C.C. Ch.31

Womb tattoo on Lulu♡

“…Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡… There♡… It feels good ♡”

“Lulu. It’s already nighttime.”

On the day of the village festival, Lulu got carried away and continued to have sex with me all day. It was already night. The bed in the empty house in the village where I was staying was stained with the mixture of Lulu’s love juices and my semen from the sex.

“Lulu. Don’t you want to go see Pokko?”

“…It’s okay♡… Ah♡ Ah♡… Yuri’s cock feels good♡… Ah♡ Ah♡… It’s all Yuri’s fault♡… Ah♡”

Nupo♡ Nupo♡

“…There♡… Poke me harder♡”

Lulu, who has changed from a clean warrior to a slutty female, has her hands on the bed and is lying on her back enjoying my cock as it slips in and out of her pussy. Today’s sex had given her a taste of different positions and increased her sexual experience.

Her vaginal flesh, which was still firm when she had just lost her virginity, had been loosened up by today’s sex, and she was now a slutty female pussy, sucking on my cock in a nasty, wet way.

“Pokko. I’m sorry♡… I’m not a virgin anymore♡… I’m not a virgin anymore♡… but♡… Yuri’s cock♡… feels so good♡… feels so good ♡… ooh ♡”

Lulu is enthusiastically shaking her hips with me and mumbling confessions to her first love, Pokko. I guess it’s about time. For her, Pokko is now in the past.

After confirming this, I decide to carve a lewd mark on her belly while continuing to have intense sex with Lulu.


A black lewd mark was carved into Lulu’s body below her belly button. Now all I have to do is pour my semen into her body and the pattern will be complete.

“―Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ What’s this♡… Wow♡― Ah♡… My pussy♡… It feels so good♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡”

Lulu, whose body sensitivity has been heightened by my lewd crests, makes a pleasant sound as I thrust my cock into her body. Her vaginal walls tightened with pleasure, and her entire pussy began to secrete copious amounts of thick love juice.

The inside of Lulu’s vagina, soggy from being stirred up by my cock, licks and sucks at my penis. I can’t get enough of that feeling.

“That’s because I carved a sign on Lulu that she is now my woman. Now Lulu will be able to feel more comfortable when she has sex with me.”

“Really♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ I-I became a Yuri woman♡… I’m so happy♡… Ah♡ Ah♡”

The instincts of the werewolf tribe, which forms a vertical society as a pack, seemed to make Lulu happy to be subservient to me. The moment she hears my words, her vaginal flesh jiggles happily, and Lulu’s tail flicks to show her emotions.

“Lulu. I’m going to come inside you.”

“Yes♡ give me all of your seed inside me♡”

Topu♡ Topu♡

Lulu’s pussy has been hooked on sex ever since she first discovered how good it feels, and I’m about to give her a Creampie for the umpteenth time today. As soon as my semen was poured into her, her entire vagina began to bob and sway as if she was tasting something delicious, and she was desperately trying to swallow all the semen from my cock!

“Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡”

Lulu’s body has been transformed to feel pleasure when my semen is poured into her, and she is shaking with the feeling of being penetrated by me for the first time since I carved her lewd pattern. This is how I’m going to make her completely dependent on my pleasure.

“Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡”

Lulu continued to enjoy the taste of my semen in her womb for a while, as she came in a pleasant way, as if she was stunned!



 I pulled my penis out of Lulu’s pussy as she slumped over in the standing back position and begged me to take her pussy again. If someone who knew the innocent warrior Lulu from yesterday saw her now, they would not believe what they were seeing.

“Don’t pull it out♡”

She begs me for more in a sweet female voice that I can’t imagine from the warrior voice that Lulu was making yesterday. I decided to ask Lulu to give me a cleaning blowjob.

“Lulu. Lick me.”

“…I can’t help it♡”

―Hamu♡… Jupu♡… Jupu♡

Lulu got down on her knees at my feet, and unlike the naive girl of yesterday, she sucked my cock without hesitation. She had been trained by me to suck cock to a certain extent, and she was no longer faltering as she had been when I first gave her a blowjob.

…Zuzozozozo♡… Zuzozozozo♡

Lulu was changed by me from an innocent warrior girl to this.

“Lulu. I’ll put it in your mouth.”

“Hiyo♡… Ham♡ It’s tearing me up♡… Jupopo♡”

I was quickly squeezed by Lulu’s mouth-whore for my cock, and I released my semen into her mouth. Looking up at me, Lulu continued to suck my cock, looking like she was enjoying it.

Topu♡ Topu♡

“-n♡ n♡ n♡”

I poured a lot of semen into Lulu’s mouth as she tasted my cock deliciously. Lulu looked up at me with a smile on her face as she stood on her knees, anticipating the end of her ejaculation, but I didn’t stop pouring my semen into her mouth.

I grabbed Lulu’s head tightly with both hands and pulled her face in, screwing my cock deep into her throat and pouring more semen into Lulu’s mouth. And just like that, I started to use Lulu’s mouth for deep Throating!

Guppo♡ Guppo♡ Guppo♡

“―Fugo♡ Gogogogogo♡”

The sudden penetration of my cock into the back of her throat caused Lulu to panic for a moment, but since her throat was also turned into a sexual zone by the lewd mark, and since her constitution was changed to feel the intense pleasure of having my semen poured into her mouth, Lulu’s eyes immediately became cloudy with pleasure, and she began to devour the pleasure of being fucked by my cock. Lulu’s eyes clouded over with pleasure as she began to enjoy the pleasure of being deep-throated by my cock.

“…n…♡ n…♡”

Lulu’s lips were dripping with a mixture of drool and semen from the shock of my thrusting into her throat. But I didn’t care about her, I just thrust my cock into the back of Lulu’s throat, which had turned into a sexual zone, and poured a lot of semen into her mouth.

Topu♡ Topu♡

“-n♡ …n♡ …n♡”

Each time my semen was poured into her body, the crests on Lulu’s body gradually turned pink. Lulu’s voice was inaudible as she quietly continued to accept the deep-throating.

Bota♡ Bota♡

As her mouth and nose began to spill semen from the rough pistoning, I used recovery magic to pump oxygen into Lulu’s body so she wouldn’t suffer, and continued to deep-throat her mouth.

Gopo♡ Gopo♡

A large amount of semen mixed with her saliva spilled out of Lulu’s mouth and onto the ground. The gooey cum stained Lulu’s big tits a gooey white.

“I don’t want it anymore♡ not anymore♡”

Lulu’s body begins to go limp, and she begs me to stop, but I don’t stop deep-throating her. Supporting Lulu’s weak head with both hands, I thrust my cock into her throat and continued my pleasurable pistoning motion!

“―Fugooo♡ ―Ogooo♡”

I’m almost finished with Lulu’s lewd crests as she pours a huge amount of my semen into her body. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face down hard against my crotch for the last spurt, then screwed my cock deep into Lulu’s warm, slippery mouth, and with her head still there, I slid a large amount of semen deep into her throat.

Lulu’s lips kissed my pubic bone as she sucked my cock completely to the root. I could see the heart mark in her eyes.

“-Nguuu♡… n♡… n♡”

Lulu, her face still between my legs with my cock screwed deep into her throat, came with a pleasurable gleam in her eyes. And with that, her lewd pattern is complete.

Dopo♡ Dopo♡

I held Lulu’s head in place as I poured more semen down her throat. Lulu sucked my cock to the root and moved her lips, sucking on my cock for more of my semen. She was accepting my oral ejaculation as she came.

“―n♡ ―n♡ ―n♡ ―n♡ ―n♡”

Su♡ Su♡

Lulu, with her face still between my legs, continues to come. Lulu, who is of werewolf ancestry and has a strong nose, sniffs the smell of my cock comfortably as she receives oral ejaculation with an ahegao on her face.


“Puhhhhh♡ haa…♡ haa…♡”

After being released from the deep-throating, Lulu crawled down on all fours and started to breathe hard, dripping my semen from her mouth. I went behind her on all fours to reward her, and screwed my cock into her pussy, which was wet and sticky from the deep Throating.



As I thrust my cock in and out of Lulu’s pussy, which has become even more sensitive with the completion of her lewd crests, she couldn’t take it anymore and made a pleasant noise. I pushed Lulu’s pussy open and moved my huge cock back and forth, thrusting it in and out of Lulu’s pussy in rapid succession until her vagina hole was battered and bruised.

“Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡”

Bikun♡ Bikun♡

In the back position on all fours on the ground, Lulu came very easily, making a pitiful trot. She had just experienced sex for the first time yesterday, so it seemed that sex with me was still too stimulating for her. But I don’t stop and continue to piston into Lulu’s beastly pussy, which is still wriggling from her orgasm. This is where I’m going to corrupt her.

Nuppo♡ Nuppo♡

“―Ogo♡ ―Wait♡ Yuri♡… Oh♡ ―It’s awesome♡ ―It’s awesome♡ …Oo♡ Oo♡ Ooooooo♡”

Lulu crawls on the ground on all fours as I piston into her, trying to escape the pleasures of overpowering sex, but my hands hold on tightly to her hips and won’t let go. I’m forcing Lulu’s body to pull back and I’m pumping into her pussy relentlessly.

“Ngooooooooooo♡ I…♡ I am cumming♡”

Topu♡ Topu♡

As soon as Lulu came deeply, I poured my semen into her womb. It must feel so good to have semen poured into the depths of your pussy while you come with your lewd crest completed!

“―Ah♡ ―Ah♡ ―Ah♡ ―Ah♡ ―Ah♡”

Lulu’s back arched like a howling wolf as she let out a squeal of ecstasy, tasting my semen as it continued to pour into her pussy.

Kyu♡ Kyu♡

Lulu’s pussy was in heat, and she was sucking on my cock as I was pouring my semen into her vagina, begging for more of my seed. Lulu was on all fours as I pumped my semen into her, and she continued to cum, her body hunched over.

“Reru♡ It’s in my stomach♡ It’s so hot♡ my stomach is so full♡”

Lulu was still stunned, staring up at the ceiling and not moving as I pumped into her. I guess that’s why my semen is the most pleasurable thing for her. She was on all fours and kept moving her hips up and down, pathetically screaming with happiness at the intense euphoria rising from her womb due to the effects of the lewd crest.

Zuchu♡ Zuchu♡

“Ooohhh♡… this makes me happy♡… soooooo happy♡”

After I finished my Creampie, I resumed my pistoning motion and Lulu squealed with delight at the sheer pleasure. She continued to squirm loudly as I used my cock to scrape my semen out of the back of her vagina.

Zuchu♡ Zuchu♡

“Lulu. I’m gonna let it out again.”

“I’m so full♡ Lulu’s puss♡y is full of Yuri’s♡ seeds♡”

I decided to pour more semen into Lulu’s body to finish her off, as she was now fully immersed in the pleasure of sex. On all fours, with her ass lifted up, I gave Lulu’s pussy a powerful seed press as she accepted my cock, and then poured a generous amount of semen into her vagina as I pushed my cock into her womb.


…Dopu♡… Dopu♡

“―n♡ ―n♡ ―n♡ …n♡ …n♡”

As Lulu’s face rubbed against the ground, she fainted with a thirsty look on her face as she had the deepest and sweetest orgasm she’s ever had in her life. She looked so happy as she fainted with her eyes upturned and her tongue sticking out.


“…n♡ …n♡”

I pull my dick out of Lulu’s pussy, which is still stuck up her ass on the ground after I finish my Creampie, and decide to clean up after the sex. Lulu’s womanly pussy, where my cock had just been going in and out of, had a huge hole in it and was still dripping semen.

I cast a clean spell on Lulu’s body and cleaned her up, then gently laid her on the bed and covered her with a blanket. Now I’ve finished corrupting Lulu.

Now I wonder what kind of encounter awaits me next. As I thought about this, I gently stroked Lulu’s wolf ears as she lay beside me, sighing happily.

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