagine… so, my question is, what was the need to slit the throat of the noble Bailer Nod? And please don’t misunderstand me, Alex-sama, I too believe that the man is better off dead, only… he was an important part of the City…”

Eleonora spoke as she recalled all that Alexander, with the help of Alice and Kaguya had said to herself and her mistress Maia, though when she said about the Wives, seeing Prim, Kaguya and Alicia blushed a little, she felt a little jealousy in her heart, and paused a little in her dialogue.

Maia was also paying attention, for it could not be said that she was calm, since everything she had been told so far was the most surprising thing she had ever heard, though strangely enough, more than any other subject she had heard, her heart was pounding especially hard at the thought of Alexander Smith, this man had made his Wives to each of

the Princess Knights of the other Strongholds, and well… the idea of this did not seem very bad to Maia herself, but she would get like a girl with a crush and steal glances at Alexander when she thought about it.

As to why she can trust Alexander so much, and be sure that everything he says is true?


That was because Alexander himself showed his powers, or at least and as Maia understood, the tip of the Iceberg of them, and mainly…  because 3 of her companions, especially someone like Alice, who was one of the only ones who could surpass her in combat power in the whole kingdom,

was standing next to Alexander willingly, and by the looks of it, happier than anything else, of something like this.

Maia’s relationship with the others of the Princess Knights, while it could not be said that they were “friends,” they were people in whom she herself was sure she could be trusted, Celestine being like the “Mother” of them all, being a Reincarnated Goddess, and Claudia as the super powerful Onee-sama who took care of them all…

A somewhat uneven relationship, and distant, but above all, quite warm, for Maia who had never had what was called “Family”.

Alexander: “…”

Alexander made a complicated face when Eleonora told him this, but not because of the fact of killing that nobleman, definitely not, since he could do it 1000 times, only to make his way to this information, and just as he had to do, or as he had been doing until now, they needed to see the “future” and also the “past” of what had happened, mainly to eliminate any kind of suspicion or, or doubts.

He looked towards his Wives.

Kaguya and Alicia seemed to realise that it had to happen now, and although their faces became complicated for a few seconds, they quickly returned to normal, and nodded to Alexander.

Prim did too, though she didn’t even have a clue about what it was about.


Alexander sighed, and Eleonora along with Maia looked at him doubtfully.

Alexander: “The truth is… from among my abilities, I can also see the future and… the past, so it happens that just as I can witness them, I can also show them to others, so… are you willing to see something like that, even if it’s not something so beautiful?”

Maia: “… Of course, it’s something necessary, so I have no problem with that.”

Eleonora: “Me neither.”

Alexander saw this, and after another sigh…


Activating his Cheat, as he already had the memory he wanted to show Maia, he quickly created another small white somewhat transparent ball, and pulled the second one out of inventory.

He took the ball from Maia with one hand, and handed it to her while saying:

“Just press it next to your forehead.”

He took the one from Eleonora, who had faint memories of all the things Kuroinu had done, and where it was explicitly shown that this nobleman, whose name Alexander could no longer even remember, had a connection to the slave traders he encountered in the First Fortress, and they were partners in crime.

And he passed it to Eleonora as he said the same thing.

Maia did so, of course with a little hesitation in her subconscious, but as she looked towards her fellow Princess Knights, who nodded to her, she made up her mind. In Eleonora’s case, she did it without any hesitation.

Alexander then walked a bit backwards, next to Kaguya, Alicia and Prim, while looking at Maia and Eleonora.

And even though the situation was a bit tense, Alexander couldn’t help but look a bit at both of them in front of him, I mean, he’s a man, he’ll have two or three special things about him, but he’s still a man

man, and both Maia and Eleonora were women of a very high quality both physically and mentally, especially being dressed as they were, so scantily and attractively, as if they were beautiful succubi luring men to their doom.

Not more than 10 seconds passed, and one could begin to see changes in the faces of Princess Knight of the Fourth Fortress, and her 2nd in Command.

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