IAIK Ch.72

Ch 72

One thing that caught my attention during this time was about the chills that I used to feel.

There was a time in these ten days, when I just stopped feeling them….

I didn’t even know why I had them in the first place.

And I don’t know if I should care about them or not.

I didn’t care much about them either.

And I don’t know if it’s that I stopped feeling them, that I lost the ability, or that somehow they just didn’t occur anymore, but…

In a Majestic and Elegant way….

I downplayed it!

As for the other girls, Olga, Chloe, Alicia, Prim, Chaia, Kaguya, I could only say they didn’t have many changes.

I mean, in a short period of 10 days, one wouldn’t even have the opportunity to change that much.

Olga had stopped practicing or training almost entirely, as I noticed that she spent a large part of her time with me, the rest of her time was spent doing other activities.

Also, she herself was extremely powerful at this time, if before, her power in this world could be described as “Dangerous”, at this moment it would be something of a “Disaster” or “Calamity” level, since she was. And in follow-up, Chloe wasn’t that far behind either, in fact… Chloe’s physical strength was very frightening to normal people of this world, for God’s sake, of any world, and she slightly surpassed Olga as far as danger level was concerned.

I had never noticed so much what Olga does in her free time, as well as everyone’s free time, as I didn’t want to be too invasive.

And even though the involuntary shivering was over, I noticed that when I tried to think of what they might be doing so mysteriously, a shiver that was almost as if it were some sort of mechanism, would kick in.

Anyway, I stopped thinking about this when I did a training of being in a very powerful state, because of my various abilities, and I still felt the chills.

Chloe was also normally like before, only now I think she was laughing more, and even I didn’t know why.

But what I did know, was that she was finishing preparing the secret chocolate candy for me, that she wanted to give me for Valentine’s Day, and which I could tell by the very colorful Calendar, thanks to Prim,

that was on the kitchen wall, it was about 3 months away.

Even if I knew, there was no way I would tell Chloe that I knew, I know it’s a surprise that she wants to surprise me herself, and I don’t want to do it to her.

I know it’s a surprise she wants to make me herself, and I couldn’t bear to see her face if she knew I knew her secret.

Alicia simply trained as well, but at a lesser intensity than before, although she was helping Maia a lot with the training in the Dojo, mostly she used to start to get interested in more feminine subjects, and besides continuing to practice being more “loose”, as far as her stiffness was concerned.

Prim… it’s Prim.

I am sure that not even a God could change her, and I liked her very much the way she was, and the only thing that had changed in the last ten days was that she was also very attached to me.

Sometimes she even slept with me on the boat, on the Big Lake near the Mansion.

Chaia spent a lot of her time teaching Eleonora, and also….

I don’t know how, but she was discovering new methods of embarrassing me, besides that lately we were getting quite into role-playing games…

At least since the Beach…

Kaguya recently discovered a natural born interest in Anime.

All kinds of genres.

And she was especially drawn to Shonen, and Shojos.

Also, she discovered the wonders of… sex from behind… while having sex with me.

I knew that in this World, there was always something said about Priestesses having their asses strongly trained, but…

I didn’t imagine that all those things I did with Kaguya were possible.

Then, one thing that also changed radically in the small and leisurely normality that existed in Asora was our unexpected visitor, Aki Nijou.

All the girls got along very well with her, and Aki even taught them everything she knew about what it was like to live in a modern society, especially her own profession, for which she shared many moments of chatting with Olga, although from time to time he could also see her blushing very much, and Olga with her classic naughty cat smile.

If I had to say, what caused Aki’s arrival in our life the most, then, it would be in two things.


Sound Barrier.

I mean…

It was only with Aki there that I really realized how kinky… how perverted I apparently was.

More how… we all were, in general, I didn’t even know if it was due to where the girls were from… the girls…

But, that’s how I realized how much my life was dominated by… Sex, or anything that was sexual.

So, we had to be a little bit more cautious, as far as that was concerned, because certain “accidents” could happen…

Like for example, one time I went into the kitchen, and I saw Chaia cooking or trying to cook with a naked apron… it didn’t take long for us to hit each other a lot, and just when I was about to have a violent pleasure session… as Chaia herself liked…

Aki came into the kitchen, apparently to get some juice….

Needless to say, even Chaia, that day, had embarrassed herself.

So I had to set certain rules, for this kind of thing, especially, so as not to inconvenience Aki.


In the first few times that I only had sex at night… it seemed to have made the girls feel somewhat… how to say… neglected, or almost as if they were refraining from sex during the day, which made…

That the evenings were particularly much more rowdy….

And a very strange fact, was that although I was surprised to see Aki every day, in the morning, very flushed, it wasn’t until almost several days later that I actually…

All this time, I hadn’t put up sound barriers in the room… so Aki, who was staying right in the front room, was having a live show just a few feet away, and the extra meters away, and the strange part?

She herself wasn’t complaining.

After I found out about that, things became a little more ambiguous, in general, as I myself imagined what Aki was doing all these nights, listening to such things so closely….

That’s how relations had progressed between Aki, all the girls, all my Wives.

And it is a fact that being in Asora was really something fun not only for me, but also for my girls, also for Aki.

So, by the time she entered Asora for the first time, up to now, her status remained almost same, as she didn’t ask me especially for any skill, just Clean, and it was something strange because it should be that she previously already controlled Element Energy, or Elemental Energy, which itself was just another type of Chakra, of Reiatsu, of Magical Power and so on…

At this moment, her state was this.


[Name: Aki Nijou.

Race: Human.

Job: Doctor.

Vitality: 42

Strength: 4/14

Magic: 0/43.

*List of Abilities:

-Elementalist: Allows to detect Elemental Particles in the environment and interact proportionally with them.

with them.

-Maken User (EX): Controls the Elemental Particles of the surrounding environment, to make her Maken: Valhem work.

-Elemental Physical Strengthening: Uses the Elemental Particles of the surrounding environment, to strengthen her Body.

-Cleanse (EX) (NEW)]

Their Vitality was somewhat different from the people of this World, as for modern people in general, there was only an average age of 60 years, a little lower than in this World, of course, except for the war situation that was going on here.

And one very special thing, is that unlike all the girls, or myself, in reality the Force and Aki’s Magic are shared, that is to say, currently in a normal way, Aki has only 4 Strength points, and O Magic points. What changes when she is activating her connection with the Elemental Particles of the World she came from, which improved in a great trait.

And I guess what differentiates her State, or this part of it, with that of us, is that in first, I myself have all the strength of my State added to my body at all times, i.e., I have a very precise control of it, so that it is impossible for there to be accidents that I would ever do unconsciously, and as for the girls, it is mainly due to the fact that the Magic in this world, except for Demons and other creatures, does not reinforce the Body, it is something that acts, together with the body, it just doesn’t give you strength.

Being one of the only exceptions, the seals and Talismans of the village of Kaguya, which were able to strengthen the Body for a while.

Other than this and the Cleanse Ability, Aki’s Status was nothing unusual.

And of course, apart from all this, in these ten days I have managed to make some progress in my research, or at least in what I had just started to investigate.

Among other things, the size of Asora.

While I was meditating, I realized that in a very subtle way, very concentrated, and only in total calm, I could scan the whole Asora with the same precision with which I perceive the World when I am training, just in flashes of Energies, and a dark image of all things.

And I noticed that there were things directly different from the Asora in the novel.

Like for instance, the growth, the speed at which life is created, and the ability of Asora to serve as a Sacred land for the Gods.

As far as growth is concerned, according to the novel I knew that Makoto, the MC of Tsuki ga, his Mana capacity indefinitely, which caused Asora itself grew with slight earth tremors or shaking, all over the place, and at the maximum capacity it had reached, in the novel, was one country.

In my Asora, the growth took place silently, giving a sign of how steady this World, or my Energy, is not like Makoto’s, and as for the size… There was something strange.

Just when I came to this World, shortly before creating the System, my Energy was 100 points, and Asora’s size was only about 50 meters short.

That is, practically 2 Energy Points per meter circumference.

And so, now that my Energy was about 10 thousand and something more, it should be a strict measurement of about 5000 meters, which Asora should have at this moment…

And I had… 50 thousand kilometers.

I understand that my Energy is much denser than before, since it became 1000 times deeper than it already was, and when (EX) was added to it, but…

This measurement meant that the measure of variation was not 1000, but 10000 times. I can explain 1000, but… what about the other 9000 times…?

Also, about life.

In the novel, in a very timely, and fast way, life was created in Asora, from endemic plants and animals.

But here there was still nothing but plants and trees, though…. lately I felt that it was not long before the first “life” was created on this planet…

How do I know?

No idea, I just know.

And finally, the ability of other Gods to influence Asora.

This was a point that especially concerned me, but after much meditation, I noticed that something like that was impossible, and not only of Gods, of anything that wanted to interfere from the outside, could do it here, since although it was not about my ” Energy”, itself, since it was inside my Body and in my Dantian, the surrounding Energy in Asora was my Energy, but one that was separated from me.

It was especially because of this that I was able to perform this scan on Asora, though, for it was my Energy, although separated from my body, and in a very small margin, I could control it as the same one I was using.

What caused the surrounding Energy in Asora to be my Energy?

The impossibility of outside or unwanted interference in this space, since it was like… My Domain…

Speaking in terms of Chinese novel powers.

And that was just the tip of the Iceberg of what I had discovered. I couldn’t imagine what else I could do with all this Energy in Asora, that although it was mine… it was simply too much.

And this was what was different, for in the novel, Makoto had been visited by several Gods, who were Tsukuyomi, the Moon God of Earth, who had helped Makoto at the beginning of the novel.

They had even created their shrines there.

All this without Makoto’s confirmation, or consent.

And in fact, being the novel that it was, there was an especially epic moment where Makoto performed a friendship fight with Athenea, who also wanted to see how strong Makoto was….

And even though she still lost, Makoto had caused different problems to Athenea, which were revealed or that she herself revealed, already when they were outside of Asora… said by herself, what she had been to “protect her honor against a Human”.

And then it was that I discovered that in reality, the Asora that I wore, as opposed to the one in the Novel, was mainly due to the person who possessed it, since it practically originated from there.

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