IAIK Ch.69

Ch 69



There was no sound, no words.

Two people were looking at each other.

As far as Aki knew, Alexander was the most handsome man in existence, and he even had several women, as his Wives, only….

Alexander, knew very well what Aki was like, and her characteristics, since he had seen her before, when he had been himself who carried her and put her in the room, her body had not much to do with the 2D Anime she came from, and by now, Alexander had adapted to it, just…

Both of them, when their eyes looked into each other’s eyes, felt a low voltage electric current pass through their bodies.

Alexander was definitely the most surprised, since he knew very well the enormous fierceness of his own body, but he didn’t know why this was.

And Aki, the current she had felt, turned in at some point, just right with the cozy feeling to which very little, but she had become accustomed.

After a while, and when they both came out of their states of shock, Alexander with his hand behind his head, and Aki all red and squirming all over comically….

Alexander tried to speak.

“G-good morning, Aki Nijou-san… I-….”


Alexander spoke but was stopped by Aki’s strangely determined face, which was denying something hard.



This had gone on a bit longer.

“But… What ‘no’, Aki Nijou-s…?”

“Please, just call me Aki.”

Aki interrupted Alexander, and said in a serious manner.

Alexander looked uncomprehending for a few seconds, and then smiled.

“It’s okay, Aki.”


At that moment, that’s when Aki realized what had happened just now, and turned to the. [Tomato Mode], only this time, much louder, and then, there was one more silence.


Though it didn’t last long as Alexander started laughing.

And after a while, somewhat helpless, and still with a blush, Aki laughed as well.

‘He looked like a child…’

She thought.

“Well, as I was saying, it’s a pleasure to see you awake, Aki, now, did Olga already…?”

“… Yes, already Olga-san pretty much explained the situation to me.”

“Though I imagine even she didn’t know all the details.”

“?” Aki only hesitated upon hearing this.

“You see, Aki, to be honest, what happened was that you were summoned to here, to Asora, through a forced summoning, on behalf of my system, for that… I apologize.”

“No, you don’t have to apologize, Alex-sama? may I call you that?”

Alexander nodded.

“I have no harm at all, I know you and Olga-san are good people, and even… I feel somehow… very good.”

Aki said as she opened and closed her hands.

“I think that’s because of the depth and density of my Energy, or well, the Energy of my World, since Aki, you are adapted to handle elemental powers and energies, you must feel it very well.”

Aki fell into a little reflection.

She felt that what Alexander said was right, though something caught her attention.

“How do you know I was used to elemental energy, Alex-sama?”

She asked with apparent sincere doubt.


Alexander saw this and just sighed, for several things.

Because Aki was such a pure person, so easy to deceive, and of such simple thought, at the same he was an extremely good person, and he himself knew that if Aki were ever to be present in some other world… much more cruel than Maken-Ki… it would be a great misfortune, that’s why, he promised himself, to protect this woman whether she was, or not, his Wife.

“Alright, that’s where I wanted to get to, you see, Aki, practically, I know almost everything about you and where you come from.”

Aki was certainly surprised, but noticing Alexander’s kind and perfect face as he explained, and continuing to explain, she apparently just continued to listen.

“I know about Tenbi Academy, I know you are a nurse there, I also know about Minori…. and all her flaws and qualities hehehehe… in short, I know a lot.”

“But is it someone from the Academy, Alex-sama, or someone you know?”

“Hmm, no, you see…”

Alexander made a complicated face.

“I knew you from the Anime, Maken-Ki.”

And then he said, firming up a bit.


Aki just tilted his head.

“I think… it’s better if you see for yourself, are you willing, Aki?”

Alexander asked with concern, as he wouldn’t know what it would be like when a character in a story…found out she was a character.

“I am.”

Strangely, Aki just nodded firmly.

She didn’t know what this was all about, but just the same, seeing Alexander looking at her with undisguised concern in his gaze, Aki stood.


Alexander then pulled out and opened his hand, and thinking and selecting parts of the Anime, where only Aki, with Minori, a few times, and absolutely nothing else, he created a small white ball on top of her hand.

“Just press it on your forehead, Aki, and don’t worry, this won’t harm you in any way, I promise.”

“No need, Alex-sama, I know it won’t harm me.”


Alexander saw Aki’s radiant smile, and fell a little more in love with her.

“Aki, you look so cute when you smile like that, I just wish I had you all to myself in my room.”

Alexander because of how Otaku he was, and how much he loved this Waifu, it spoke very deep in his heart.


Suddenly startled, he quickly looked up to Aki’s face, and found that she was normal, in the same position as before…


He mentally sighed, as he hadn’t gotten the words out loud this time.

“So, Aki, just press this ball to your forehead, and you’ll see what I see.”


“Even though I know it might be something weird… I’ll still always be here to support you.”


“Hmm? What’s wrong, Aki?”


Alexander then furrowed his eyebrows, realizing something was wrong.


He asked again, and Aki, she….

‘Cute… cute… cute… cute… cute… cute… cute… cute… cute… cute… cute… cute… cute… cute… cute… room… room… room… room… room… room… room… room… room… marriage… marriage… marriage… marriage… marriage… marriage… marriage… marriage… marriage… honeymoon… honeymoon… honeymoon… babies… babies… babies…’

She had ceased to receive information from the outside World, and in her mind she heard echoes of what Alexander had said… and a little of her own fantasies mixed in… while in the background she could see herself and Alexander embracing and getting into a room, then getting married, then having sex, then holding two babies…

Alexander watched as Aki’s body turned completely red and then….


He thought he heard a small explosion sound.


And with an adorable groan, the tomato, or Aki, passed out on the bed.


“Well…looks like I broke her.”

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