IAIK Ch.70

Ch 70

“I’m fine now.”

“Are you… sure?”

“Yeah ya… I’m fine now.”

Aki said as she paused a little on Alexander’s face, which suddenly, and even though it seemed somewhat impossible, became even more perfect in her vision, even, she thought she saw a frame of flowers surrounding Alexander’s face.

“Well, remember, there’s no rush at all, just do it when you feel ready, if you want to we can wait a little longer.”

After that had happened, Aki had gotten up after a while, and both she and Alexander started apologizing to each other very comically.

After a few mishaps, everything was settled, and right now Alexander had passed the white cue ball of souvenirs to Aki.

And with concern, he asked her if she was completely ready.

“No, it’s really no problem, Alex-sama, then…”

Aki smiled at Alexander, as she felt so brave right now, though she didn’t know why, that she could fight Minori and not lose.

Then, under Alexander’s gaze, Aki closed her eyes and stuck the small ball on her forehead.

So that immediately, a series of visions struck her.

She saw herself, but almost … no, exactly in an Anime version, talking with Minori about different things, and performing activities in her Infirmary.

She saw the Academy, and also saw many female students, and so on.

She was quite surprised by this, but for some strange reason that she could not understand, truth be told…

“So, what do you think of this, Aki?”

Alexander asked as he saw her open her eyes again.

“Hm… although I really don’t know what kind of things are going on here, where a part of my life is an Anime, I personally don’t feel bad, I mean, I don’t feel manipulated in any way, since what you see there is a very small percent of my life in general, it’s more like… it’s just… as if it was recorded, and presented in this kind of resolution.”

Aki put her hands under her cheek, and made a very serious analysis about her situation.

“So, it doesn’t bother you?” Alexander was certainly very interested in Aki’s opinion, as he knew that very similar things would be happening soon, although about this, he had decided to keep something like this a secret, as much as he could, also, the situation was simply very interesting.

“Hmm, it’s… complicated to say the least… since it feels like someone is watching my life, but since it doesn’t affect me in almost any way, then it doesn’t bother me, but being watched does… it’s complicated.”

“Well then, did you just act normal? Since your own World can be counted as a real World, only one who has seen the Anime, will know the future of that World.”

“I would appreciate it, Alex-sama, from my heart, and also, I have a question…”

Aki replied softly, her Milf voice and her warm feeling that she conveys, dazzled Alexander.

“You can ask without any restrictions.”

“If you have the power to travel to any Anime that exists…. Is it possible to visit Sailor Moon, Alex-sama?”

She asked with stars in her eyes.

“Hehehe, of course it’s possible, currently… I guess there aren’t many things I can’t do.”

Alexander explained with a slight smile.


The admiration was seen all over Aki’s Milf face, and Alexander just laughed.

After that, they continued to talk about many topics.

From the little … “accident” they had had earlier, Aki didn’t know what was wrong with her, she just felt that she was very brave at the moment, and she was talking with Alexander, in a way that she couldn’t even talk to Minori, her best friend. Although, she didn’t want to go too far, since Alexander was the Husband of Olga-san and other women here. But still…

There was a kind of… looseness, and enjoyment, in talking to Alexander, that Aki simply asked a lot of questions, and even though some of them were so embarrassing, it didn’t stop her.

Alexander was also somewhat affected by Aki’s mood, and he also talked a lot with her.

After about two hours.

“Then, I think it’s time for you to meet the others, and also to see what your place will be in the Mansion.”

“With pleasure, Alex-sama.”

Aki replied with certainty, as she knew that Alexander was currently in the middle of a very important mission, to rescue a World, so he would not be able to return to her world, Maken-Ki, for a while.

But since he explained that her World was in a temporary “pause”, then Aki was absolutely in no hurry, even, she longed to stay here longer, to meet Alexander’s other women, to see this strange World, and mainly… to spend more time with him.

Alexander nodded, then opened the door.

Aki stood up and straightened her clothes, then went with Alexander downstairs.


Alexander sweated as he saw that they were all looking at him, and Aki behind, very focused.

He sweated even more, as Prim was making a slight staring sound and all.

“Well, this girl, as you know her, is Aki Nijou, she’ll be with us for a while.”

“… Yes, thank you very m-much.”

Aki introduced herself behind Alexander, though she still quickly lowered her gaze, and bit her tongue a little.

“… Pffft Hahahahaha.”


All the girls also started giggling with amusement.

Chloe was even nodding as well, as she imagined that the situation was rather familiar to her.

And even though she was normally a great warrior, in everything, absolutely anything that had to do with Alexander, she would get nervous.

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