Y. NTR Ch.3

Ch 3

“I ran away…”

Rika escaped from that place by dashing as fast as she could, and she felt self-loathing as she walked down the hallway.

No matter how much she hated men, she wouldn’t have responded that way, would she?

In the first place, it was her fault because she had been careless and bumped into him.

And yet, how can you ignore the words of someone who cares about you and run away…


Rika lets out a deep sigh.

The female students cheered, saying that such an appearance was also good for their boredom.

It’s not just that Rika doesn’t like men… but that she cowers when they’re around.

It sends chills down my spine and makes me stiffen up.

Because the truth is, she’s not a man-hater…

“I have to… apologize.”

She didn’t want to look for a man if she could help it, but she couldn’t be evil either, and she would be overwhelmed with guilt for a long time.

I knew I had to move on and find him and apologize…


Rika let out another sigh.

There was one girl who came at her from behind.

Her breasts are so full that you can see them even through her school uniform.

Then she kicked the ground hard and jumped.



Rika’s eyes rounded as she was hugged from behind with a tight hug.

At the same time, I felt a tremendous pressure squirming in my back.

It was a chest that was much larger than she had ever seen.

By the sound of her voice and chest, she recognized the person who was hugging her and relaxed her earlier expression of depression.

“… Mai.”

“Yes, it’s me.”

She rubs her cheek against my cheek.

It’s ticklish, but it feels good…

“Kun-kun, kun-kun. Ha… Rika-chan smells good!”

“Stop… smelling me. It’s embarrassing.”

Rika’s cheeks blushed as Mai buried her face in her neck and sniffed her.

Then, seemingly satisfied, Mai pulled away from her with a bang.

“No, I’m sorry. I really wanted to touch Rika-chan.”

Mai smiles in a cute way.

Her beautiful, undyed black hair is gathered into a single side-tail.

Her eyes, unlike Rika’s, are somewhat droopy, giving her a calm impression.

She has a cute and well-developed face, and in contrast to Rika, whose expression doesn’t change much, her face changes from time to time, giving her a charming appearance.

She wears her school uniform well, and her breasts are so full that they attract the attention of not only male students but also male teachers.

As much as possible, Rika didn’t want men to look at her, but she had a tendency to happily attract their attention.

In that sense, she was the complete opposite of Rika.

Her name was Mai Terui. If Rika is popular with the female students, Mai is popular with the male students.

The two are the two biggest idols at Tendo Gakuen, and best friends. And…

“But we’re a couple of lovers, so it’s not strange, right?”


Rika nodded softly as she whispered close to her ear.

Yes, the two of them are lovers. They are the same sex, but they are a yuri couple united by their romantic feelings.

For this reason, Rika does not want Mai to make gestures or dress in a way that will attract the attention of men… It seems that Mai enjoys this, so she cannot stop her.

“…but don’t say it in these places because you don’t want to be found out.”

“Yes, yes, I know. I know what I’m talking about.”

Mai nodded her head repeatedly at Rika’s words.

It may be said that Japan has become more tolerant of homosexuality in recent years, but that doesn’t mean that there are no cases of curious eyes looking at us.

Moreover, if word got out that we were forming a yuri couple in the closed space of the school, bad things might happen.

So, it is a relationship that should never be revealed.


Even though she had just thought about it and said so, Mai gave Rika a small, touchy kiss.

Mai smiles at Rika’s astonished expression as her face turns red.

“I told you before…!”

“Ehehe. It’s because you’re cute, Rika-chan! This much is safe, right?”

“…no good.”

With that, Rika went off to her class alone.

Mai, who had known her for a long time, knew that she was not an angry… person.

She could see her golden hair fluttering and her ears tinged red.

“Ah… you’re still so cute!”

Mai stood alone in the hallway, twisting and turning.

The male students gulped as they watched her voluptuous, man-pleasing body sway.

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