Y. NTR Ch.10

Ch 10

“Hey, are you okay?


Mai’s consciousness resurfaced.

The man’s thick voice woke her up the worst.

… No, why was I asleep in the first place?

As her blurry mind slowly tries to remember…


Batim! A high-pitched meat sound was heard.

This is because the buttocks of Mai’s easy-birth type were smacked hard.

She screamed like a cat had stepped on and jumped up to look behind her.

There was…

“Oh, good morning… Don’t go to sleep without permission.”

“Gosh, gorilla…”

There was Eiji, the man who had saved me from Tanaka by giving us a date alone.

He was completely naked, revealing a muscular body that was intimidating to look at, as I knew from his uniform.

She felt a strong male presence in him, and her lower abdomen tingled again, but the fact that… he was completely naked made her calm again.

That’s right. As I recall, I invited him into my room, provoked him, played games with him, and…

“But I never thought it would come to this. Do I have to tell Onizuka? No, I can’t say that.”


Again, bang! I was slapped on the buttocks.

This pain, this sound… Yes, I was also completely naked, just like Eiji.

There was nothing to hide, and her ample breasts, tight but not flabby waist, and plump buttocks were all exposed.

Since she was on all fours, it was hard to see her breasts, but on the other hand, Eiji could see all of her private parts and anus.

“Hey… get away from me!”

Rather than… her face, Mai buzzed her hands in panic, turning red all over her body.

She tried to push Eiji away, but… he felt that her desperate resistance was just a child playing a prank on him.

“Even though you were happy to shake your ass, It’s a little late for that now…”


I heard a gurgling sound of water.

At the same time, I experienced a strong sensation as if an electric current ran through my entire body.

It was not painful, but it was a familiar sensation… of pleasure.

Mai was on all fours, offering up her slumbering buttocks, and Eiji was inserting his towering manhood into her easily visible vaginal hole.

“What, why…?”

“The reason why… you fainted was because you were so exhausted from being fucked by me, right? Was the pleasure so strong that you forgot about it? I’m happy for you, but you’re pathetic for making such a brave dare.”

Eiji did not shake his hips, but rubbed her gnarled, ample buttocks.

The fleshy butt tabs were so fine that it was hard to see her pubic area and anus unless he opened them.

As a lover of big asses, I was very happy to see that it was a worthwhile ass to beat.

“Well, now that you’re conscious, let’s continue. I haven’t cum yet.”

“Wait, wait, wait… Ahii?”

Eiji, who had stopped until now, Pan! He started to thrust his hips hard.

The thick, huge penis raked through the easily constricted vaginal walls and crushed the cervix with a gurgle.

The shock was unlike anything she had ever experienced before, and her eyes almost blanched.

“You weren’t a virgin, so you could feel this much right from the start. Good for you.”

“Ku, Fuuuu…!”

She clutched the sheet tightly and tried not to scream as her hips moved in close together, pushing her cervix up.

But it was obvious that she was feeling it, as her beautiful body was twitching and jiggling.

Eiji was right, Mai was not a virgin. It was Rika who had taken her virginity.

In today’s rapidly developing world, there are many toys that allow women to pleasure each other.

Using some of them, the two of them have already offered their virginity to each other.

They have been together long enough to have experienced such things many times.

Therefore, she was well developed and was able to get pleasure even when Eiji’s huge thing was plunged into her.

It’s just…

“I’ve never had anything this big in me before…!”

Mai said, swearing while breathing heavily.

Eiji’s penis was very large.

I’ve never experienced a man before, so it’s not like I was comparing them exactly…

“Hmm? So, are you done with the charm? If you’ll just give it up, I’ll be on my way.”

Eiji continued, “It’s getting pretty dark now…”

Once again, I am annoyed by a man who does not lift himself up in contempt.

And to say that you’re going to leave in the middle of raping yourself is… absolutely unacceptable.

“Han! Your erotic behavior is no big deal! I’m not going to be defeated by a man! Come on, get on with it!”


Mai was on all fours, so she didn’t notice.

The corners of Eiji’s mouth turn up in a grin.

He knew that if he provoked Mai in this way, she would get pissed off and always respond in this way.

That’s why he provoked her.

Even if she was a lesbian who looked down on men on the inside, he wouldn’t have missed a woman with such an erotic body.

“Well, be my guest.”


Whenever Eiji moves his hips, a disgusting gurgling sound is made.

He was wearing a rubber and hadn’t ejaculated, so all this water noise was Mai’s love juice that he had felt.

She blushed at the thought, but gritted her teeth, determined not to be defeated by a man.

I’m not going to let my voice leak out like that.

I would never do anything that would give Eiji… a man’s pleasure.

I thought so…

“Oh, oh, oh, oh♡”

Pan, pan, pan, pan!

The sound of light flesh rang out rhythmically.

Eiji’s lower abdomen swayed against the plump flesh of her ass.

The inside of the vagina was scooped out by a huge penis, she had been trying not to let it get out, but she was screaming like a bitch.

And it’s not a cute one, it’s a wild one that exposes the true nature of the animal like a beast.

I had never exposed myself like this to anyone before, not even to Rika, to whom I had given my virginity.

The difference in power is so overwhelming that I cannot even move if I am grabbed firmly by the waist.

The way he swung and slammed his hips powerfully in a way that no woman could produce.

Mai was now being reminded of the difference between men and women.

Perhaps if she had been a prim, boxed young lady who could only really do neat things, this intense animal-like intercourse of Eiji’s might have been more painful and less pleasurable.

But Mai… who had always flattered men with her gestures but looked down on them inwardly, felt physical pleasure in being treated roughly in this way.

Mentally, she felt no such pleasure.

It was a strong anger, wondering what she was going to do.

But her… body took great pleasure in being violated by the strong male.

“Oh, oh♡ I’m going to cum again. I’m cuming again♡”

“Damn, you’re early. Well, that’s okay. I’m going to cum too, so you can cum with me.”


Mai also got pleasure from being strongly ordered by Eiji.

She told him to be patient, but he rubbed her vagina so hard and pushed up her cervix so hard that Mai’s sweat-soaked limbs trembled and she climaxed.

When he realized that she had reached her climax, he raised his strong arms…

“I told you to be patient. What the hell are you doing?”



There was a strong burst of sound that made me want to cover my ears.

Eiji’s large palm struck the soft flesh of Mai’s buttocks.

The sheer force of the blow quickly turned it red and painful.

That was a strong blow that would have made a child cry out with that one shot.

However, what Mai uttered in response was not an angry voice or a scream, but a disgusting female voice.

“…You’re still gonna cum from this? You’re a real pervert.”

“Ah, ah…♡”

He slapped me. It was painful. I was about to cry.

But that was enough to make Mai climax.

She shakes her reddened buttocks and clutches at the huge penis in her vagina.

The man was disrespecting her and treating her like an object, but she was enjoying it.

“I don’t have a choice. Here, I’m going to put it in your mouth, so serve me properly. Make sure you apologize while you do it.”

He pulled out his cock mercilessly from the tightening vagina, blaming her not to go, then removed the rubber and held it out in front of her as she lay prostrate on the bed.

Long, thick, and black… you see the symbol of a man wet with her own love juices.

When I took a whiff, I was struck by the rancid scent of a male as well as my own.

It made my lower abdomen tingle again.

“I shouldn’t have told you about my… charm.”

As she said this, Mai took the penis into her mouth.

I remembered the moment when I invited him into my room.

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Ryusviel Thanatos
Ryusviel Thanatos
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Man, I wanna see her illustration. Sadly we don’t have one.

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This is so satisfying~