Y. NTR Ch.1

Ch 1

In one of the few luxury apartments in the city, a man and a woman were having a very intimate sexual encounter.

As a high-class apartment, the room was very spacious and beautifully designed.

In the middle of the room, a man and a woman were sitting face-to-face on a large, luxurious bed.

“Chu, Chu, Jururu, Juru♡”

It wasn’t like they were trying to get pleasure from intense intercourse, they seemed to be moving loosely and getting gentle pleasure from it.

However, they must have been having intense intercourse before, because when I looked at their joint area, I could see that it was bubbling with white, cloudy juice, and every time they moved, it made a squishy, lustful sound.

The woman, with her beautiful, toned limbs, was rubbing her body against the man’s rugged, muscular body as if to melt into it.

Her arms around the back of the man’s neck, her legs around his back, hugging and squeezing until there was no space left.

And it was their tongues that were most insistently intertwined.

The woman’s lush lips were wet and sticky with each other’s saliva.

But still, they pressed their lips tightly together and extended their tongues without any concern.

The heat around the two of them was unbelievable.

“Hmm, Puha…. I like, I like, I like…♡”

When they parted their lips, the woman looked intently into the man’s face.

A heart mark appears in her eyes, and she passionately whispers her love to the man as she kisses him lightly.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah♡”

A large, firm hand grabbed her taut buttocks and shook them.

The sound of water gurgling and sizzling was heard, and the thick penis rubbed the inside of vagina in small increments.

The man’s fingers moved vigorously, tasting the flesh of her ass.

When he occasionally opened the butt tab and touched it with his fingertip to snatch her anus, she jerked and shivered.

“No, I’m cumming, I’m cumming…♡”

She’s usually quiet and doesn’t show much emotion, but right now she’s in tears, her cheeks are red, and she’s spitting out impassioned and lewd words.

If her classmates who admire or like her were to see this, they would probably fall apart.

The man raping the school’s most popular girl has a large, slack tongue.

The tongue is much bigger and thicker than that of a woman’s. She has been licked to the corners of her body and has been making charming noises.

“Npu! Hmm, hmm, hmm♡”

When the woman saw this, she gobbled it up and sucked on it.

She closed her eyes enrapturedly and sucked on it to prevent her little charming voice from escaping.

Nevertheless, the man continues to shake her body with muscle strength… incomparable to that of the woman.

“Yeah, yeah! Let it out, let it out. I’m gonna cum too♡”

When the man whispered in her ear, she nodded her head repeatedly and hugged him tightly.

She was probably stronger than most women because of her sports background.

But he didn’t falter, and my womb tingled again as I felt a man’s touch.

“Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm♡”

Guchuguchu Guchuguchu!

She was bobbing up and down again, stirring up her love juices.

I hugged the man’s strong body tightly and devoured his lips.

They rubbed against each other like slugs mating… sweat rising to the surface.


As soon as she felt the rubber attached to the penis swell, she also climaxed.

The woman’s body tensed and convulsed, and after a few moments of rigidity, she relaxed.

“Chu, chu”

This time, it was not a sexually arousing kiss, but a gentle kiss that worked on each other.

The woman felt so happy that her mind went blank.

I hated men… The man in front of her had changed everything.

My values, my feelings, my body…


As the penis was pulled out, I felt an indescribable sense of loss.

I try to squeak and tighten it, not to go, but it’s completely pulled out.


If I puff out my cheeks, he can gently stroke my dyed golden hair.

I am a cheap woman because I would forgive anything for that.

When I looked at the penis that had been pulled out, I saw that there was a rubber band attached to it, thick and majestic.

The swollen tip was full of semen, and if he hadn’t been wearing a rubber, it would have filled her womb and she would have been impregnated.

The thought of it made her gulp and her lower abdomen tingle, and she naturally turned her gaze toward it as if drawn to it.

The thought of conceiving a child was something that a student like her would want to avoid, but the thought of this man’s child naturally made her want to accept it, and she was already in love with him.

“… lick it?”

The woman asked as she watched the man removing the rubber with a bang.

The area of the rod was sticky and dirty with love juice and semen. I offered to cleanse such a place with my mouth…

“No, I’m fine. I’ve been fucking you for a long time. There’s some water in the fridge, so drink up and relax.”

“… Hmm.”

The woman nodded coyly and went to open the refrigerator, a little disappointed that she couldn’t suck the man’s cock, but it was what the man said.

The man was left alone on the bed, looking off at her plump ass.

…No, he wasn’t alone. There was one more person.

In the corner of the large bed, there was a woman slumped like a squashed frog.

Her full breasts were squashed tightly, and her legs were vulgarly spread wide open.

If you look deep into her plump, fleshy buttocks, you will see a gush of semen.

“Hey, get up.”


The man takes a harsher attitude than he had with the blonde woman earlier.

He slapped the fainting woman on the cheek to wake her up.

From the man’s point of view, he is making light of the situation, but since his muscle strength is far different from the women’s, the impact is considerable.

“Ugh…? Are you still going to fuck me?”

The woman woke up, rubbing her eyes.

Her generous breasts swayed with a plumpness.

“Clean this up.”

In front of such a woman, he presents her with an object that is wet from intercourse with another woman.

It’s the worst thing to think about normally…

“Muu… I think you should be more gentle with me like you were with Rika!? What do you think!?”

The woman puffs out her cheeks and pouts adorably in anger.

Her words and actions, which include a lot of acting, are probably very cute to the men of the world.

She may be in the category of a pretentious girl.

The man grabs her neat face as she approaches and pulls her away.

“If you want to be treated nicely, I’ll treat you nicely, but… you don’t want that, do you?”

“Uh… well…”

The woman’s cheeks relax.

Looking down at her showing such a cute reaction, the man…


I shoved my penis into her open mouth.

It wasn’t as erect as the one I had with the blonde, but it was much bigger than average, and her eyes went black and white as I shoved it in her mouth.

However, if you look at the way she unconsciously keeps her teeth from hitting it and salivates profusely, you can tell that she has been developed by men to a great extent.

“Ngu! Hmm, hmm, wow!”

The man’s cock was pumped in and out.

Thanks to the ample amount of saliva that was being secreted, the love juices and semen that had been stained on the penis were being cleaned.

A large amount of love juice began to leak from the… woman’s secret parts as she thought about being grabbed by the side tails she had made to be accepted by men and being roughly treated like an object.

The woman was in pain with tears in her eyes, but her face was red with excitement and pleasure.

Without any pronouncement, semen overflowed in her mouth.

The woman’s cheeks puffed up and she cried out.


The man said as he pulled out his cock, looking down at her coldly.

The woman looked up at him with lustful eyes and… slurped it down.


When she drank all the semen in her mouth, she opened her mouth to show the man what was inside of it, as if it was natural.

She was already perfectly trained.

The inside of her mouth was a beautiful red color and the white fluid was almost gone.

“Good, well done.”


The woman’s face broke into a happy smile as her head was stroked.

It was a rough treatment, but the woman seemed happy.

“It’s a reward. I’m going to let you choose whether you want to be fucked normally or in the ass…”


Basically, it was up to the man to decide which one to fuck, and the woman had never been able to interfere before.

The woman rounded her eyes and thought about it for the first time.

Common sense dictated that they should have intercourse using their private parts.

It would be more pleasurable, and there are only a few women who can get pleasure from their asses.

Besides, it would be humiliating. Many women find it repulsive to be raped in an unclean hole, because it really means that every inch of their body is controlled by a man.


“Then, in the ass…”

The woman’s face was bright red as she wished to have humiliating intercourse with him.

As she squirmed and swayed her body, her full breasts swayed.

The man smirks at her as he watches her.

The woman gets down on all fours herself and opens the fleshy butt tabs with her own hands, showing off her twitching little asshole.

The man moves closer and tries to insert his penis into it…



The woman rounded her eyes when she noticed the blonde woman gawking at her right beside them.

“Rika-chan! Why…?”

“…I thought you might be thirsty, so I brought you some water. Don’t you want some?”

“Yes, I do. I’ll have some.”

The dark-haired woman reached out her hand cautiously and asked for a bottle of water.

The blonde woman stared at it…

“… So, you want me to do it now?”


The blonde woman put her arms around the back of the man’s neck and hugged him, showing him her well-formed breasts, though not as large as the black-haired woman’s.

Hearing this, the black-haired woman spurted out the water she had in her mouth.

“Hey! Rika-chan? Rika-chan was the one who had to deal with him a while ago, so now it’s me, right?”

“I don’t know anything about that.”


Without turning her head to the dark-haired woman, the blonde chomped down on the man’s lips and brought them together.

She moves her lower body and tries to accept the man’s cock into her secret place.

Seeing this, the black-haired woman huffed and puffed…

Don! She stretched out her arms as far as they would go and blew the blonde away.

It was on a large bed, so fortunately she wasn’t hurt, but the blonde who had been pushed was clearly annoyed.

“… are you interrupting me?”

“That’s my line! Now it’s my turn!”

The two women stared at each other on the bed, with the man between them.

The man sees this and remembers what happened a while ago.

“… You guys used to be a very close yuri couple.”

Originally, the man hadn’t interacted with the girls.

However, the girls did.

They were a yuri couple, a secret relationship that could not be made public.

They were a couple that had a relationship and liked each other, even though they were both female.


“It’s… your fault.”

“Isn’t it your fault!”

The man is staring at them both in the eyes.

They are both former couples, and although they are a bit on edge at the moment, you can tell that they are actually very close.

How did a couple of beautiful yuri girls who got along so well come to be on edge over a man?

It goes back a bit in time. And in the present online casino slot machines.

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