IAIK Ch.73

Ch 73

While Alexander was lost in thought, he realized that the guards had finished patrolling around the Gate.

So it was his time to act.

He picked up the small stones floating behind him with Manifestation of the Mind/Energy, and he laughed a little, as what he was about to do was similar to what Izayoi, the MC of the Anime and light novel, Mondaiji, one that he thought was somewhat overrated, even when it was a good plot of Humans fighting Gods…

‘Ah… the tastes of the new otaku…’

He shook his head, took a breath, and then moved forward a bit.

And with a quick movement of his arm…


The small stones were thrown at supersonic speed.

So that later…


Sounds of explosions echoed further away from their current position.

Alexander saw how the poor female Knights reacted, seeming even a little bit startled at such a thunderous sound, before they all went to search the place where it happened.

Not only those outside, but also those further inside.


The door of the Fifth Fortress became completely empty, and Alexander sweated a few drops at this.

Since he didn’t think this would be that big of a deal, as to leave the doors completely unattended, or not even warn anyone else before going to check the place where the explosions occurred.

But, what Alexander didn’t know was that the girls who were there, as custodians, hardly ever got anyone to visit them, let alone hear sounds of that magnitude so close…

Alexander disregarded it all, and quietly entered through the great Gateway Arch, as he looked in and noted how vast this City was.

He could not tell for certain, but it should be at least more than ten times as large as the Fourth Fortress.

“Well… the infiltration mission begins.”

Alexander smiled and walked towards the moving City, in broad daylight, while being very expectant, as he could put his newly leveled Normal Aura Skill to the test.

‘It worked, it really worked…’

Alexander looked around in surprise, and saw that the people around him were really weren’t paying much attention to him.

In general, he noticed that only a very few people were looking at him, who apparently had a somewhat stronger sense than the normal ones, and even if they themselves saw him, while they were somewhat far away, they would quickly pass him by as if nothing happened the moment after.

As soon as Alexander noticed it, he instantly distanced himself from every person who could notice him and stood watching him, which, to his surprise, although it was a very secluded group of people, among them were, many women, almost 4 out of every 10 he saw, old women, more old people, animals, and babies…

Alexander would sweat a little every time an old woman’s cheeks turned red as she looked at him…

And he was running discreetly but very fast…

In a strategic retreat in that case…

Some time passed, and Alexander had already reached beyond the center of the City.

He noticed that the Castle of this Fortress, unlike the others that looked normal, not like the one in Kaguya’s, was located at the back and very close to the wall in that area.


Alexander while walking around also thought about what he had seen in the Anime about the Princess Knight of this Fortress…

Unique Soul.

And he had to calm the fury he felt for the scum that were Kuroinu’s.

At various times his Aura was getting out of control, though a good walk, and the medium he observed regularly calmed him down, and also, more importantly….

The strangeness of things…

Like for example…

Unicorn Loli’s Belt, A Little Secret, The Glory of the Lesser, Tiny Hands Shop…

Some of the stores Alexander passed by… had very strange names…

And not only that, but he even went into one of these stores, just to look inside, out of curiosity… nothing more… and when he picked up the magazine or the leaflet that was on the counter, with no one around, apparently, he saw it…

“The Fury of Ruu Ruu-sama.”

A cover featuring a small girl, who was almost completely undressed, with only a slight green cloak covering her shoulders and breasts… or where they should be, since they were so small they looked like a small airport… who had an angry expression and seemed to be shouting at the audience, or the reader, in this case, while in a small circle the words stood out… which Alexander was seeing in Japanese, and as well as being able to speak it, he could read it… which apparently was what this girl was saying…

“Shut up, I hate you!”

Alexander shook his head and walked out of there, just like that, and also silently since he didn’t want to be seen by anyone leaving there…

And he set out to look for a Tavern, or something similar in the more… dark parts of the City.

For there should be rumors of all kinds there.

And while his hearing was extremely powerful, he would have to be at a distance not so far away in order to accurately hear what the others were saying.

He was passing through a small park, in the middle of the City, and just as he was coming into the urban part of it, at the end of the park….


A small and rather cute sound rang out.

Alexander turned around and saw how out of some bushes, a little girl suddenly came out… who kept on going around little laps until she stopped up ahead…

“Ow, ow.”

Then he watched as she put her hand behind her head, stroking the site of the blow with her eyes closed and an expression of slight pain.


Alexander just stood still and speechless.

After a few seconds, the girl opened her eyes and then focused on Alexander after a while, lingering on his figure for a few moments, until….


She looked at him reluctantly, and sounded almost like she was an angry tiger, only that instead of the “roar”, gave the desired effect, it just seemed very Kawai…

[A Chibi Princess Wild Knight appeared].

Alexander thought he received a notification from the system, then shook his head and spoke:

“… Luu Luu…?”

“Grrr~-…. huh?”

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