IAIK Ch.61

Ch 61


Alexander sighed as he plunged his semi-naked body into the warm water.

As he was adapted to do, he removed the towel from the bottom of his waist just as he stepped into the water, and after wrapping and folding it a bit, he placed it over his head.

‘Really… to have hot springs all over the World…’

Alexander was more and more surprised, because knowing that this World was too much influenced by the Japanese culture, cognitively, the Japanese “Otaku” culture, never in his 21 years of life in his normal World, he would have thought he would experience something like this.

For God’s sake, it was hard enough just to buy a plane ticket to Japan, or even as a tourist, it was very, extremely, extremely difficult for him.

So, this kind of thing just made Alexander’s complicated feelings about this world just a little more colourful.


Then he sighed again, as it had been a few hours since he and Maia had the Duel in the “Colosseum” on the side of the Castle.

After that, the sighted people and witnesses of what happened, took seriously the words of about Alexander’s reliability as a Hero, not only because of his fighting skills, but also because he was apparently even a Wizard, and a strong one, at that.

Which resulted in the entire city quickly finding out about it, and although they were exempt from a “Feast”, or some festival, certainly the spirits were no less.

Everything went on as normal, and by the time Alexander, his Wives, Maia, Eleonora and some of the women knights, including the small group of the 10 guards Alexander had met earlier, were on their way to the Castle to shelter the Princess Knights from the other Fortresses and their powerful new Hero.

At least, until tomorrow.

By the time Alexander arrived at the castle, Maia’s nearby guards had already finished arresting and catching the other two nobles, who were working in conjunction with Bailer, and not only that, but even their Mansions, had been razed to the ground looking for all kinds of evidence of shady business of any kind…

Perhaps it was because of what they found there, that they themselves that had arrested these two nobles, people above them in the social scale, had such an aura at the moment they arrived at the castle.

Alexander, did not think, did not delay, and did not hesitate, the heads of the two nobles already frightened at the sight of the gazes directed at them, quickly popped off their bodies in a jiffy.

No one had any opinion whatsoever, only the fact that they had delayed in doing so… perhaps, a little too long.

“To think that… all this was taking place right in my town…”

Alexander still remembered the somber tone in which Maia spoke, and in an inauspicious manner, suddenly and naturally, Alexander put his hand on Maia’s head of red hair as he slowly stroked it.

“It’s over now, it will never happen like that again.”

A few minutes passed.

After an expression of surprise, and to the bewilderment, and mostly zeal of everyone there, Maia blushed until the colour of her skin was the same as her hair, and in a few seconds more, all flushed…


She moaned like a cat who was extremely satisfied.

And in fact, our Alexander, did not have much idea and did not think much about these things, ie, he just stroked or patted her head and that was it, his hands didn’t distinguish social status or anything, but he didn’t remember…

Or he didn’t remember, that in the Anime… the girls or the Waifus that everyone loves so much, fell in love with the MC in such a stupid but at the same time special way, that they made him interesting, and in fact… a simple pat on the head… weren’t some of the simplest methods of that had been presented in many Anime.

And of course, in Hentai…


This kind of thing had a totally different effect….

Surprisingly, different, but the same, and multiplied a few dozen times.

Anyway, after that scene, and after a deep investigation, it was coordinated that apart from Bailer, and the other two nobles, no one else was involved in what they were involved in.

Mainly, due to the great vigilance that even before this day, Maia kept on


For while she was absolutely useless as far as papers were concerned, on the ground it was something else entirely.

Ignoring a few laws here and there, she seized all manner of articles, property, and so on, from Bailer, and the other two, and in the end….

Maia put an extremely satisfied smile on her face as all of a sudden, the Fourth Fortress would have no financial problems for a very, very long time.

And for her this day had been great, it had simply been one of those special days, like those days when people won the “Lottery” in the United States, a life-changing day, only….

Still her beautiful face was sulking a little at the memory of losing in the Duel, putting on a cute pout extremely strange to have seen on her, for those watching.

Kaguya, Alicia and Prim, accompanied the guards they had met, and a few new ones, to talk about many surprising and explosive topics… or so it seemed to those listening….

And Alexander, as he had nothing better to do, and as an idea that strangely enough a blushing Maia, had, he went to take a bath in the main bathroom of the Castle, and although there was no shortage of women knights who wanted to help him, or even the Maid’s of the Castle, or the Cooks, or the cleaning ladies, or the ones who made the beds, and so on….

He decided to go alone.

“Hmm, I think I should create another Anime skill, I just can’t decide which one…”

Alexander spoke a little low, as he made himself comfortable on the bathroom walls, with the towel over his head, no mask, and completely naked, with all his senses completely recollected as he just tried to think, and enjoy the not so hot, and cosy, water of a Japanese bath.

Alexander then, putting himself in a state similar to when he meditated alone, in Asora’s lake, he felt he could sleep for a while.

He closed his eyes and just concentrated on resting, for a few moments.

For even though he didn’t need it at all, still, he was this kind of person.

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