IAIK Ch.68

Ch 68

Aki Nijou suddenly began to wake up as she thought in her mind about what had happened to her.

She remembered that she had finished talking to her friend, and was heading off to organize the infirmary for the opening of the school, and also other matters of different preparations, since the school in a few months would be admitting boys for the first time.

She slowly opened her eyes and the first thing she realized was that she was not in the infirmary, or in the apartment she was renting in the city.

‘What is it, this place?’

She looked in all directions, but found only a cozy, classic guest room, with different things in it.

She also noticed that she was dressed in different clothes, and she got a little scared thinking that someone had captured her.

Just as she sat down on the bed, and was about to get up.

*Door opening sound*.

“~Hmm~ Hmm~ Hm-…. Ohh… ara…”

She watched as a woman, with a striking body and golden eyes, even with what she thought were elven ears, like those in some manga she used to read… she opened the door as she hummed and walked into the room, only this woman noticed that she had stood up, and put a hand to her mouth to exclaim in surprise.

“U-uhmm… who are you?”

Aki asked as she looked at this woman in front of her.

*Gohon* “Good morning, nice to meet you, my name is Olga Smith, and what is your name?”

She, Olga, introduced herself in some strange way, emphasizing her last name a lot, even laughing a little as she said it. She was very proud and happy since it was the first time she had ever introduced herself with that last name.

“Good morning, my name is Aki Nijou, Smith-sama-….”

Aki was speaking but suddenly Olga interrupted her.

“No no, please don’t be so formal with me, call me Olga.” Olga smiled as she said this.

“O-Oh, okay, O-Olga-san, as I was saying, my name is Aki Nijou, and currently… I don’t know where I am…”

Aki introduced herself while touching her large chest, and then looked around with a complicated expression on her face.

Since she really didn’t know if she had been kidnapped somewhere.

“Well, I’m here explicitly to explain that to you, but one thing is for sure, Aki-chan, you don’t need to fear being here in any way, you have not been kidnapped or abducted and how you got here is a little… complicated, but I’ll explain it to you later, okay?”

Olga finished saying and just by her demeanor, Aki could understand that indeed, this was not a gathering place for evil people or something.

Just from this alone, Aki started to have more and more doubts about the whole situation since aside from that she was a woman, she herself was very curious.

Olga just smiled and answered any doubts Aki had.

“And Olga-san, are your ears real, not some kind of costume or something else?”

Olga smiled and said:

“Do you want to touch them?”

Aki nodded and Olga brought his face closer to hers.

“Wow, they’re completely real… it’s almost as if…”

“…I was an Elf? …” *Hmmnhm~*

“Uhnn I-I’m s-sorry, Olga-san!”

Aki was trying to speak, but Olga finished her idea, and at that moment, Olga moaned a little bit so that at once, Aki blushed quite a bit and pulled away.

“No problem, Aki-chan, it’s just that my ears are sensitive, until now it’s only Anata that touches them, and by the way, I’m a Dark Elf, more specifically, a Queen.”


Aki understood everything Olga had explained, although she had been very surprised, but it was not that strange, and yet, what had managed to catch her attention the most was… what Olga had said, that it almost sounded as if she was married….

Aki didn’t know why, but a little jealousy flared up inside her.

And while Aki didn’t know why, of course it was because it was her age, and still didn’t have a husband, didn’t have a boyfriend, and not even having had any romantic interests from the opposite sex.

And since women in general were very… diverse, then it wasn’t very unusual for Aki to feel some of jealousy upon learning this, though of course, it hadn’t even been confirmed, or she herself hadn’t yet had confirmed it, but in her brain she felt that it was the most possible thing in this case.

“Anata is… the person you’re probably here for, Aki-chan, and…. even though there hasn’t been an official ceremony yet… At the moment we’re living as a married couple… well, hehehehe, like a newlywed little family.”


Aki couldn’t understand anything Olga had said, Olga saw this, and passively began to explain.

Who “Anata” was, where they were, who the others were, and how she had gotten here.

Of course, Aki felt a little strange when Olga said many things about this “Anata”, such as the how many times he goes to the bathroom, or how with which hand he washes himself, or that he always picks up his fork with his left hand, or that he holds his chopsticks in such a way, or that his scarlet red hair doesn’t need shampoo, or that the size of his Boxers was such and such… etc.

And needless to say, much later, when Olga had already told him all the main things about the situation, the place, the other people, and at this moment she was talking about “Anata”, with stars in her eyes, Aki, a woman who had less knowledge about Love, than a high school girl, no, than an elementary school girl, no, almost as if Love was that lottery that Aki was was never going to hit… of course, she had many different reactions.

Her face was so red and her eyes were spinning slightly, although Olga didn’t seem to have noticed, from the embarrassment that all this was causing her.

The jealousy in her heart burned, because of the happiness that this woman in front of her, exuded, almost as if she was a pure woman of the church, speaking of how great her God was, or as a Wife who loved her husband so much that she loved him so much, that even the bad things he had, were only more reasons for her bounded infatuation with him.

Also, in her heart, there was a small, but very rapidly growing expectation that she too could find Love in this place, for where she had always been all her life, she had not.

And then, Aki, she put her hand to her breast, as the strangely delicious feeling with which she had woken up this morning occurred again, only this time, a little stronger.

Anyway, by the time Olga noticed that she had inadvertently begun to ramble only 0.2% of the magnitude of how big her “Anata” was, she looked in Aki’s direction and what she saw was a woman so red, she almost looked like a tomato.

“Well, I guess I went a little overboard…”

Olga said somewhat helplessly.

“No… just, I need a few minutes… to be okay…”

Aki said very weakly, as if she had a fever, or a cold.

Even Olga saw this with worried eyes, but what Olga didn’t know was that Aki’s sensitive little maiden heart had been attacked so many times a few moments ago that she couldn’t even think very well.

So Olga, still with a worried look on her face, waited quietly a few


“There, I’m all right now.”

Aki said with a hand on her chest, her face still somewhat red, but much calmer.


Olga sighed in relief, though she also… sighed additionally because she realized that Aki was going to be the ideal person to annoy in the future, and Olga being Olga as she is, she would naturally end up doing it

doing it one way or another, it’s almost as if Aki was born to be teased and embarrassed by all the friends she knew.

‘Sorry, Aki-chan, from now on… hehehehe.’

Thinking this, Olga simply said with a smile:

“Well, Aki-chan, I’m going to call Anata, so she can talk to you, and bring you up to speed on the situation.”


Aki didn’t speak, but after a few moments, she nodded.

Olga then said a slight goodbye to Aki, and walked out the door.

Aki instantly took a big breath of air, and blew it out.

She steadied herself and waited, sitting on the edge of the bed, and with her hands on her plump, white thighs.

And though she didn’t realize it, her short skirt left a large slit through which her panties could be seen almost completely.

And after a few seconds…

The door opened.

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