Y. NTR Ch.2

Ch 2

Tendo Private Gakuen. (TL: Gakuen means School but I am going with Gakuen because it sounds better.)

It is an educational institution that requires a very high deviation, and when you are able to enter this school, it is certain that you will be able to go to a good university.

The number of students is not very large, but these students are very promising, and the facilities and equipment are much better equipped to nurture them than other educational institutions.

Today is the start of a new school year at Tendo Gakuen.

Students are coming to school, talking with their friends about what happened during spring break.

“Oh, she’s…!”

“Cha! I’ve been able to see her from day one! It’s my lucky day!”

“She’s really cool…”

But when I saw a student walking by, a small cheer went up.

The only people cheering were female students, and it was thought that the target audience would be male students as well… Surprisingly, it was the female students who were attracting their attention.

It’s not hard to hear their cheers, but she doesn’t show any reaction at all, walking neatly and steadily.

Her golden hair was originally long enough to cover the nape of her neck and hang slightly down her back, but now it was pulled back into a small ponytail.

Her crisp eyebrows are raised and sharply drawn.

Her clear blue eyes reminded the viewer of the sea or the sky.

Her nose was straight and her lips were full. Her neatly arranged face was truly worthy of being called a beautiful girl.

Watching her walk with her long, slender legs, however, it was not the men who cheered, but the women.

Her name was Rika Onizuka. She was one of the two most popular idols at Tendo Academy, and was especially popular among women.

She was what we call a woman who was popular with women.

Normally, she would be a little unhappy about that, but from Rika’s point of view, it was more convenient.

It was better to be liked by a woman than by a man.

“Good morning.”

“……Good morning.”

Rika returns a small greeting to the gym teacher standing in front of the school gate.

Due to the fact that Tendo Gakuen is a high deviation school, dyeing one’s hair is basically not allowed.

Rika’s hair, which was originally Japanese black, had been dyed gold.

However, she was still able to enter the school without being stopped.

The main reason for this was probably Rika’s outstanding performance in both academics and club activities.

It’s a bit of a special treatment, but it’s really helpful for her not to be instructed every single time.

This golden hair is very important to her.

“……Oh. I have to go see the class change.”

In Tendo Gakuen, class reassignment takes place once a year at every promotion.

Rika goes to look at the large board in the courtyard to see which class she has been placed in.

“I hope it’s with… Mai.”

Rika mumbles to herself in a small voice.

She has very few close friends, as men keep their distance from her and women look at her as a princess.

However, Mai, as she calls her, is the only one who can be called her best friend.

No, I haven’t told anyone, but to tell you the truth, we have a better relationship than that…

A lot of students gathered in front of the board in the courtyard, cheering and screaming at the sight of the class.

When you go near them, the crowd naturally gives way, like Moses.

“(I mean, you don’t have to avoid them that much… Men are annoying, though…)”

It’s not that Rika has a fondness for women, I have to admit that I’m a little concerned when people avoid me like this.

However, my heart was not weak enough to be deeply hurt by that, so I walked to the board and looked for my name.

“There was… The rest is…”

After I found my name, I looked for Mai’s name.

If I wanted to, I would have preferred her to be with me…


I found Mai’s name in the same class as mine.

Her normally almost unchanging expression faltered.

The schoolgirls who were peeking at Rika cackled with yellow cheers.

Rika snorts in satisfaction.

Now that she knows her and Mai’s class, she no longer has a reason to stay here.

I stepped my body back, thinking that it would be hard for others to see it if I stayed here all the time.


There was a thump in my body.

I moved without looking behind me, so I must have bumped into the person standing behind me.

It was a very sturdy man, and Rika stumbled forward involuntarily.

Probably a man. I hate men. But ignoring him when she was at fault was also something that Rika, who is basically a good person, could not do.

“I’m sorry…”

She turned around and tried to make a small apology… but her voice was getting quieter and quieter.

Rika’s blue eyes also rose higher and higher.

The man she had bumped into was as big and stern as a stone statue.

He was so big that she wondered if he was really her classmate. His muscles were ripped to the bone.

The man’s eyes were fixed on Rika.

She tries to stay away from men in her daily life, but that’s fine with her.

If he looks at her, she feels a little uncomfortable, but that’s all.

But the man’s eyes were… so majestic that Rika felt a creeping sensation that she could not resist.

“Oh, don’t worry about it.”

Fortunately, the man didn’t seem to be angry with Rika.

The man’s voice was too masculine for Rika to feel anything but disgust.

“You were okay… or…”

Unable to answer the man’s caring words, Rika dashed away from the scene.

I know it’s rude. I know that it is my fault.

But I couldn’t stand it.

Even a normal man is tough, but there was no way Rika, who hates… men, could talk to such a manly man in front of her.

The man was left alone in front of the board.

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The series rating is really low on novelupdate. The dykes getting dick fantasy really rustle some jimmies eh?

Thanks for the translation.