C.F. Ch.6

Ch 6 I don’t want to hurt anyone (Souta’s POV)

As usual, I came to school with three beautiful girls following me around.

And as we entered the school grounds, where students were gathering to go to school, the attention on us became even more intense.

Oh man, I don’t want to stand out, but…

While I am fed up with the unreserved jealousy and envy directed at me from the people around me, I shout in my brain the desires that my sister-in-law, seniors and juniors who are entangled with me will never allow.

Somebody! Please change with me right now~!

-If I said that in real life, I would inevitably receive unreasonable criticism from easy-going people who don’t know what I’m going through. But I’m serious about it. I want to do something about this situation for the sake of a peaceful lonely life.

For this reason, I regularly search for solutions on internet forums. It’s not just talk.

As proof of this, here’s what I recently posted on an internet forum.

“My beautiful sister-in-law, my senior, and my junior are following me around and I’m having trouble.”

In contrast, most of the posts are full of slanderous and misguided slander, such as “delusional,” “go to the hospital,” “old erotic games,” etc. However, there are some that are relatively better, such as “tell them directly” and “run away.”

But I wouldn’t ignore their feelings or do anything to hurt them. If I were to directly ask them to stop or run away, the three of them would certainly be hurt. I don’t think that’s a good idea.

“So long, senpai.”

“See you. Brother.”

“See you at lunchtime or after school, Souta-kun.”

I was finally released from the three beautiful girls at the entrance to the school, and watched their backs as they headed off in different directions, sighing to myself.

“Even though the location of the entrance is different depending on the grade, I do it well every morning, those three people … really, do it-“

To be honest, I’m a little dismayed that they should be using their motivation and time for something more meaningful, but if that’s their “centerpiece,” I’m not going to say anything.

But even so, in order to protect my own life, I have to do something about the misunderstanding I’m getting from the people around me.

“Do you have any good ideas… for someone other than me, without my knowledge… such as having Yukiya tell those three to pull their weight…”

I think of my childhood friend with the big figure.

Yukiya doesn’t have to go to school with us for the soccer team’s morning practice, and even if he gets a little awkward with the three of us for being careful, it won’t do much harm. I’m sure he’ll be fine as long as I follow up with him afterwards.

While I was pondering this, I arrived at my classroom.

I weave my way through the bustling classroom before homeroom and come to my seat.

Then I saw Kanae in her usual seat diagonally behind me.

Oh, yeah, there was that thing with Kanae.

“Hey, Kanae.”

“Oh, good morning, Souta-kun.”

Kanae smiles as if she’s flustered.

I shook my head, my mouth hanging open, as I saw the look on her face that seemed to take the edge off people’s poison.

“You weren’t waiting for me at the usual place this morning. I was worried about you. From now on, if you’re going to school, call me first to let me know you’re coming.”

With that warning, I reached for Kanae’s head and lightly patted it before removing my hand.

Kanae said with a scowl and a tilt of her head.

“Eh… uh, yeah, sorry…”

Do you really know what you’re doing? This childhood friend of mine…

However, I decided to think that such insensitivity was also a charm, and I smiled bitterly.

I’ve said what I needed to say, and I’m going to go back to my seat.

As I turned my back to Kanae, a brilliant idea that could be called an ingenious plan popped into my brain.

Yes, how about asking Kanae to help me get my sister-in-law, seniors and juniors to restrain themselves from engaging me in public?

For example, Kanae and I could get closer to each other, which would give her more power to speak up, and she could use that to control the three of us, and thus take charge of our friendship.

I’ve seen this kind of solution used in similar situations in the novels I love to read. I guess we can learn a lot from books.

Besides, if I end up going out with Kanae as a result of this, then I’ll be ready to pay my dues.

I turned around from my seat and looked at Kanae again.

Kanae was sitting in her seat,  I’m not sure if it’s a hand towel or not, but she’s holding it out with both hands, pressing it to her face and standing still.

Her ears were red, but she was in pain, wasn’t she?

I can’t help but tilt my head at the inexplicable behavior, but as a childhood friend, I can forgive such things.

In addition, for me, as a negative person, my charming childhood friend Kanae is more suitable than my sister-in-law who is a beautiful Nordic girl, my senior who is a perfect student council president, or my junior who is a devilishly beautiful girl.

Well, for now, I’ll think about it for a day or so and decide whether to ask Yukiya or Kanae to help me.

After deciding what to do, I took out a book from my bag and started to enjoy the little time I had before homeroom.

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1 year ago

Why do I feeling like punching this guy🤔😤

1 year ago
Reply to  Noih0

Ughhh…seriously I feel jealous of souta and feel sad for yukiya at the same time🙂😃😅

1 year ago
Reply to  andrewreyes913

Yup same here 😑😐

1 year ago

man we’re watching 2 mc’s…
romcom but different tropes

1 year ago

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