IAIK Interlude 10

Interlude 10

A very diversified environment could be observed.

Mountains so large in the distance, that they seemed as high and imposing as if they were a building skyscraper.

On the small mountain, you could see a plain full of green grass, but also, blue grass, and dark blue grass.

You could also see dragonfly-like insects swirling around.

Similar, since these were spiritual beings.

The place gave off a very mystical atmosphere, and even the stream that flowed down not far from the mountain sparkled with golden light.

A little farther away, one could see, in the same way, a… “row” of small… spirits, it seemed, floating a few meters away, seemingly, hovering a few feet off the ground as they advanced with discretion, and balance.


Suddenly, one of these small beings, resembling foxes, but very tiny, fell towards the ground.

It was less than 5 centimeters long, and if any mature woman saw it, she would definitely not think too much before kidnapping it and taking it home… because of how “Kawai” this little black-and-white glowing fox was.

A strange detail, or two strange details, was that the little fox had a different color from the others, that is to say, its little tail was completely black, and on its back there was a black line that also reached its head, while the others were only white, and the fox that was leading this group of small animals was golden.


The small fox, with a pained expression, looked down at its paw, which had some red spots on it.

It was a wound.

Far from paying any attention to this situation, the line of foxes kept walking, and something could be observed, the small golden fox that was leading the group, his eyes looked slightly at the wounded fox with a very ostentatious, and arrogant, expression on his little fox face.


The black and white fox, looked at the line that was getting farther and farther away, and not quite knowing what to do now, that he could not move, he began to lick the paw that had the wound, though strangely… the movement and the sensation it gave, were extremely natural, as if he had already done it several times.

Time went by, and two days passed, the little fox had dirt marks on his face, looked very weak, and could not stand upright.

Every time he tried, he would simply faint on the ground.


Although the sound he emitted might have sounded devilishly adorable, in reality, it was a call for help.

It had no strength left.

And the little fox couldn’t survive much longer on its own.


Its voice was getting weaker, as it was also starting to fall asleep.

It was already getting dark in this place, and this was a rare thing, as the day had lasted two days, 48 hours, and it might even have been more.

The fox then, seeing the night fall, began to glow a little, and in his breed, this meant that someone “cried”.

He had been born 7 days ago, and since then, all his energy had been drained out day by day, by the treatment with which it was received by others like him, by its race.

It was even intelligent, as it had a retentive memory, and could remember all this.

It was tiring, physically, and mentally.

It began to close his small, thin, delicate eyes.

It hoped it would not wake up again.

And the moment it had completely closed its eyes….


A rasping noise was heard in front of it, instantly, it adorable ears perked up, and it opened its eyes again.

What appeared to be a slit, was manifesting there, while inside there was only darkness.

The little fox wanted to run away from there instantly, but it simply could hardly even move.

With its small paws, it covered its eyes slightly, and after a long time in silence, feeling absolutely nothing, it fearfully pulled its paws away to see.

It was already almost completely without strength, but it could see a strange figure, a thing, which seemed to be to be sitting, in front of him, as it looked at it with two such Indigo blue eyes, that they seemed to be

jet in some shade.

The fox simply fainted as it glowed a little, it did not even have the strength to cry properly.

But, before it’s consciousness was sucked into the darkness, two things happened.

“I wonder… who could harm such a pure being?”

It heard a voice, or a sound from somewhere, that it couldn’t understand, and then….

A warmth spread throughout its body, as it made him feel very good, so much so, that….


It moaned a little, and then it became completely unconscious in a comfortable, warm feeling, that felt like it was being hugged.

It was the best feeling of its entire life.

It was the best thing that had ever happened to it in his very short life, literally.

At that moment, this little spirit felt like its destiny was fulfilled before it fell asleep.

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