IAIK Ch.77

Ch 77

After the Duel, everyone in a different mood than they originally thought they were going to be in, they left.

What had happened spread like wildfire all over the place, and by this time, by the afternoon when the Sun was already beginning to hide, to give way to its mistress, the Moon, the whole City knew what had happened in the Duel, and not only that, but that within any moment in these days, they were going to be attacked by a mercenary army that included Ogres, Demons and Dark Elves…

And at this moment, Alexander and Luu Luu were completely alone, in a room that with the Sun was getting darker and darker…

What were they doing there?

Well, they…

They were chatting normally, or well, just chatting, since Alexander was not a Lolicon.

Only some of the maids didn’t know this, and in their mind they were already congratulating their Princess Knight for passing the stairs of adulthood, and also being very envious of her….

“… So, Luu Luu-chan, that’s pretty much all that’s happened so far.”


“Hm? What’s wrong, Luu Luu-chan?”

“… Do you seriously expect me to believe you that you have Alicia-chan, Prim-chan, Kaguya-sama and Maia-sama in a World that you control yourself? Not only them, but even the Queen of the Dark Elves and her Right Hand? And also, what are your Wives?”

Luu Luu spoke in her girlish voice, but with some sarcasm in there.

“Oh, you don’t believe me, Luu Luu-chan?”


She snorted adorably.

“Hehe, okay, then I’ll prove it to you.”

Luu Luu saw that Alexander smiled, and when he heard what she said, she again made a snort mentally. Since she knew that even though Alexander was very strong, it was almost impossible for him to control a World that he could access whenever he wanted to… not even Celestine-sama, who was a Reincarnated Goddess, could do something like that.


Luu Luu watched with bored eyes, as Alexander behind his back, pulled out a small artifact, or crystal, and after touching the artifact a few times, stuck it to his ear.

“Yes it’s me… oh, I love you too… yes… I can’t wait for it….. well, I’m calling to tell the girls to get ready and leave the Mansion for a moment, since Luu Luu-chan doesn’t believe me that you guys are my Wives… it’s true… What? … it’s better to talk about this here…”

Then he watched as he happily talked to himself, since she couldn’t hear anything… so she looked at him with somewhat worried eyes, since this person as of the past Duel, was her Husband…. and she had heard that Wives have to take care of their Husbands, and also that it is necessary to

not to flatter them too much, so that they don’t get too much in the mood…

“Ready, Luu Luu-chan.”

Alexander put away his Mobile and said to Luu Luu.

“Ready? What now?”

“Nothing, just wait a bit.”


Luu Luu just looked at this man with a worried face.


Alexander just thought ‘Shee has no clothes! That’s not clothes!’ As he looked at the Luu Luu’s ‘dress’.

“By the way, Luu Luu-chan, about getting married…”

Alexander started to say with a complicated face, and Luu Luu interrupted him.

“I… I… I’m not ready, and I’m not prepared, but I lost in a formal Duel against you, so now I’m your Wife… and you are my… H-h-h-husband…”

Luu Luu tried to speak calmly, but she couldn’t help biting her tongue from the embarrassment she felt right now, in her little body, and in her little Kokoro.

“Hey, Luu Luu, that’s what I wanted to talk about… ehh…”

Alexander put his hand behind his head, and spoke.

“You see Luu Luu, I… I can’t accept being your Husband.”

Alexander resolved himself and said.


Luu Luu was startled beyond measure, and even without knowing it, her eyes began to water.

Memories of her own self-loathing began to come to her mind.

“… I knew it, I’m too small, and who would like such a small girl, I-….”

“Don’t go on, Luu Luu-chan.”

Alexander covered Luu Luu’s mouth with his finger.

“You are a very beautiful girl, and anyone would like to have you as a girlfriend, even though your small body is somewhat… unusual, the only reason I can’t marry you is because you are a minor, Luu Luu-chan.”

Luu Luu was surprised again.


She asked.

“Yes, where I come from, someone is not of legal age until they turn 21, so Luu Luu, I cannot accept you until you turn 21.”

Alexander nodded and continued to explain to Luu Luu gently.

“But I’m 88 this year.” She said,


This time it was Alexander who fell silent.

“I’m 88, so I’m older, right?”


Alexander began to sweat.

“Which means yes you can be my H-Husband?”

Luu Luu asked but still with some sorrow, and mostly, so relieved that she even felt lighter… though she didn’t know why this was.

Alexander, who was sweating heavily, opened his mouth.


“A~na~ta, could you explain the situation here properly?”


“Alex-sama, you were caught red-handed, you’re under arrest! Hehehe.”

“I didn’t believe this about you, Alex-sama.”

“Ara? That’s not done, Master.”

“Alex-sama, Luu Luu-chan…”

“Alex-sama, what’s going on here?!”


“Oh, so this is the World where you guys come from, and the one you’re currently saving? Alex-sama?”

But Alexander didn’t ask to speak because again he was interrupted, this time, by Olga, Chloe, Prim, Alicia, Chaia, Kaguya, Maia, Eleonora and Aki… respectively.

Alexander: “…”

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