IAIK Ch.74

Ch 74

Luu Luu, Princess Knight of the Fifth Fortress, woke up today on the wrong foot.

Yesterday several things had happened to frustrate her.

For example, she discovered that the magazine that she had banned in her City had brought out another publication.

She went and directly put the person behind it all, the fat bastard who drew, in the Castle’s dungeon.

Also, she had received a message via the wizards, or more specifically, the device that they used as the medium for the long-distance communication spell, which was coming explicitly from the capital, from Celestine-sama, to her.

“How are you, Luu Luu-chan, are you eating well, aren’t you breaking anything? It’s Celestine-sama, the one who speaks to you warmly and loves you very much~ Now, the serious part, listen, Luu Luu-chan, I recently had… I had some visions about a Hero that will rise in all of Eos, to defend each one of the Fortresses of our Seven Shields Alliance, from the people of Kuroinu, I already saw everything he did in the previous Fortresses, it is… unimaginable what they wanted to do to the Fortresses, but Alexander-sama defended them~ … and at this moment he is heading for your Fortress, Luu Luu-chan, I don’t know when he will arrive, but listen, Luu Luu-chan, as soon as you see him you must treat him with respect… to get on his good side, you must be nice to him and not say bad things, also win his affection…. but not so much, Luu Luu-chan, just as if you were friends or partners, ok, nothing more, just that, colleagues~ I’m sure with how good of a girl Luu Luu-chan is, she will understand this message, I entrust it to you, Luu Luu-chan, it’s up to you… have you

finished engraving the magic ball yet? Um~ but she’s not red yet… oops, I’m so jealous! I’m so jealous! I want Alex-sama to come over here too… Ah! This is the button-….”

Luu Luu understood almost nothing of what Celestine was saying, but remembering those two mountains she hated that were always sticking to her head….


She snorted annoyedly.

Then, she was very surprised by the message, by the thing about a Hero would be arriving towards their Fortress, and Luu Luu was a little curious about this, as she believed that this Hero would be very strong, and she loved to fight with strong people, she was also a little worried when she heard that the other Strongholds were attacked, since there were some of the few friends she had there.

Only she had to warn the whole City beforehand, and the whole thing was a complete and annoying mess.

Then, a servant girl woke her up due to an explosion or booming sound,

as if it was the attack of a powerful wizard, at the main gate.

Luu Luu who was still upset, got up and then immediately left the Castle

as she made her way there, leaving, as always, the people of the Castle sighing and a little in panic, as their Princess Knight was a person who had a sense of direction…

Somewhat broken.

And so it was.

After a long time of trying to get to the City Gate, Luu Luu, who had already gone around the entire City twice, was in the small forest for the third time…

And even more frustrating, she even stumbled a bit and fell flat on her back.

Luu Luu stroked her head a little, for even though her little body was very strong, it was sensitive, and even more so in a place like the head, she even thought she felt a slight lump there.


She groaned mentally and then after a while she opened her eyes, noticed that she was in the forest, and just as she was going to stand up, she saw a person looking at her from another side.

She thought it was another guy who would make fun of her small size, and so she tried to intimidate him a little bit with one of the most powerful intimidation skills Luu Luu knew…

Since every time she pulled it out, she noticed that people would fall backwards straight away, even at times, the damage produced by the Technique reached so far… that it would even make them… even make them spurt blood out of their noses!

“… Luu Luu…?”

Luu Luu was trying hard to intimidate the other party, but she noticed that his face when he looked at her was not mocking, or malicious, but just looking at her with surprise and curiosity… something that caused her to be surprised herself.

‘Red hair… half-face mask… adventurer’s clothes… very handsome…’

Luu Luu was examining the subject in front of her, with the details that Celestine-sama had sent her in another message after the previous one, though when she noticed how very, very handsome this man was, she blushed.


Alexander tilted his head hesitantly.

“Hey!” Luu Luu preened a little, then shouted.

“… Yeah?”

Alexander responded with another question.

“You’re that Hero, aren’t you? The one mentioned by that cow.”


Alexander was struck dumb by the directness and…. synchronic? That it was Luu Luu, and then replied.

“I think so…”

With a small sigh.


Luu Luu thought for a while, until….


“Yeah?” Alexander answered again.

“You’re really strong, aren’t you?” She asked.

“Hmm, yes, I’m very strong.”

“I see…”

Luu ducked her head a little, and stayed like that for a few minutes.

Alexander didn’t know what was going through the mind of Luu Luu, the Princess Knight of the Fifth Fortress, but he just waited quietly.


“Yes, Luu Luu?”

Luu was a little surprised by how this guy called her so familiar, and her little face blushed a bit again, but then she just smiled rather… troublesome smile, to shout exictedly, “Fight with me, and if I beat you, you have to stay here and fight every day with me!”

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