Y. NTR Ch.9

Ch 29

“Gee gee gee!”

At the bathroom sink in the arcade, Mai was repeatedly spitting out a large amount of water.

I also spit with spit several times.

“Ugh… my mouth stinks… Male! It smells like a male! It’s very different from Rika’s sweet and nice smelling saliva…”

Mai’s expression is one of dismay.

I wipe my mouth with a handkerchief and come out of the bathroom.

I shuddered as I remembered Eiji’s devouring kiss.

“It’s nothing but just humiliating for me to be taken advantage of by a man..!”

Most of all, I was most upset with myself for feeling so tingly from that kiss.

A man is like a puppet dancing in the palm of my hand.

Be sure… I have to start over.

Mai makes a strong decision and tries to go back to Eiji.

There was a figure that appeared in front of her.

“Ma, Mai-chan…”

“Yes?… Gee.”

When I looked up, there was that male student standing there who had talked to me after school today.

He looked sad, his face contorted in grief.

My intuition told me that it was going to be troublesome, so I blatantly distorted my face.

“What’s wrong? Tanaka-kun.”

Nevertheless, I respond with a smiling face.

“Why… why are you with another man…?”

“It’s because… he was the one I was going home with today, you know?”

“Oh, that gorilla is Mai-chan’s l-l-lover?”

With his pale face, male student — Tanaka asked me that.

Mai reacted to the words with a flick of her ears, and her smile froze and turned into a demon’s shape.

“No, of course not!”


Tanaka let out a small scream as he was shown a wild expression and voice tone that he could not imagine from the usual Mai who was cute and pretentious.

She would have handled it well if it had been her usual way, but Mai was also very annoyed because she had just experienced one of the greatest humiliations of having her lips stolen and made tender.

However, she quickly huffed and smiled.

“I’m not going to let that happen. I don’t want to be around that gorilla. Absolutely not!”

“Oh, I see…”

Still, I couldn’t resist the strong end of the word.

Tanaka looked relieved at once at Mai’s reply.

However, his face quickly returned to one of urgency.

“But if Mai-chan was with another man, that means she’ll date me too, right?”

“Well, uh…”
No, I don’t want to…

I tried to say no, but I guess I was dragging out the fact that I had been touching Eiji and showing my true colors, and I let that look of disgust show a little.

“… Why? Why do you bother? Isn’t that the part where you answer immediately?”

Mai felt a chill run down her spine as Tanaka darkened his face and mumbled.

This might be a bad idea.

I thought about that and tried to escape somehow, but Tanaka moved faster than that.

“Tanaka-kun?… was there?”

“If you want, let’s play together right now, just the two of us! Hey!”

He caught her arm so tightly… that it squeezed, and Mai screamed.

Tanaka brings her face closer and invites her in with a lot of heat.

“No, that’s why… it hurts…!

“Hey! Hey! Come play with me! What do you want to do? Movie? Shopping I’ll go with anything! So…!”

It was too desperate.

The fact that his favorite… and only idol was with another man was hard for Tanaka to accept.

Therefore, he must quickly… make it his own before she fall into that man’s poisonous clutches.

“I hate…!”

“What’s wrong with you? Mai-chan would never say such a thing! Mai-chan is… Mai-chan is only for me!”


Even though I was whispering so much love to her, Mai was not accepting, she even looked scared.

Tanaka, having lost his patience with this, raises his hand.

Mai, looking up at him, was struck with tremendous fear.

The man was nothing more than a being dancing in the palm of her hand.

They are only there to pamper her and satisfy her.

And yet, in the current situation where… she is about to be held down by the power of the man she looked down on, Mai can’t do anything about it.

The difference in power between men and women. It does not necessarily mean that women are inferior.

A well-trained woman would be stronger than an untrained man.

But when compared to a well-trained man, the man wins. Even among untrained men and women, the man wins.

It’s a biological thing, an inescapable birthright.

Mai, who was being subjected to this violence up close and personal, was feeling it keenly right now.

The difference in muscle strength between men and women.

So, I could only shake my throat a little and close my eyes and wait for the man… Tanaka to let me go.

While I was experiencing my own helplessness, a savior appeared to Mai.

It is impossible for an untrained woman to win against an untrained man.

But what if it was… between men?

“— Hey.”

The two of them froze at the sound of the grave voice.

Mai opened her eyes and looked at the man, and Tanaka looked back, his head full of Mai.

There was a wall of muscle there.

“You’re a terrible pick-up artist.”


What he was saying was very slanted, but Tanaka and Mai didn’t have time to laugh at it.

An overwhelming difference in physique. Physique is an important thing in a fight.

A small, thin, well-trained man can often be defeated by a large, thick, untrained man.

That’s exactly what’s happening right now.

The man who appeared at this place where Tanaka was approaching Mai was a big, muscular man named Eiji Ogiwara.

He looked down at Tanaka and let out a deep sigh.

As a result, the sighs are louder than those of Tanaka and Mai, and the two tremble astonishingly.

“You know, it’s hard to have a date with just the two of you with this kind of approach. You need to study a little and start over.”

Eiji gently put his hand on Tanaka’s shoulder.

But from Tanaka’s point of view, it was a thud! It was a powerful tap on his shoulder, and he could only think that he was being warned.

According to him, if you mess with Mai, you know what will happen to you, right?

“Uhhhhh… I’m sorry ah ah ah ah ah!”

“… Why are you running away?”

Tanaka throws Mai out of his mind and runs away furiously.

Eiji, who had no intention of intimidating him or warning him, looked over at him with a blank stare.

“So? Are you okay?”

He checked Mai’s safety for a moment.

I thought she would be fine since he had just grabbed her arm.

However, strangely enough, Mai’s cheeks turned a light shade of red and she looked up at Eiji.

A man who was stronger than me was chased away by an even stronger man who helped me.

Mai had recognized Eiji as a man, albeit reluctantly, since he had forcibly kissed her earlier.

With that premise, Mai’s lower abdomen tingled at the sight of a strong man who had driven away a man who was stronger than a woman.

It wasn’t that she was a slut or anything like that, but it was probably just an animal instinct.

Mai stared at Eiji like a young woman in love.

It’s not a beautiful, refreshing thing.

I want a — child.

With the female’s slimy, filthy desire to have strong male children….

“Ha! It’s not okay! Look at these marks! That creepy bastard… can’t be allowed to leave a mark on my pearly skin…!”

She managed to come back from her fever-induced stupor and shouted at the top of her voice to get back to her normal self.

In fact, Mai’s thin arms were covered in red handprints.

To hurt my cute self… I’m afraid I’m going to boil over. I mean, I was boiling over.

“I mean, the gorilla is slow to come to the rescue too!”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

I can’t even take it out on him if he apologizes so readily.

Mai munches and… has more words to say than to curse at him.

“But… you helped me. Thank you.”

I thanked him, my face turning red as I fought back my embarrassment.

She would thank him obediently… Well, there are, but basically I couldn’t think of a man who looked down on me.

Eiji received an embarrassed thank you from Mai, who is an idol at Tendo Gakuen and is incredibly popular with the male students…

“Okay. See ya.”

He took it easily and was about to leave quickly.

I was stunned by this, opening my mouth and eyes in surprise.

“Hey, hey, hey! Huh? What’s “See ya”?”

“Huh? No, that’s enough. Let’s go home.”

When I desperately grabbed his thick arm and asked him about it, he said simply.

It was a moment when I felt my heart pounding at the muscular arms, which were different from those of a woman, and I immediately opened my mouth so quickly that my jaw came off…

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah !?”

It was a huge scream.

No, is this guy insane?

The opportunity to play —- alone with yourself, to go on a date, to end it so easily?

Usually, he would have some reason to prolong the process.

And yet, Eiji wanted to leave so easily.

For some reason, Mai, who was supposed to be the one who was… being held back, was desperately trying to stop Eiji.

“I haven’t told you how attractive I am yet!”

“No, no, no, I get it, I get it. Yeah, I think it’s great.”

“Don’t just answer randomly!”

She looked so bothered by the situation that even Mai felt like she was going to cry.

“But I can’t play any more games. It costs money. Bye.”

“Aaaaaaah! All right, all right! I’ll invite you to my house!”

As Eiji strolled away, Mai finally did the last thing she could do, half crying.

That is, she invites him to her house.

I was wondering… what he would do to me if I invited such a gorilla into my room, but considering that he saved me from Tanaka, I don’t think he’s just a gorilla.

…Well, he’s forced me to kiss him, so I have to be on my guard to the max.

But I had come to want to be with Eiji that badly.

“Not interested.”

But Eiji rejected her easily.

Mai was already crying.

“If you leave here, I will say to Rika that you forcibly kissed me!”

“That’s fine.”

The threat failed.

Mai was left with only one option.

“Uuuuuuugh! I beg you…”

This is exactly what she did, clinging to Eiji’s thick arm and crying down.

Her full breasts were pressed quite hard and distorted in shape, but Mai didn’t seem to have the luxury of knowing that.


It’s not an act of crying, and Eiji finally stopped, letting out a sigh.

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