Y. NTR Ch.4

Ch 4

Rika goes to her class and goes to the seat with her student number on the blackboard.

I really wish… Mai would be more careful.

She has an inexplicably loose or easygoing side.

I hope that doesn’t lead to fatal mistakes…

Well, it’s just a matter of me, her lover, being at her side and paying attention to her.

Rika and Mai are a yuri couple… and it is only natural that they help each other.

Rika sits in her seat, thinking about this.

In the classroom, people are interacting with each other, some of whom have been close friends since last year, and some of whom are meeting for the first time today.

No one comes close to Rika.

She is considered a man-hater because she has avoided men, and women see her as a woman of high rank, so no one wants to approach her to talk.


‘No,’ Rika said, shaking her head.

I have Mai, don’t I? So I am not a loner.

… Mai has many male friends. On the contrary, she was popular with men and had a tendency to be pretentious, so she was avoided by women.

“(… If possible, I’d like her to be friends with women instead of men.)”.

While thinking about this, Rika glanced to the side.


There was a wall of muscle there.

It was a wall of muscle, the kind of ripped muscle that a woman could never get even if she tried.

Rika was stunned by the overwhelming amount of muscle mass she had never seen before, causing her normal expressionless face to collapse.

If you raise your eyes slowly, as if you were looking up at a high mountain range, you will see…

“(Oh that person from that time…)”
The face was familiar to me.

Rika has very little contact with men, so to be honest, the guy’s face was vague, even to her classmates.

But this was the man I had just met, the man I had bumped into and for whom I had hoped to apologize one day. There was no way I could forget him.

“(This is scary…)”

I didn’t like normal, skinny men, but this kind of manly man was even worse.

But the option of not apologizing never entered the mind of the good Rika.

“Oh, um…”


So Rika had no choice but to call out to him.

It must have been a very low voice, but the man turned around immediately.

His stern face made Rika’s slender body tremble with fear.

She exhaled one breath and calmed herself down.

It’s okay, it’s okay…

“I’m sorry about… earlier…”

I bowed my head in a small bow to show my gratitude.

He is a stern man. I was afraid that he might ask me to do something ridiculous.

I had such a feeling of fear…

“Oh, don’t worry about it. I mean… you apologized to me earlier, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, ah…”

The man did not respond in the way Rika had imagined, but spoke in a tone of voice with a gravity that a woman could not produce, but one that seemed to care for her.

“What I’m concerned about is your body. As you can see, I’m a big guy for nothing. Were you injured on that side?”

“… Yes, I’m fine.”

Rika nodded her head.

What the hell? He’s a man, but he’s decent, isn’t he?

I’ve been thinking a lot, and it was rude.

“Well, that’s good to know.”

“… Um, I’ll give you something to apologize for.”

Rika said this because she felt guilty about the man and she didn’t want him to use this as a story to extort her in the future.

It was true that the man was concerned about me, but I still didn’t know anything about him.

Then it would be best to leave concerns out of it.

“No, I don’t want those things…”

“… I want to do it.”

The man raises his eyebrows in obvious annoyance.

Rika still packed it in… Of course, she didn’t physically close in on him because she hates men.

The man thought about it for a while and nodded…

“Right. Well then, stop using honorifics.”


“You and I are classmates. And my seatmate. It’s strange to use honorifics when we’re going to be in class together for the next year, isn’t it?”

Rika rounded her eyes.

She doesn’t like men, so she doesn’t approach them, and the boys know that she avoids them, so they don’t approach her.

So it doesn’t matter if she uses honorific language, because she rarely communicates with them in the first place…

However, Rika couldn’t help but chuckle, as she hadn’t expected to be asked to correct her language instead of asking for money or goods.

Those who were fortunate enough to see her smile, her expression barely moving, could not help but gaze at her, regardless of gender.

“… I understand.”

“Yeah, that’s good. Nice to meet you.”

The man also smiled at Rika, who nodded her head and gave him a friendly smile.

He has a stern face, but his smile is childlike, Rika thought.

Maybe it was because she was distracted, but she also said things that she would never normally say.

“… name.”


“We don’t know each other’s names, do we? If we were classmates, I think we should know each other.”

The man nodded his head in agreement with Rika’s words.

“I’m Ogiwara Eiji. Nice to meet you.”

“…Onizuka Rika. Nice to meet you.”

They smiled thinly at each other.

I still don’t like men, but I think I can be relatively decent with this guy — Eiji.

…Of course, we’ll never be best friends like Mai.

Mai rushes into the calm air that is flowing in the room.

She hit the brakes with a squeak to stop the breakneck speed.

She stepped in between Rika and Eiji.

“I hope you won’t be too friendly with my Rika-chan!”

“…What the hell is this guy?”

Mai protests, shaking her ample breasts, and immediately hugs Rika.

Eiji furrows his brow at the sight of her.

Rika was surprised that a man would give such an annoyed look to Mai, who was very popular with men and had achieved idol status, but she decided to pull Mai off of her anyway, as she felt like she was suffocating from the huge breasts pressed against her face.

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