IAIK Ch.71

Ch 71

At this point, he was a little further away from the Fifth Fortress.

“Hmm, it’s always the same pattern.”

I noticed the guards guarding the great gate of the Fortress, right in the center of the great wall.

Currently, it has been 10 days since I first arrived here.

I didn’t know exactly when Kuroinu’s army would attack this Fortress, but if it was as I thought it would be, there was still a long time to go.

I mean, I myself had some big doubts in my mind with all this, such as….

Why don’t they attack the same City twice?

Why don’t they seem to know of the circumstances of the large number of their army that I have defeated?

Can’t they communicate with each other?

If they have Dark Elves….

Why are they relying in the first place to do all this?

“Certainly, some doubts that I would apparently still have for quite a while… you can’t use logic here.”


I sighed as I shook my head in denial, and then kept looking at the guards who were currently patrolling around the front of the wall.

My plan was to create a small distraction before “entering”, directly into the City.

At this moment I was alone, and unlike the other times, I would first try to find in the City, as fast as possible, anyone who was Kuroinu’s ally.

Possibly there might not even be such people there, since Kuroinu must not necessarily have people involved in each and every City.

Then, if I find these people, and eliminate them, or if much more simply, they do not exist, then it would be time to contact the Princess Knight of this Fortress…

The one who would probably be the most troublesome of them all that I would have to face….


I patted my cheeks after another small sigh, and then I kept looking at those guards who were walking in formation near the Gate.

I would wait for them to finish before starting on my part.

And as I watched…

I didn’t ask to avoid thinking about these ten days….

Everything that had happened during them…


The arrival of Maia and Eleonora to our home didn’t specifically change everything, but it changed quite a lot.

In the first few days it took them a little while to learn everything, although it wasn’t long until they mastered the basics.

Since the environment where they were living and would be living from now on, or at least what would be their home, was very, extremely, very different from what they were used to.

Like the bathroom, the food, the rooms, the means of entertainment, and… well, why not?

… sex.

Then each one was specially adjusted as she believed in Asora.

For example, even I did not think that being in this place, although it was in fact almost like a World, but still somewhat… lacking in vitality as far as population was concerned, would be so easy for Maia.

Since her introverted and energetic character would make it difficult, but no, it absolutely was not.

Maia spent most of her time discovering things, and training at the Dojo, almost always under Alicia’s guidance.

Of course, even though it seemed a bit sudden the way she practically “married” me, the feelings in between, even to my surprise, were far beyond what I could have imagined.

I mean, yes, it was very instantaneous, although I myself thought it was mostly about Maia’s character.

But that didn’t stop the sentimental and physical… part of our relationship from being rushed as well, not at all, most of the time when we had relations, rather than the usually kind of wild… that I was used to, it was more… romantic, you might say, something that was a little bit of a contrast to Maia herself, but still, I accepted it completely, since they were one more of my beloved family…

The family that I was making for myself, my… family.

As for Maia’s relationship with the others?

Well, this is… interesting, to say the least.

Alicia and Prim simply treated Maia with a lot of closeness, as if they were real sisters, Chaia also got along very well with Maia as she herself would passively teach her things she was “suddenly” interested in, Olga, instead of joking, acted strangely like a mother to Maia… and though it sounded strange, it did convey this vibe, and that’s without even mentioning the surprise Milf explosion Olga had been having in the past few days, she…

I didn’t know what was going on, I really didn’t know, but I knew that I couldn’t stand to be around Olga any longer, and she welcomed me with open arms every time… and legs too…

Even though in the end I would be the one left standing, Olga’s ever increasing sexual stamina was very surprising… in many ways.

With Chloe, Maia is like she’s this distant older cousin who had come to stay at her house… or so it seemed.

With Kaguya, Maia was almost like a Kohai learning from her Senpai, as Kaguya had previously had this strange feeling of being the last one that had come to Asora, and with Maia and Eleonora this had changed…

What’s funny about this, and it was quite amusing, was about the seriousness with which Maia and Eleonora took this whole Senpai-Kohai thing.

Although… this was only normal, since in bed…. Maia and Eleonora, upon seeing their beloved Senpai being fucked so hard and happily… in all kinds of positions and all kinds of ways… Well, it was a strange experience.

When Maia first arrived here, her status was a normal one of a Knight Princess, although after training, and after I gave her the other skills that everyone normally wanted, like Cleanse, possibly the most amazing Ability for people from a World with the Health in the technology of the Middle Ages…

… Her Status looked like this.

[*Name: Maia.

Race: Human.

Job: Princess Knight, Warrior.

Vitality: 61.

Strength: 13.

Magic: 23.

*List of Skills:

-Physical Training Technique (25% of Mastery).

-Goddess Yin Body (EX).

-Cleanse (EX).

-Protection (EX)]

She learned Magic, and had nearly doubled her physical abilities to a new level.

Though of course, what changed her the most was the work of Goddess Yin Body, which practically reborn her, overnight.

Her short red hair grew a little longer and became more resplendent, her body acquired an extra layer of purity on her body, which gave her an overall more feminine appearance, and her formerly E-cup breasts became a big F. Her curves became more devilishly sexy, and her ass much more perkier and plumper than it already was.

She was the only one so far that the change had affected her hair, and although it was a bit of a surprise, it was at the same time, pleasing.

After I saw her for the first time like that, just like always, I couldn’t hold it much longer… for each and every one of a long 5 hours… to which Maia responded in kind.

Eleonora also adapted quite well to Asora, even better than Maia.

Even the relationship with the other girls was very smooth, as Eleonora’s social skills were to be feared, unlike Alicia’s, or Kaguya’s for that matter.

She immediately began to train with the techniques I gave her, after she quickly adapted to the situation here, and to everyone’s surprise, especially mine….

She took Chaia as her Sensei.

In what?

Well… in serving me.

Mainly this was because even though Eleonora herself was the Second in Command of the Fourth Fortress, in reality 85% of her job was of a serving nature, as a Maid herself.

In that way, the Mansion had its second Maid, or will have, and that she is still in training… special training.

I don’t know what Chaia was teaching her, but Eleonora absorbed all the knowledge like a sponge, and also… my “Harem protagonist luck” … seemed to increase quite a bit.

All kinds of incidents and quite… erotic situations occurred between me and Eleonora many times.

And apparently, it didn’t take long for her to be somehow very strange… culminates her training with Chaia, for which I was required.

That night, unlike the others, I did not sleep in my normal Asora’s room, but I slept in Chaia’s room. Of course, it was also worth mentioning that each girl had her own room in the Mansion… even if they weren’t used that much.

And to say “I slept”… is to lie, and boy howdy….

That night… that long night…

It was…


I just don’t have the words to describe it.

I have always, in my past life, had all kinds of knowledge of erotic things, and the like, since the Internet made this so easy, and I had also seen everything in Animes and Hentais…

But I think that in my whole life so far, up to that moment, I was never so turned on….

I must say that it really is a hard boost to a man’s ego, or it was for mine, to see such person as outstanding as Chaia, who is extremely similar to the Fairy Tail’s most beloved Milf, Irene Belserion, and another who looks like the living embodiment of one of the most beloved Maternal Milfs in all of Anime, Mamako Oosuki, kneeling in front of me as they desperately attending to my member…

And one thing that stood out a lot, was the new Eleonora, you might say, after being gifted with the Yin Goddess Body Ability.

Her body was almost completely in the same proportions as Chaia’s, her gigantic breasts and her big ass only made her that much more delicious to me…

That night was too amazing, and apparently, one thing that I really didn’t expect, is that apart from other things…

Eleonora also learned from Chaia about the… S/M.

And even more, she had a great talent being a M

I remember we made a lot of things that were in the Nana to Kaoru Manga, too many, even….

I also created her own necklace for Eleonora, and at that time she was so happy… that very amazing things happened…

So pretty much, like before, but instead of it being a Maria-san, from the Maid Hentai Victorian Maria, it was two of them who were attending to me and my member very lovingly….

I… I saw many things, and I did many things at the time….

At some point my blood was also coming out of my nose. I was too excited.

I don’t have words for it.

The next morning, a few minutes after that gale as strong as a sexual storm finally ended… Chaia and Eleonora, were lying on the big bed in Chaia’s room, with the whole place a mess, and many other details, but… although it was noticeable that even in their sleep they were very weak because of everything that had happened, the big smile of victory on their faces, no one really took it away from them, they deserved it.

By the time Eleonora entered Asora, her condition was that of a normal Human, only a little stronger, if anything, than Chaia herself at first, but at this point, her Status was like this.

[*Name: Eleonora.

Race: Human.

Job: Maid.

Vitality: 52.

Strength: 11.

Magic: 14.

*List of Abilities:

-Maid Slave (14% of Mastery).

-Goddess Yin Body (EX).

-Cleanse (EX).

-Protection (EX)]

It was certainly more amazing than before, and she was also training in the same Technique as Chaia, which embarrassed me a little…

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