C.C. Ch.32

A new travelling companion♡

…Chupu♡… Chupu♡

I was in the Magic mirror carriage, hugging Yuzuha, a member of the dragon tribe I had met on my journey, standing behind her, and kissing her moistly.

She was about 160 centimeters tall, with long blue hair and blue eyes, and wore a traditional costume like a kimono. It seems that Yuzuha has been traveling around the world, and she is by far the strongest person I’ve met since I arrived in this other world. As I had only a high skill level but no practical knowledge, I asked her to teach me while accompanying her on her journey.

I wrapped my hands around Yuzuha’s body from behind, tucked my hands under the collar of her kimono, a traditional costume of the dragon people, and squeezed her large F-cup breasts with my right hand. Every time I buried my fingers in Yuzuha’s breasts, I felt a soft, squishy sensation that sucked at my hand.

“Hmm…♡ Kufu…♡ … Ah♡”

As I gently pinched Yuzuha’s nipples, her sweet breath escaped from her mouth. Every time I rubbed Yuzuha’s body, the blue and purple flowered kimono she was wearing fell apart, exposing her luscious body to the carriage.

“I never thought I’d be so addicted to my relationship with Yuri♡”

I didn’t expect to have this kind of relationship with Yuzuha either. One day, either on a whim or just for fun, she seduced me. I guess she was just trying to play a little prank on me, making me feel awkward as I was still young at 15 in this world. But I beat her back and even had sex with her!

I think it was probably the effect of my cuckold dick skills. And just like that, Yuzuha and I continued our physical relationship.

…Chupu♡… Chupu♡

As Yuzuha and I intertwine our tongues, I pass magic power into the Magic mirror carriage, making the outside view completely visible from inside. And then, outside the carriage, Lulu, who was on night watch, and Emilia, my apprentice sister from the elven tribe, were at the fire.

Emilia is about 5’9″ tall, wears a green elf suit, has long blonde hair, clear blue eyes, and H-cup breasts. Emilia had accompanied Yuzuha on her tour of the world before I did, and had studied under her.

“Damn♡ Yuri’s got a really bad taste♡”

While I’m squeezing her tits from behind, Yuzuha swears when she notices that the walls of the carriage have become transparent. We’ve already had sex many times in the Magic mirror carriage with the outside in full view.

“You’re really wet here, Master.”

As I rubbed her big tits with my left hand, I used my right hand to rub Yuzuha’s bare bottom, her pussy already hot and wet with excitement. I reached my index and middle fingers between Yuzuha’s legs and slid them in, then crawled my two fingers around the soft, squishy crevice of her labia, stretching out her love juices.

Kuchu♡ Kuchu♡

“…Ah♡… n♡… cumming♡”

As I played with Yuzuha’s crack with my fingers, stimulating her sexually sensitive area, she slumped and shuddered with pleasure

Gutcha♡ Gutcha♡ Gutcha♡

“―Ah♡ Cumming♡… Anh♡… Ah♡”

I twisted my two fingers inside Yuzuha’s vagina and continued to poke around until her slippery vagina hole became squishy. The love juices overflowing from Yuzuha’s cunt made a disgusting sound and twisted around my fingers.

Yuzuha, who had started to be fingered from behind while standing up, started to squeal with pleasure.

“Master, shall I put it in now?”


Yuzuha smiled bewitchingly at my suggestion, and then she stripped off her kimono, exposing her big, plump buttocks, and put her hands on the wall of the Magic mirror carriage, getting ready to have sex with me in a standing back position. She was exposed in the carriage, showing off her pussy to me.

Beyond the wall of the transparent Majimira carriage that Yuzuha is working on, I can see Lulu and Emilia on the night watch. She seems to be on board for some reason. The werewolf Lulu, who is sitting outside by the fire, seems to have noticed that we’re having sex by the smell wafting from inside the carriage, and she’s getting a little nervous.

“Are you sure your husband back home is okay?”

I put my penis against Yuzuha’s cunt, which was standing by the wall waiting for my cock, and asked her a nasty question. A platinum wedding ring shone on Yuzuha’s left ring finger as she leaned her hand against the wall. It seems that the dragon people, who must have been greatly influenced by the otherworlders who came to our world, have a culture similar to that of the Japanese.

“It’s just a physical relationship with you♡… Ah♡… It’s in♡”


I slowly inserted my cock into Yuzuha’s married pussy, which had grown accustomed to accepting my cock. As my cock slowly buries itself inside her, her ripe pussy, which was originally the exclusive property of a man who had pledged his love to her, becomes entangled in my cock, begging me to put my cock inside her sooner. The inside of Yuzuha’s pussy was moistened with hot love juice!

“Yuri’s Cock♡… As usual… It’s amazing♡”

“Is it better than your husband’s?”

“No, don’t say♡… Ah♡ Ah♡”

Zuchu♡ Zuchu♡

Yuzuha, who has my cock mated to her body, makes an enchanting sound. As I listen to her words, I begin to have sex with Yuzuha. She was on a trip far from home, and the fact that she would never find out that she was having sex with a man other than her husband made her feel less guilty and evasive.

Nupu♡ Nupu♡

“…Ah♡… Ah♡… Ah♡… Ah♡”

Every time I pull my cock out, Yuzuha’s pussy is covered in a sticky string of disgusting love juice. I’m sorry to say this to her husband, but I’m going to take my time and turn her pussy into my cock’s special shape.

“Master. Let’s have Emilia outside watch you cum.”

I notice that Yuzuha’s pussy is starting to twitch and I decide to use words to cut down on her shame a little.

“…That kind of thing♡ I can’t do it♡ Oh♡ Oh♡ No… I… I am cumming♡”

Bikun♡ Bikun♡

As Yuzuha’s pussy was being slurped by my cock, she put her hands on the wall and came, arching her back. Her married pussy was twitching as she reached orgasm, enjoying my cock, a cock other than her husband’s.

“You came by your disciple’s cock. Master.”


“I’m about to move.”


When Yuzuha had recovered, I resumed my pistoning motion into her pussy and grabbed her hips firmly with both hands, enjoying the flirtatious sex with Yuzuha standing back.

Nupo♡ Nupo♡

“Master. I’ll release it soon.”

“Fufufu♡ As usual♡”

As soon as I pulled my penis out of Yuzuha’s gooey pussy, as she is used to it and got down on her knees at my feet and sucked my almost ejaculating cock into her mouth. In order to protect her fidelity to her husband, Yuzuha had absolutely refused to give me any creampie. Instead, she always uses her mouth to catch my semen like this.

It seems that Yuzuha’s personal hobby is that she loves to drink semen.

Jurururururu♡ ―Jurururu♡

Topu♡ Topu♡

As usual, I reached inside Yuzuha’s mouth and poured a lot of semen into her mouth. As always, it feels so good to have Yuzuha’s slippery, warm, married mouth enveloping my cock in her and spewing my semen all over her tongue.

“…n♡ …n♡ …n♡ …n♡”

Yuzuha had a lustrous smile on her face as she sucked on my cock and continued to catch my semen in her mouth.

“Yuri♡… Sincerely yours…♡”

When Yuzuha removes her mouth from my cock after ejaculating, she opens her big mouth with a triumphant look on her face and shows me my semen that has accumulated on her tongue. She seems to want to show me how proud she is to be a master by doing so.

Ham♡ Ham♡… Ko-kun♡

“…It’s a treat♡”

After Yuzuha gulps down my semen, which she catches in her mouth, our sex for the day is over. It was time for Yuzuha to take over the watch. I cast a cleanse spell and a recovery spell that has the same effect as sleeping for eight hours, and send her out of the carriage.

“Yuri. You were having sex with my master. Do it to me♡”

When Lulu returns to the carriage after taking her turn with Yuzuha, she pulls down my pants with a greedy look on her face, then gets down on her knees and immediately licks and sucks my cock. Apparently, she’s been attuned to the smell of sex between me and Yuzuha!

Jupupu♡ Jupupu♡

Lulu, with a heart mark in her eyes, sucked on my cock with a crazed look on her face. She also remembers to use her strong nose to enjoy the smell of my cock. She was innocent in the village of the werewolf tribe, but I had developed her so much during our journey.

“It got up♡… Yuri♡ Let’s have sex♡”

Lulu’s slurping made my cock erect in no time at all, and when she saw this, she lay down on the bed provided in the carriage and opened her legs in the missionary position and spread her pussy open with her hands, inviting me to have sex with her. Her pussy is already moistened.


“Yuri’s cock♡… is coming in♡”

―Nupo♡ Nupo♡

It seems I can’t sleep today either. I’m not going to be able to sleep again today, it seems. I gave in to temptation and put my cock in Lulu’s hot, boiling pussy, and decided to enjoy sex with her until it was time for me to switch guards. But the convenient thing about coming to a different world is that you don’t have to sleep to some extent if you use recovery magic.

“―Ah♡―Ah♡ Yuri♡… Wow♡… Wow♡”

The walls are still transparent, so we can see everything from inside the carriage. Yuzuha, who had noticed that Lulu and I were having sex, was looking at us with a grin as she sat by the fire.It seems that the only one who doesn’t know anything is my apprentice sister, Emilia.

This is how my journey becomes more and more lively.

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1 year ago

thanks for the translation

1 year ago

The way things just jump from one thing to another without the minimum build up, makes this story very flat, but here I am reading it anyway.
Thanks for the chapter

1 year ago
Reply to  Kanmuru

I feel it’s fine mainly because this is more of a smut focused story anyways…. when writing a story, sometimes, compromise is okay if it’s to focus on what’s important…. in this case, it’s married MILF blowjob being more important than plot progression.

All Night
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Making me feel like a missed a chapter…

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There’s no update at all…. . I almost forgot about this website and this novel. When I was cleaning up my bookmarks, I came to find this site again. And even after such a long time, there is still no update. Working on multiple tasks is okay, but being not able to keep up with them is not good. I hope my comment gets the attention of the website administrators.

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Update when?

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Reply to  Noih0

It’s already September tho