IAIK Ch.66

Ch 66


Alexander was speechless, and a little sweat was trickling down his forehead.

A white light was focused on him, and although he was in Maia’s office, in the afternoon when there was still Sun, it looked more like a dark interrogation room than anything else.

“So…we’ve been getting complaints of a lot of fluffy and dangerous sounds coming out of the Castle’s main bathroom, and when we arrived at the scene of the crime, we caught him in the act, what’s your

comment on that, criminal-san?”

A Prim dressed as a detective, with a fake mustache and a cap that said [FBI] on her head, spoke as she focused the light on Alexander’s face.


“Oh~? I see, so you have nothing to say, huh? Well, if so, then, bring the witness~!”

Suddenly, Alexander saw to his left where a servant girl had suddenly appeared somewhat plump, who unbelievably to Alexander, actually had a censure in her eyes.

“I-I was passing b-by the bathroom as I heard Maia-sama making a m-very m-very m-doubtful voice… but I swear, I had nothing to do with the crime and me having eaten that cake yesterday-…!” *Mhm?* *Mhmm!*

“That would be all for now, witness-san.”

Prim, or the detective said as she watched someone put a tape over the mouth of the witness who was hesitant, and then looked very scared.

She then looked towards Alexander, who was sweating some more.

Prim (Detective): “After we were alerted, we ran over there and at the scene we found Maia-sama’s corpse on the ground, while apparently the criminal-san was celebrating with his accomplice… with a kiss!”


In the background, after the detective finished speaking, some muffled sounds were heard, as if of someone who had their mouth sealed and was trying to speak.

Naturally, if that person did not have her mouth tied, she would be saying:

“I’m alive, I’m not dead, Prim-san~!”

But well, the World was a cruel place, so she had her mouth sealed.

“… And now, what do you have to say in your defense, how do you plead?”

The detective asked with a somber tone, cute, but somber.

Alexander then became determined, and even though he knew it was very unfair, he spoke:

“… The truth is that I… I… I… I…”

He could not go on and made a complicated face, to express:

“… I was not the murderer, it was Eleonora, she did it, she seduced me not to say anything!”

*Dramatically holding his breath*.

Pri-… The detective looked shocked beyond belief as she inhaled with shock and surprise Written all over her face, to turn her gaze elsewhere….

Where suddenly…


A white light came on and Eleonora was seen to be handcuffed in a chair, and her face looked disappointed and surprised as well.

“You, you… you betrayed me…!”

She exclaimed as she looked at Alexander.


Alexander turned his head with a complicated expression, refusing to look directly into Eleonora’s eyes.

“… I was actually disappointed in you, Eleonora-san, you seemed like such a nice woman, you had even earlier had given me some candy…”

The detective shook her head, while having pain on her face for saying this.


Eleonora was looking at the ground with a blank expression as if she had given up on everything, as if the World lost its color.

“Then, since Alexander-san didn’t commit the crime, the subject Eleonora-san is decl-….”

“Excuse me…”

Alexander interrupted the detective who was about to unleash the sledgehammer of the law with all its weight on Eleonora.


The detective tilted her head in doubt, causing her moustache to pop out a bit, which she quickly put back in place as if it were nothing….

“… So… may I make an offer?”

Alexander was speechless about the mustache and sweated a little, but he continued to wear a Mysterious aura and said to the detective.

“… No, I’m sorry but in this department we don’t accept any bribes-….”

“It has to do with some special milk pudding…”

Alexander interrupted the detective and although the detective was turning a deaf ear to what he was saying, the moment the words “special milk pudding” rang out, her ears seemed to grow a little bigger as she

grow a little bigger as she coughed a little.

*cough* *cough*

“…What was it you were saying, Alex-sama? Special? Special milk pudding? So this kind of pudding wasn’t just a normal milk pudding but was special?”

She asked quickly as a bit of drool dribbled out of her mouth, even without realizing that she added honorifics to Alexander’s name….

“… Yes, exactly, it’s a recipe that was very complicated to learn, but one that I managed to master well… I was wondering if I could exchange the pudding for the absolution of both me, and Eleonora…”


Eleonora spoke as she looked at Alexander with surprise, and Alexander nodded back at her, as if saying:

“I really never abandoned you, Eleonora, I never thought I’d remember this milk pudding thing, and well that betraying you was just a distraction so I could think better how to get out of it, yes, it was just that, a distraction, it’s not like I was really betraying you or anything.”

… Only he didn’t really mean it.

“Ok~ Yay!”

The detective jumped up excitedly but then realized something….

“That’s to say…! *Gohon* That offer will be looked into for later *wink* *wink* Though you shouldn’t have too many expectations, because it’s not that easy to bribe someone from the FBI *Wink* *Wink* *Wink* And I’ve always been an upright person who doesn’t take milk puddings… of bribes.”

*Wink* *Wink* *Wink*

Alexander then smiled as if he’d gotten away with it as he watched the “straight” detective wink at his agreement with the bribe….

And so…

Between betrayals… special milk pudding… detectives with moustaches… and so on, time went by.

Alexander told Alicia, Prim, who was already in her normal phase, and Kaguya who was still with some tears of laughter, what had happened earlier with Maia.

Maia herself had already woken up and with a lot of energy had hugged and started to kiss Alexander, and as the others knew very well what had happened, they allowed this to happen.

While after Maia, it had been a mature Eleonora, blushing, who had thrown herself into Alexander’s hands to kiss him, and he responded with the same intensity.

They stayed until about 9:00 PM, talking to each other in Maia’s office,

while Alexander talked about himself, about who he was and what he was doing in this world, of course, all of this after giving Eleonora, his ring with light violet sparkles, like her eyes.

And one thing that Alexander finally noticed, is Eleonora’s extremely strong resemblance with Mamako Oosuki, the mom of the MC of the Anime: Tujo Kogeki ga Zentai Kogeki from Ni-kai Kogeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka?

A very funny Anime that because of his photographic memory, Alexander remembered every detail… such as the name.

And in fact, just like the Mamako of the Anime, Eleonora also had an extremely Milf appearance, where even her marvellous breasts were bigger than Mamako’s, as well as her more toned body and plump ass…

She is practically celestial S-rank in body, much like Chaia, only a little bit less toned down.

And an interesting fact is that Eleonora had been Alexander’s first wife, which did not concrete her relationship with… sex.

Although with the somewhat… violating… glances Eleonora was giving Alexander, he knew that he didn’t have much left to do this, and it was something he was really looking forward to.

Being purely honest.

Also, Alexander talked about his powers, and even about Asora, who although at first Maia and Eleonora weren’t so sure about this, when Kaguya told them about the Shampoo with stars in her eyes, Alicia told them about the technological equipment for training at the gym, and Prim mentioned to them about the Alexander’s advanced cooking, from their eyes came out almost lights like from time to time happened to Kenichi’s teachers, from the Anime “The strongest disciple” in an exciting moment, or that some way to earn money was mentioned…

Maia also told him about her life so far, at least, about her past, and Eleonora too.

It so happens that since Maia became a Knight Princess, Eleonora was with her, and from there they were almost inseparable.

Eleonora was more like a Mother or an older sister to Maia, with her very mature and gentle character, and Maia as her naughty little sister…

And the fact that they shared the same man… and that this man was Alexander, gave them Eleonora and Maia food for thought for their suddenly glowing future.

They talked about more things, too, and at nine o’clock that evening, Maia invited them all to the feast she had sent for.

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