Y. NTR Ch.6

Ch 6

The door is being opened… which means that someone is trying to enter this classroom.

Do we run now? Hide? It’s too late for that.

Mai and Rika had gone rigid, and there was no way they could escape in this state, since they had stripped off their tops and were trying to remove their bras.

“(At least… at least if it is a girl…!)”

This thought popped into Rika’s head.

No, even if the girls opened up and saw them, it would be a weakness and something that might be demanded of them.

However, if they demand money, they can do whatever they want, including going to the police.

But… if you are a boy…. if a man takes advantage of your weakness and asks you for your body instead of money, etc…

Of course, she would run to the police right after that.

But you may find yourself in a situation where you have to surrender your body at least once.

“(I can’t stand that…!)”

Rika’s body trembled with fear.

If you look at those who fearfully enter the classroom, you will see…

A man walked into the classroom.

Moreover, it was Eiji Ogiwara, whom I had judged to be the better of the men.

He was frozen in place with his eyes rounded and the door open.

From the looks of it, it’s not like he knew they were making love here and opened the door.

If he opened it without knowing, he would be understandably astonished to see this situation.

Two of the school’s most popular idols, both boys and girls, were kissing each other and were half naked on top of each other.

“…Can you put some clothes on for now?”

“Oh, yes…”

When Eiji told us, we froze as well, but then we remembered that we were half naked on top, so we put on our shirts again.

It was impossible to button up all the buttons and wear it neatly in this situation.


Eiji let out a single sigh and walked up to Rika and Mai.

“(After all…)”
I guess Eiji is just like any other man.

He must be some kind of lowlife who sees a woman’s undress and demands her body.

Rika squeezed her eyes shut and hugged Mai tightly, knowing that she had to protect her and wait for Eiji’s evil hand.

Finally, he got close enough to reach his hand and…

Eiji didn’t reach out to Rika or Mai, but just walked right past them and started rummaging through his own seat next to hers.

The two of them watched it with a puzzled look.

“I forgot my… writing utensils. I don’t mind if it’s a textbook, but I don’t want to be without my writing utensils.”

As they stare at him and ask him why he is here, Eiji gives them a clear answer.

I’m not here for the two of you.

He took his writing utensils out of his desk and stuffed them into his bag…

“See you later. I don’t mean to be nosy, but you never know who’s going to see you doing that in a place like this.”

When I said that, I tried to walk out of the classroom through the two people who were frozen again.

“Oh, that…!”
Rika couldn’t help but let out a squeal at the sight of him.

Eiji, who had stopped, also turned around with a strange look on his face.

There was something that Rika really wanted to ask.

“Do you ever… demand a body or anything like that?”

“… What?”

He opened his mouth with a pout at Rika’s words.

Then he let out a sigh of blatant dismay.

Seeing this, Rika’s cheeks blush as she wonders if she might be saying the wrong thing.

“I’m not going to do that.”

“Eh? But you don’t know, do you? Rika and I are both very cute!”


“… I’m sorry.”

Mai, who was making a lot of noise, surrendered when Eiji looked at her.

Rika was mildly amazed at the fact that he was able to subdue her with a single stare, as she was always energetic and, worse, unpredictable and noisy.

However, Eiji didn’t stare hard at her, he just looked at her, but his stern face was enough to emit a sense of intimidation.

“Huh… You know what? Use your common sense, man. You’d think they’d try to use you guys dating and flirting as a shield to do something about you, right? That’s a crime. Besides, how can homosexuality be such a weakness nowadays? I don’t know because I’m not familiar with it.”

Rika couldn’t help but agree with Eiji’s words.

Sure, it’s blackmail. It’s a normal crime. That’s why Rika was also going to run to the police if he did…

“Umm, yeah… but I wondered if all men would still seek out women for sexual purposes…”

“Boys are wolves, you know. The way they look at me, they’re all scary.”

Rika looks at Eiji, ignoring Mai who is pretending to be something she’s not.

With this big body and muscles that a woman could never get… if he wanted to, the two of them would be subdued and unable to resist.

“Oh, I see. Well, there might be some guys like that. But what do you think men are, you guys?”

“…Mass of sexual desire.”

“It’s an erotic monkey.”

“… is awful.”

Rika and Mai’s assessment of the boys made Eiji’s cheeks twitch.

But he regained his composure and said firmly back.

“Well, most men are reasonable anyway, so few of them would make such threats. I don’t either.”

“… Yeah.”

…I see. Rika has never… or rather still doesn’t trust men, however they are human beings and it is natural for them to have reason.

We should be vigilant, but we may not need to be overly concerned.

“And I don’t find you guys attractive enough to want to do anything about it, even if it means committing a crime.”

“… Yeah.”

Rika nodded her head in response to Eiji’s rude words, but she did not show any anger.

It’s also true. You can’t know how attractive a person is when you’ve only known them for less than a day.

Besides, we all have our preferences. It’s just that Eiji’s tastes are not our own.

Rika thought, but…

There was a woman who couldn’t stand it.

It was Mai, who was looking at Eiji with a stunned expression.

“No, what about, uh…?”


Mai chuckles at what he’s saying.

Eiji looks at her as if to say, “That’s my line.”

Rika felt a little embarrassed because there was something unsettling going on between them.

“Hmmm… I think my hearing might have gotten worse. I just heard that burly macho gorilla over there saying he doesn’t find me attractive.”

“Who’s a gorilla? I said I didn’t find you attractive, and that’s a fact.”

“(… no, gorilla.)”
Eiji seemed to want to deny it, but Rika thought so too, even if she didn’t say so.

The muscles looked hard and large, and gorilla would be an apt description.

With such Rika aside, Mai, who heard Eiji’s words, opened her mouth wide enough to think that her chin was off.

“Ah ah ah ah!?”

A huge scream. Even Eiji, who was a short distance away, distorted his face, and Rika, who had heard it up close, was dizzy.

“Such beautiful dark hair! Such a pretty face! Big tits! Flabby waist! My ass is in perfect shape! my gestures and the way I talk tickle a man’s heart! I’m perfect, aren’t I?”

“What are you talking about, dude?”

My body moves as if to emphasize that part of my body every time I say it.

Her side tails fluttered softly, her smile bloomed like a flower, and she rubbed her breasts as she lifted them from below, tracing the line from her waist to her hips with her thin fingers.

But the response was not approval but dismay.

“In fact, I’m extremely popular with boys! Even more so than Rika-chan!”

“…Is that so?”


At Mai’s words, Eiji looks at Rika and asks.

Surely, she would have a better reputation with men.

It is only natural that Mai would be more popular than Rika, who hates men and avoids them, because she is friendly and approachable.

As Mai herself said earlier, one of the things that makes her popular is the fact that she does things that tickle men’s hearts.

On the other hand, Rika is more popular among women.

But if Rika asks with her gaze why he asked her that…

“No, because I prefer Onizuka to that annoying guy over there.”

Rika rolls her eyes at Eiji’s words.

I didn’t expect him to say anything like that.

This is because she had assumed that Eiji would be better off with Mai.

“… Thank you?”
“Well? Don’t ask me…”

It’s not so easy for Rika to fall in love with him just because of this, but it doesn’t mean that she isn’t happy.

At any rate, I looked into his face and asked him if I should thank him, and he looked confused.

The air is neither warm nor tense, but indescribable…

“Ah ah ah ah! Why are you coming on to Rika apart from me? You male monkey!”

“Who’s a monkey, you little shit?”

Mai exploded.

She hugged Rika’s head and growled at Eiji.

“Rika is mine! I don’t want her near a gorilla like you!”

“You’re overstated…”

I heard Eiji’s voice as if he was amazed, but I couldn’t see it because Rika’s head was buried in Mai’s deep cleavage.

I mean, it’s hard for me to breathe, so let me go. I’m suffocating to death.

“And you should see me. You should look at me. I’m very, very pretty, aren’t I?… Even more so than Rika-chan.”

She seemed to be mumbling something at the end, but Rika, who was struggling to free herself from her ample tits, couldn’t hear her.

When I was finally released, I could see Eiji, who looked like he was in trouble.

“…well, you may look good on the outside, but… on the inside…”

“Monkey ah ah ah ah! You’re the first person to mock me this much!”

“(…where have I heard that before?)”

Eiji looks at her with disappointment and Mai goes crazy.

“All right! All right! Hey, gorilla!”

“So stop that.”

Without taking into account Eiji’s weary attitude, Mai pointed her index finger at him and declared in a high-pitched voice.

“I will teach you my charm!”

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John Doe
John Doe
1 year ago

There’s a problem with inconsistent use of pronouns. There should be one of two types of perspectives being used, as well as different pronouns depending on the narrator or from which perspective the story is being told.

The first perspective, the one which makes the most sense, is the third-person perspective. You can visualize it by imagining how a third person would describe the interaction between two other people. They wouldn’t necessarily use the word “I” to describe somebody else. So, for consistency, the text shouldn’t have the word “I” at all, except as a character’s own dialogue, internal or otherwise. So, if the person of interest is Rika, then the text would be as follows: “Rika looked at Mai, who’s face was scrunched up in displeasure.”

Another perspective that might make sense for this text is the first-person perspective. This would be Rika, Mai, or Eiji’s perspective, and the world should be described as if it were seen from their own eyes. In the case where Rika is narrating, there should be very little use of Rika’s actual name outside of dialogue.

Though, itt doesn’t make too mucb sense, at least not yet, for the novel to be narrated from the first-person perspective, because Rika temporarily lost her sight and hearing, yet the narrator still described what Mai said. Mai wasn’t present throughout the whole thing. And neither was Eiji.

Pronouns (he, she, you, I…) and proper nouns (Rika, Mai…) should be matched based on perspective. Otherwise, switching between perspectives can make it confusing to keep track of who’s who. Any changes in perspective should be marked by a section mark, for example by a string of hyphens (“—–“). Changes between first-perspective narrators, for example from Mai to Rika, should make it clear to the reader what change is being made. This can be clear based on context. Otherwise, making a hint, or directly stating it can help make the change more clear.

Last edited 1 year ago by John Doe