IAIK Ch.65

Ch 65


“~Haaa~ ~Haaa~ Th-that was…”

Maia was lying on Alexander’s chest, breathing hotly and heavily trying to

trying to calm her upset body a little from all the amazing things she had done only moments ago….

She was leaving her unrestrained body weight on Alexander, and crushing her soft breasts into his body, as they lay on the bathroom floor, next to the pool of water.

“Wow… I never thought Maia-san was this kind of person.”

Alexander said jokingly, and Maia blushed and then lightly biting the chest of Alexander.

“Ay ay ay! It’s okay, it’s okay hahaha.”

Alexander squirmed and played along a bit with Maia as if he was really hurt by this, only to end up laughing.

Alexander grabbed Maia by the hips, and pulled her straight up on top of himself, as he just looked at her silently.

And Maia was doing the same.


Alexander thought about what their Wives would say when they noticed this, and about Maia, since unlike in the Anime, where nothing of her personal life was shown, here it was more realistic, completely.

Maia had a life of her own as the leader of the Fourth Fortress, and had her likes and dislikes.

Maia looked at Alexander, and she had to admit that his face and his long crimson hair, along with those Indigo blue eyes, reached deep inside her.

She knew that Alexander was a very special person, she knew that, but that didn’t take away from the fact that

Alexander had been to her like the piece that fit in her life.

Maia knew she had been in several fights, she had been pined for by many men, even within this World, and there was no shortage of handsome, noble or even more masculine ones, but no one had been able to shake her body and soul like this man.

She could also understand how it was that Alice, a person who in her eyes was very serious, or Prim, who was literally the opposite, or even Kaguya, who was only used to being within the walls of her city, followed Alexander.

Maia: “Good, I’ve decided!”

She said briskly and smiled at Alexander.

Alexander: “Oh, and what have you decided?”

Maia smiled at Alexander as if she were a naughty cat.

Maia: “I will be your Wife, and I will follow you on your journey!”

Alexander couldn’t help but laugh a little, seeing Maia’s very cheerful mood.

Alexander: “Maia…”

Then he looked at her with a very soft face.

Alexander: “From this moment on…. are you willing to be my wife, and allow me to become your man?”

Maia: “I would be honored, Alex-sama.”

Maia didn’t know what this was about, but she answered sincerely anyway.

Alexander smiled and then hugged Maia a little more to himself, gave her a little kiss on her lips and said:



Law of ???.

He raised his right hand as he quickly created an artifact in it.

Maia watched in amazement at what was happening, but only hoped and looked forward to this moment, and it seemed more magical than even the Magic performed by the magicians she knew.

Alexander created a ring exactly like that of all his Wives, with very unique designs and very detailed structures that made it simple, but worthy only of royalty.

Maia looked at this ring which floated a little in Alexander’s hand, until he took it, and then he smiled at Maia.

Alexander: “This is proof that you are my wife.”

Maia: “…”

She was just speechless, and stunned not knowing what to say, until she could squeeze:

“But… are you sure, Alex-sama…? Wasting such an object on me…”

She suddenly put on a complicated expression, and tears charged her eyes.

Alexander hadn’t expected this kind of reaction, and though he felt doubt at this, he turned his attention to something else.

Alexander: “Maia.”

She looked up at him.

Alexander also looked at her seriously before continuing:

“I will not allow someone to talk about my wife like that, even if it is herself, you are a great woman, a perfect woman, and it would be my luck to have you by my side, forever.”

Maia: “Alex-sama…”

She gasped looking at Alexander’s face.

Alexander smiled and took her left hand, then her ring finger, and lovingly placed the ring there.

The ring, with red accents like her hair, fit perfectly on Maia’s finger, then shone a little so that then…

Maia closed her eyes and felt as if she had been living in the cold all her life, when suddenly a warm, overprotective blanket covered her.

She didn’t know if this was pleasure, but Maia suddenly felt so good that even her “Soul” seemed to glow.

Maia: “…”

Maia looked up and saw that Alexander was looking back at her with an extremely deadly laugh for her, and she had been speechless.

She had never been someone who could have big commitments, or at least she didn’t imagine so, from a very young age… for all the dark things she had suffered, she had never thought that she could be completely happy.

She never thought she could have someone to say “Husband” to sometime, someone she could depend on.

She never thought she would find a man worthy of herself.

She never thought that someone as unique in scale as Alexander would accept her.

She never thought she would be able to form a family in the future, like those she adapted to see every day with some jealousy…

But here she was…

Being loved by a man, by a God among men, whom she had met only a half a day ago.

She had never believed in destiny, because her life had been so difficult, and practically nightmares terrified her every night.

An orphan, in this World, stealing to eat, defending herself from the whole World that had turned its back on her.

She didn’t believe in fate, but at this moment….

She wanted to thank whoever the God of Fate was, or the God of Sun, or even Celestine-sama, whoever….

For putting Alexander in her path….

For putting Alexander in her life.

Alexander saw that Maia’s face had started to change, with different expressions.

Until finally she began to sob a little.

*Sniff* *Sniff* *Sniff*

Tears were falling from her eyes uncontrollably like a sinuous rain.

*Sniff* *Sniff*

Her nose was a little red and she couldn’t stop crying.

Alexander saw this and wiped away what he could of her tears, then hugged her and with Connection, comforted her.

After a few minutes, he noticed that she fell asleep, and sighed a little as he really didn’t expect to cause this kind of scene at this time, and apparently Maia had several internal problems, which of course, he would remove one by one.

He positioned her lying down on the floor, and was a little surprised at the very strong grip with which she was holding his hand.

Alexander just smiled and with Minuscule Creation, made a sheet for her to cover her, as he stayed by her side.

Alexander: “She really had a hard life, huh?”


Alexander spoke a little loudly, as if he deliberately wanted someone to hear him.


And he felt a sigh in the back, to see Eleonora emerge from between the side room of the bathroom, with her same “armor”, and a somewhat complicated face.

“…How long have you known, Alex-sama?”

Eleonora asked as she sat down in Seiza next to Alexander, next to Maia.

“You know… My hearing ability… is 20 times better than that of a normal Dark Elf…”


Eleonora who heard it, blushed very heavily.

‘Uhhh~ He heard me~’

As she squirmed a little.


Alexander who saw this part of a woman from what he knew, she was mostly serious, and strict, and could not help but laugh a little.

“Alex-sama, don’t tease please…”

Eleonora pouted as she said this.

“Okay, okay… sigh.”

Alexander shrugged and then looked up at Maia, to sigh a little and run his hand over her head.

Some time passed in silence.

Almost as if the previously somewhat complicated situation had just settled into place.

Alexander: “Eleonora, earlier, if I heard correctly…”

Eleonora: “…”

She looked at Alexander doubtfully, but still blushed a little as she remembered everything he had said while she was “satisfying” herself.

Alexander: “So you have feelings for me too? don’t you?”

Eleonora: “!”

Eleonora was surprised at how direct Alexander was, but still nodded and lowered her head, which looked like a ripe tomato.

Alexander: “The truth is that it’s also reciprocal, just like with Maia… I tend to be a very selfish man and… women like you dazzle my life, and I can’t help it, it’s a normal thing, it almost always happens too fast, I still think I get to like someone too fast, but I really can’t help it, that’s why… would you also want to be my wife, just like Maia, even when I can be very jealous and unfair?”

Eleonora raised her head, and her eyes sparkled as she listened to Alexander.

She nodded with a dazzling smile and like she had never felt in life.

Eleonora: “I would be delighted, Alex-sama.”

Alexander saw this and couldn’t help but sigh:

“I really think I must be the luckiest man in the World… to have two girls like you and Maia, who are willing to be my women… so, Eleonora, come closer.”

Alexander said to Eleonora and she, with her heart pounding, stood up a little and leaned towards Alexander.


Alexander leaned in as well and shared his first kiss with Eleonora…with Maia’s hand tightly clutched in his.

Eleonora unlike Maia, had indeed been with a man before, so she was not

completely inexperienced in these matters, but when Alexander’s lips touched hers…


Eleonora felt her insides explode with pleasure and warmth as her Cognitive World was turned upside down, and this seemed even more special when she felt a part of Alexander enter her mouth, making her shiver with pure, almost tangible pleasure.

She naturally, with knowledge of the forbidden fruit, had masturbated a great number of times in her life… but at this moment, a single kiss from Alexander… was giving her a heavenly satisfaction that she had never even thought could exist…

Almost as if she had discovered a new world.

They lingered in the kiss for a while, as neither wanted to part from the other.

But at that moment, when everything seemed so Magical….

“HAA! Gotcha, Alex-sama~! Put your hands up!”

A familiar pink shadow suddenly entered the bathroom while shouting with amusement.

So, what happened?

Alexander was so startled at this moment that without even realizing it, he had separated from Eleonora, and had raised his hands, or well, his one free hand, as if he were a criminal caught in the act.


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