IAIK Ch.80

Ch 80


“Luu Luu-sama, Alex-dono, how nice of you to arrive!”

Alexander and Luu Luu approached a girl who was dressed as a Knight Woman, only, to Alexander’s strangeness… It was someone who was almost as flat-chested as Luu Luu. Something rare in this World, that it was almost like this Fortress attracted women so… flat.

“So, what’s the matter?” After shaking his head, Alexander asked her.

“Yes, a few moments ago, a mage we had stationed above the walls of the Fortress, managed to detect an army heading in this direction… since they were especially many Ogres, together with humans… we think it’s about Kuroinu!”

“… In that case, Tama-chan, tell the others to pre-…”


Luu Luu was speaking with a very serious face, but Alexander interrupted her, “That’s not necessary, Luu Luu-chan, just go with the others and wait for me here… I’m enough to deal with them.”

Alexander spoke and his eyes flashed with coldness as he thought and remembered the Ogres or the large number of them that had come… plus what happened in the Anime.


Tama, and Luu Luu, just watched Alexander speak something as surprising as he would do something like that, and they unconsciously trembled a little because of the very cold and dangerous aura Alexander was emitting at this moment, of course, he himself noticed this, and calmed his Energy.

“… Understood.”

Tama, without even asking her Princess Knight, saluted in a military manner, and complied with what Alexander said, as she retreated to where the citizens were.

“Will you be alright… Alex-sama?”

Strangely, instead of fighting or arguing with Alexander over what he had said, Luu Luu only became worried and asked Alexander.


Alexander looked at Luu Luu for a few seconds.


Luu Luu also looked towards Alexander, not knowing what face to make.

“… Luu Luu, at what age is it that adulthood is reached in the Halfling race, especially, for the Halflings?” Alexander asked.

Luu Luu was puzzled by this question, as he had told Alexander yesterday about her race, but still she answered:

“… As the Dwarves were of a warrior race, they had a very strong Vitality, so their lifespans could reach up to 300 years, this is why adulthood or the period of maturity for Dwarves, is when they are 90 to 100 years old… it is the same with Halflings Half-Dwarves… why are you asking this now, Alex-sama?” Luu Luu answered what she knew, and finally asked.


Alexander gave a helpless sigh, but made up his mind.

Luu Luu was looking at Alexander, and saw how he suddenly approached her. Luu Luu closed her eyes as Alexander’s face was very close… and then she felt him kiss her on the forehead.

Luu Luu: “!”

“From this moment on, Luu Luu-chan, I’ll keep you in mind as a future partner… we’ll just have to wait until you’re fully an adult, okay?”

Luu Luu put her hand on her forehead, where Alexander had kissed her, and although she had so much excitement now that she wanted to scream loudly and give lots of blows to the bear that was her training partner, according to her… in a low voice, she replied, “Okay.”

“Perfect, then wait for me with the other people in your City.”

Alexander smiled.


Luu Luu, still touching her forehead, responded briskly to Alexander before bolting off in the direction towards where Tama-chan herself had gone earlier.

She had a bright smile on her little face.


Alexander sighed a long sigh, for although he had not become Luu Luu’s boyfriend, or partner, in the future there would be that option.

And he really only had his eye on mature women, or Milfs.

For now, he would only treat Luu Luu as a little sister.

Just that, as if she was his Imouto.

And he vowed that until Luu Luu is fully grown up, or until she has developed much, much more her body, absolutely their relationship would not change.

He would only focus on giving Luu Luu, a family. Since with what he had talked to Luu Luu before, he knew perfectly well that even though she herself held a very important position, her mentality or personality, whether it was because this World was taken from a Hentai or something else, was quite childish, also that she was very lonely, or felt lonely. Even Alexander thought that the Tsundere part of Luu Luu was something like a safety mechanism that she herself had adopted in the face of the loneliness that a child like her had had to endure.

Is she selfish?

Alexander didn’t care much, he had become very fond of Luu Luu, not as a woman, but as a person, and he decided that he would protect her and give her a family, whether he wanted to or not, whether he knew it or not.

Alexander finished wandering in his thoughts, and looked at the Gate right in front of him, in addition to the area that was already devoid of people.

Everyone was either with the others in the Castle, or they were moving there.

He walked and after a few steps, passed the great Gate to stand on the outside of the wall, from where the large figures of hundreds of Ogres could already be seen in the distance, in full view.

Alexander was extremely very angry right now, and was already losing his patience for this kind of thing.

In this World, the war that was going on now was nothing so complicated, it carried no politics, and had no secret reasons behind it.

It was just that the vast majority of men of different races were simply being guided by Vault to get in the end, a Nation of Service, a Nation of slave women.

The idea was stupid, on so many, so many levels, that Alexander had no words to describe it, to this it was attributed that this World had a Fate, that that Fate was written in stone.


Because it was a Hentai.

Because of this, war was no more, and it was no less.

Something extremely simple…

And something that was tiring Alexander.

He knew that humans were always human, so possibly after he annihilates

Kuroinu’s army completely, maybe in the future, there would still be wars… no, they would definitely open.

But this Alexander was not interested in, by that time, he most likely would not be “here”, and none of the people in his growing family, either.

Alexander pulled out his Katana, the only offensive and personal weapon he had forged for himself, and simply waited with it in his hand.

In fact, at this moment it was impossible to notice it, but if Alexander had the Area Ability of the Human activated, just as had happened at Olga’s Palace, the weather would be forced to change, again, as if showing its subservience to an angry God…

Then, he watched as the formation of a large number of monsters gradually approached, and very few humans.

“This time only very few humans came, not even a Dark Elf or Demon, and a large amount of Ogres… whatever, this doesn’t matter… none of this matters anymore.”

Alexander spoke as his face was cooling to an unparalleled degree.

In fact, if he were to look at himself at this moment, he would be shocked, and this was something completely natural, and understandable…


Because thanks to Photographic Memory, even unwittingly, Alexander was remembering specifically and very, very detailed, the scene where the little Luu Luu, with a little girl’s body, is raped by Ogres…

And he had already taken Luu Luu as a little Sister….

He had already taken Luu Luu as one of his family….

Sasuke Uchiha’s Sharingan.

Alexander waited patiently for the army to come to where he was, or a little closer, with his Sharingan in the Mangekyou Stage performing rotations in his pupils.

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