IAIK Ch.76

Ch 76

In a place resembling a fighting circle, in the garden, was Alexander standing in one corner, and a little away, in the opposite corner, was Luu Luu, who had a surprised look on her face.

In front, in the direction of the castle gate, there were a large number of people present.


Alexander was silent waiting for Luu Luu’s reply.

Luu Luu came out of her stupefaction, furrowed her eyebrows on her cute little face, and crossed her arms to think.


She, after a few seconds, then looked at Alexander and blushed a little.

“…” Alexander looked at her blankly, though he had a strange feeling….

“… If you… if you-you-win-you-win I-I-I will…”


“I will become your Wife!”



“That can’t be true Luu Luu-suama! I love her too!”

“So do I!”

“Hey! I’m your wife!”

“That’s unfair, Luu Luu-sama, I want to marry Alexander-sama too!”

“Yes, I want to have his children!”

“Alexander-sama, I want to lick you whole, Kya~”

After Luu Luu mentioned this, it was as if something exploded in the entire large audience that was slowly growing larger and larger.

Everyone started to give their opinion and start shouting about what they thought about this.

A small portion of the men immediately started talking about Luu Luu as if she was their idol, while sending jealous glances at Alexander, and the large female population, too, started to voice their opinion aloud what they thought.

Alexander was somewhat surprised as there were men who looked at him in a way that is almost as if he had killed his parents…

He also overheard some very dangerous comments among the women there, and with a sweat falling from his forehead, he ignored them as best he could.

Then he looked at Luu Luu all flushed and letting out smoke from her head, and tried to explain herself….

“Hey, Luu Luu-chan, you see, I-….”

Just as she was speaking, Alexander was interrupted by the servant girl who had something like a loudspeaker with her in her hand.

“Everyone, the Duel between Alexander-sama and Luu Luu-sama will begin in Three…”

Then the audience also started counting with the maid.






The maid shouted energetically and then everyone started shouting excitedly as well.

Luu Luu smiled, raised her Hammer which was twice her Body, and simply started running in Alexander’s direction.

Alexander saw this and after a sigh, he also laughed very lightly.


Luu Luu, Maia and Claudia Levantine, were the most powerful Princess Knights of the whole of Humanity, or of all of Eos itself.

Luu Luu, her race was Halfling, a race that has a Human Half in it, while mixed with other species, almost the same as a Demi-Human. And having Blood of Dwarves, coursing through her veins, she had super-human strength, along with a great love of combat.

Not only that, as practically a… “special ability of the race,” Halflings of half of some warrior race, in general, had this keen sense that allowed her to know how strong a person was.

So far, of all the people Luu Luu had interacted with, aside from Celestine-sama, whom she couldn’t feel everything completely right about, Alexander had been the only one in which she could not tell how strong he was….

And this was simply an impossible thing, since all living beings have this strength, whether it be large or small, and that Luu Luu was used to feeling.

That’s why…

It was that right now Luu Luu had such a big smile on her face, because Alexander had said that he himself was very strong, and Luu Luu couldn’t feel his strength…

Which could only mean that he was stronger than her, to the point that she couldn’t feel his strength at all.

And having his personality, also having the opportunity to fight completely without any restrictions, Luu Luu was very satisfied with this.


Luu Luu quickly arrived close to Alexander and without any hesitation, she gave a vertical hammer blow.


Luu Luu was incredibly surprised when she saw that Alexander only needed his hand to stop the Hammer that was heading for Alexander.

And not only her, all the people who were watching the match, and who were in some way or another talking, fell silent, looking in Alexander’s direction.

A hand to stop a full-powered Luu Luu-sama Hammer strike?

The women who had previously been worried, were so shocked that they had held their breath.

“If that didn’t help… then…”


Luu Luu let go of the Hammer, dropping it to the ground, and even faster than before, she ran back towards Alexander.


She threw her small but mighty fist in the direction of Alexander’s chest, and although she was surprised that he didn’t block it, still her fist continued on its way, until it finally hit Alexander’s chest, which was too hard, and instead of sending him flying, Luu Luu with disbelieving eyes saw that Alexander did not even retreat an inch from where he was…

“Well, it’s my turn now.”

Luu Luu saw that Alexander spoke, and directed his hand towards her head…

She closed her eyes because she knew that Alexander’s next blow would be too powerful for her to stop, and in some panic, she stayed like that for quite a while….

And when she was about to open her eyes again…


She felt an unfamiliar hand touching her head, and immediately a rush of undisguised pleasure seemed to gush from this strange physical contact.


She, even without realizing it, moaned like a little kitten.



“Did she say Nya?!”

“Oh my god, Luu Luu-sama said Nya!!!”


A small commotion had formed in the audience, though it was ignored by everyone, who looked dazedly towards the fighting circle.

A few minutes passed, and after Alexander removed his hand from Luu Luu’s head, she opened her eyes, which were a bit moist, her face was red, and her breathing unsteady.

Alexander: “…”

Alexander felt a little bad in his chest, for making a person like Luu Luu, who looked like a 12-year-old girl next door who calls you “Uncle” loudly, make a face like that… he felt like he was being put on some most wanted list at the moment…

“Luu Luu… hm?”

Alexander was going to keep talking, but he noticed that with a grieving and still red face, Luu Luu moved quickly and bit his arm.

Alexander: “…”

And after a few minutes, he had Luu Luu lifted up underneath his little arms, as if she was a baby…

“B-bastard, let go of me!”

“No, I don’t want to hold you like that either, but if I let go, you’ll bite me again.”



“At least…”


“… At least don’t touch my chest, you-you-stupid!”

“Ah… sorry.”

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