IAIK Interlude 8

Interlude 8 The only Interlude so far, that’s right where it needs to be….

Aki Nijou was currently sleeping peacefully on one of the beds in the infirmary.


Her unconscious breathing was making somewhat cute but erotic sounds, while her face had a slightly annoyed expression.

Her body was one of the most Milfs, and most dangerous bodies that had ever emerged from the deep yet stupid imaginations of men.

Her K-cup breasts…


As heard.

No G, no H, no I, no J… a K.

They were flattened against the bed, a fact that only looked even more lascivious and succubic at the same time.

Her beautiful appearance, her long blue hair, her lovely little waist, her big ass and her skin as white as gleaming marble, made for a sight… a Divine sight.

And then, why?

Why was this gorgeous, hot woman making a slightly annoyed expression

while she slept?

“Hey, what do you want to be when you grow up, Aki-chan?”

The recording camera, held by the woman who had asked the question, was to a little girl, 8 or 9 years old, although it was noted that she already had breasts too developed for her age.

“I want to be a great wife like you, Mom. And I’ll marry a great husband like Dad.”

The woman, or the Mother holding the camera, seeing her daughter’s pure smile, said:

“Aki-chan, you’re barely in elementary school, and you have great breasts, so I’m sure you’ll find a great husband.”

The girl seemed to make up her mind for a moment as she listened to her Mother.

“Then, I’ll make my breasts grow much bigger! So I can get a better husband!”

Mother smiled a little.

“Aki-chan, you’re so greedy!”


The girl just smiled very purely.


Aki moaned a little, as she opened her eyes.

She got up and sat on the bed.



She yawned a little, and then sighed as she remembered the dream she continuously had.

“Mom even manages to annoy me in my dreams too, hehe.”

She smiled a little as she realized this.


Aki Nijou had gotten out of bed, and she felt a little strange.

Her body was a little warm, and with very pleasant feelings running through it.


She literally shivered with pleasure, as her face blushed a little more.

(How strange…)

She muttered with a flushed face.

Somehow she felt that something very special was going to happen to her today, even though she didn’t even know what….

She then finished organizing things in the infirmary.

And after primping and grooming herself a bit, she came out in her Doctor’s Gown, and her rather small and revealing dress underneath, walking through the halls of Tenbi Academy.

A private high school, where students with elemental powers were gathered, that is, the “power” of this world.

One that was certainly something rare to find in people.

And that although it could be used without a Maken, or the Sacred Tool that drove the power of Element outward, it was extremely difficult to do so.

As she walked through the empty halls of the Academy, as it was currently very early in the morning, Aki wondered what had been that strange sensation she had felt earlier, or if anything, that very realistic feeling she had.

Since her Maken, or Valhem, as she called it, was only for medical purposes, since it allowed her to see and examine people, to see what was wrong with them, even being able to erase short-term memories.

And so it had absolutely nothing to do with divination, or of extranormal senses.

She continued to debate as she walked, and in no time she arrived at the door of the Office of the School’s management.

She, without even knocking, opened the door.

“Oh, Aki! Good morning! What are you doing here so early?”

Her friend, or her best friend, Minori Rokujou, the principal of this Academy, and also a teacher of Gymnastics, among others, greeted her very vivaciously to then ask her with a smile.

“Haaa, Minori… good morning, did you fall asleep here again?”

Aki asked upon seeing some drool still on the desk, after sighing.

“Te-he~ Come on come on, that doesn’t matter, Hahaha!”

*Boing* *Boing*

Minori started giggling, trying to look cute, while her massive breasts were also jiggling.

Yes, unlike her friend, Minori wasn’t as exaggerated, but just a tad less so.

Her breasts were I-cup, her body very curvaceous, and her outfit could only be described exactly what it was, a dark orange workout tracksuit, what it could not hide was her large breasts, and the second largest in the entire Academy.

She tended to be very carefree, and although she failed a lot, seductive. Since her appearance and personality as if she were the protagonist of a Shonen Manga, as well as her purity in these matters, were not exactly the best tools of a seductive woman.

And yes, neither she herself, nor Aki, had ever had a relationship with the opposite sex in her almost 30 years of life.

“Well, I guess not. Here are the documents for the missing items from the infirmary.”


This time, upon hearing her friend, and seeing the papers in her hands, Minori was the one who sighed resignedly, as the Academy doctor smiled at the sight of it all.

They discussed a couple of things, Minori teased Aki a little bit, and the victim blushed, and then after a few minutes, ending their conversation.

Aki got up as she was about to leave the Management Office, but suddenly asked her best friend:

“Hmm, Minori, didn’t you feel anything strange today, when you woke up?”

“No, it was a good nap! I’m completely ready for a new day!”

Minori spoke energetically, but then looked ahead at her desk, to find a pile of paperwork…



Aki walked out of the Office, laughing at her friend’s carefree expression, as if she had to do something unpleasant, as she looked at the paperwork.

Then, with some hesitation still, wondering if the dream she’d had, would have something to do with the strange foreboding, she began to walk down the halls again.

But, at that moment…

Silently, a magic circle was completed under his feet, and by the time Aki had realized it…

She had disappeared.

Everything was in a fog, and she couldn’t make it out very well, but she knew that she somehow wasn’t at the Academy right now.

She could see the outlines of a beautiful Mansion to her right, and an intricate place in the Nature, to her left.

The fog gradually cleared, and Aki became aware of some people present there….

“It can’t be… you are…”

A very masculine and firm voice was heard.

Aki looked towards the place where it came from, and realized who the voice belonged to…

“…Aki Nijou?”

A man, a man like no other she had ever seen, was calling her name.

Everything was going a little black in her vision, involuntarily, as Aki herself wanted to keep on seeing that perfect figure a little longer, when her body wobbled, and instead of feeling the ground, she soon felt strong hands holding her as if she was made of glass… they were the hands of that man.

And with shame, but above all with much happiness at feeling this indescribable embrace, she fainted.

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