IAIK Interlude 9

Interlude 9 Mystery, Milf, Blush, A Little Shine… Result? …Winter is near…

A totally empty space…

That is the only thing that could be seen in this place.

There was no existential Law here.

Not even something as simple but strong as Time.


… As if by Magic, a small sprout of White Light emerged in this Darkness.

It was very weak, but firm.

The Darkness was simply so much, that one inevitably lost oneself looking at it, to the point of losing one’s sanity.

“When you look into the Abyss, the Abyss looks at you.”

Nothing could describe this place better.


… As if about an illusion, the small sprout of Light split in two.

The other small sprout, with exactly the same characteristics, unlike the first one that stayed just as it was, was consumed by Darkness.


Although it could not be noticed, there it was.

A small sprout of White Light, and a small sprout of Dark Light in a totally black space.

“Darkness is a type of Light, but with a different hue.”

That applied in this case.


… As if the grandiose Time, or simply the variation of mass gravity, had

arisen in this empty space, the little outbreaks of Light… changed.

Taking the form of vaguely human bodies, which embraced each other at the knees.

And in a manner unseen, the invisible outbreak of Dark Light, disappeared into this total Darkness…

Leaving only the white there.

At this moment, a large Medieval Palace could be seen in full view.

Inside, in its great halls, and in its long corridors, all was very quiet, and also, quite dark, for it was almost night.

If one were to look into one of the corridors, or to the right side of one of them, one would see….


A small blonde tuft of hair, which suddenly appeared over there… almost as if it was was peeking out…

*Puin~* *Puin~* *Puin~*

It moved a little to either side, and, when it looked like it was over it scanned the corridors… then the wisp quickly ducked out of sight.



A shadow ran past so fast through the corridors, it was practically impossible to see its form.

This kept happening for 2 or 3 more times, until finally… an extremely well-kept and detailed garden came into view.

Flowers of all kinds of colors that seemed, or did not seem, to glow splendidly in the light of the outgoing moon.

“Hmph~ Sylphy-chan is such a bully~ If she thinks I was going to stay up all night in those paper hellish roles, Hmph~ She was wrong!”

The chibi shadow seemed very confident, speaking in a very Milf and welcoming, yet strangely childish, as she raised her chest, or as far as could be seen, “her” very and exaggeratedly large breasts.

But suddenly…



A wind blew through the place, and the shadow became very frightened, shaking and looking backwards, and in all directions.


To finally let out a cute sigh as she put a hand on her lush breasts, noticing that it wasn’t “Sylphy-chan” that produced the sound, and it had just been the wind.

Then she kept walking and soon reached the garden.

And at last, her appearance could be seen.

Long blonde hair, eyes nature green and gentle to the extreme, skin white as milk, a perfectly chiselled and balanced face, with a golden tiara upon it, and especially her long ears of the Elvish race, a body of SS Rank, dressed in long and very loose white cloths, which gave much to be desired, with extremely succulent curves, and in particular, her large round breasts and

especially her large round breasts and her very pronounced perky ass…

If Alexander were here, and this figure had a fringe of her flagrant blonde hair over her left eye, then he would definitely find this person, very much like Olga.

“Haaa” *Inhale*

Celestine Lucross, which was the shadow’s real name, let out a sigh and would walk over to some purple flowers to sniff them a bit.

She smiled as she did this, and this itself also put her mind at ease.

She simply couldn’t stand another sleepless night dealing with the fiendish paperwork, and instead she decided just for today, to sneak off for a bit into her garden.

A few minutes passed while she just gazed at her flowers that gave off vivacity, thinking about different things.

For example, a few days ago, when she herself, who had never been sick herself, suddenly coughed and felt the need to know if someone was talking about her? something that was completely strange.

Or of that time where she had a nightmare that a paper was slowly eating her…


She still shivered a little at the memory of that nightmare.

And time continued to pass.

When suddenly…

She felt it.

Her eyes began to glow with a white light, making her jade-green eyes a beautiful, shimmering blue-green.

Unlike the normal reaction someone might have when going through such a Magical event, Celestine, or Larentia, the reincarnated Elf Goddess of Nature, just waited for the visions of the future to abound in her mind.

For while it was about the future, in reality, it was only of an alternate reality where most likely what was shown, would be what would happen.

Something complicated, but which she herself had managed to understand long ago.

And as always, she looked nowhere in particular while only praying that this vision she would have, would be better than the previous one… or at least, more peaceful.

After 3 seconds and 56 thousandths of a second…

Celestine turned completely red, blushing from head to toe, and turned her head away, closing her eyes.

The vision seemed to cut off, and Celestine just put her hand on her large left breast, feeling very strange sounds there…

*Doki Doki Doki Doki Doki Doki!*

After a few minutes she calmed down, although her face was still red.

And so… with the same curiosity that killed the cat, she glanced with her slightly narrowed eyes at the sight of the future, again, as her eyes glowed again.


Celestine with a quick movement, covered her eyes with her hands, as if to, not to look, but she continued to do so anyway, because between her fingers there was a large space left.

Celestine looked and looked with her shining eyes, for so long that it seemed to her an eternity, though she did not realise that it was only 20 seconds, while her long ears, characteristic of the Elf Tribe, turned different shades of red.

So that later…


With a very cute sound, with her Milf voice, she passed out on the grass there in the middle of the night.

But the memory of the vision seemed to follow her into her dreams, as from time to time she would blush and she writhed all over, at the same time that smoke seemed to come out of her ears….

What was the vision that Celestine Lucross, the Reincarnated Elf Goddess, Larentia, had had to make her react in this way?


Well, that was…

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