IAIK Ch.81

Ch 81


A man dressed in mercenary garb, and a merciless expression on his face, shouted to the other men and Ogres who came with him.

They were already near the great door, and although it was a little empty, he could already imagine himself raping a girl in front of her mother, so that her mother would be next.


He let out a rather dark laugh, watching as the Ogres charged past him to the door.

Then he grabbed his sword, and charged forward as well.




“Come on!”


The sounds of the Ogres’ roars, and those of some of their companions, were like music in the man’s ear.

*Thud* *Thud*

*Cut! *


Muffled noises rang out, along with sounds of swords slashing, and though he could not see for the crowd of giant Ogres before him, the man thought it was the Ogres slashing at the Gate, and entering the City.

Slowly, the man noticed that something was very strange.



“Those damn Ogres didn’t carry swords…. then what the fuck is that?”

The man saw that in the rear, there was only him and a few others left, no more than 10 people, and they were all silent waiting for the Ogres to enter or break down the City gate to enter there.



The large concentrated crowd of Ogres, not moving for a while now, the noise of sword cutting was still ringing, and the man turned his gaze to another one not far from him.

“Clint! What the fuck is going on up ahead, can you see anything?”

“No way boss, the stupid Ogres are too big!”

The man answered him with some dirt in his eyes as he looked at his “allies”, the Ogres.

“Then try to get a better angle of th-….”

“Boss, over there!”

The guy who had noticed something, pointed his Chief in a direction.

The Chief quickly looked that way, and at first saw nothing.



He watched as something shiny came into view behind the back of the first of the 10 Ogres in front of them, from the right at the end, and then it hid again.



It was seen again but this time on the second to last Ogre, and then the Chief realized that the entire area had fallen into a somewhat overwhelming silence.

“What the fuck is going on, Clint!”

“Chief, that…”

The chief shouted to the man not so far away from him, Clint, as he already noticed that there was something fishy about this, but he saw that Clint pointed towards a specific spot.


“A sword? What the hell is a sword-…”

The boss saw a very strange, arched sword, sticking out from the back of one of the Ogres to the right, as he felt a deep, high-pitched, pitiful sound… coming from that Ogre.

And just as he was about to ask, why in the World an Ogre had been pierced by a Sword…

Something this man would never forget in the very little time he had left to live, it happened.



The sword moved a little and in a long slash of more than 26 meters, it moved from one end to the other, from one Ogre in one corner, to the other….

As if it were a man chopping straw with a sickle….

Then, by some unknown force that the man couldn’t even begin to understand….

*Bomm* *Bomm* *Bomm*

The upper halves of the Ogres appeared to be leaves blown by the wind as they moved and with thunderous sounds from their great weight they rattled behind him as they fell to the ground, when he himself could observe the fearful expressions of the Ogres on the faces flying in the wind…

As if death itself swinging its sickle had been the last thing they had witnessed.

*Splatter* *Splatter* *Splatter*…

A large amount of gallons of blood had rained down on the 10 static and still men, staining their entire bodies with an extremely unpleasant odor, and their clothes and skin with a strong red color.

Then, the chief turned his gaze forward, and over the parts of the lower halves of the Ogres that were still in the same position… he could fully see the terrain a few meters ahead.

“But what…?”

Bodies of Ogres and Humans torn into several pieces, lying all over the place… the blood of Ogre on the ground was so much, that apart from a very strong and fetid smell, it even looked like a small swamp that even covered many smaller human bodies… or parts of bodies… or parts of bodies watered…

Even the others didn’t know for sure, but the man was aware that there were 433 Ogres…

A number that while not a lot for those left in Kuroinu’s entire army, it was

a force that could take down a country….

And each and every one of them had now only joined in the slaughter to which the ground… bore testimony.

*Dull Noise*

Then, the bodies of the Ogres that stood before the chief, or halves of them, began to fall one by one with a sound so chilling and intense, that even though it was daylight… The few men who watched the scene taking place before their eyes, thought that it was night, with black skies….

And when the last of the Ogre halves, fell towards the ground….

The Chief and the other men there saw a red-haired man with a mask and red eyes… looking down at the ground with an arched sword full of blood, in his hand…

“… aaaahh… Ahhhh!”

Seeming to come out of his stupefaction, one of the men began to scream in a weak voice that became loud, and began to run backwards with a desperate and very frightened look on his face.

The others also began to run backwards, and the Chief also without saying a single word s

tarted running stumbling a few times.

As he was further behind at first than the others, he quickly left them all behind and kept on as if he could save himself from this tragedy, or as if his body had activated one of the primordial mechanisms in his being…



The boss couldn’t even hear anything, but if he did, he would have noticed that the screams were becoming less and less.

And less…

Until there was no screaming.


An even heavier silence than before descended over the entire area, and although the Chief was running and breathing heavily, he couldn’t notice it, he couldn’t notice anything…

Suddenly, he felt a hand grab his hair, which abruptly stopped his movement, and as if he were a doll, and in a rather awkward movement, he turned his whole body forcibly.

The chief was about to start screaming from the pain of feeling his neck being forced, but he saw a face that was very close to his own, and red eyes that looked at him with a coldness so real, that the man’s body began to stop working…

His blood stopped pumping…

And his heart stopped…

The leader of the army that had come to conquer the Fifth Fortress today, left this World with the last vision that a Huge Being… who was seated on his Throne, was looking at him in the same way as one looks at a rock…

The Enormous Being emanated an incredibly overwhelming and almost unnatural contempt that made him feel that he was in a place that was far worse than hell was…

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